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I'm about to start making my version of the shrouded Man ^ I was wondering if anyone would know of a good tutorial to make a shroud with? I was thinking of modifying it to where it'd be like a mask where it'd be just slip on and there'd be very little to no adjustments to be made once it was on and attaching something like Velcro on the inside to be able to hook the part that covers the face. I'm very new to sewing and have never used a sewing machine before though my grandma has a old one and my mom hasn't used one since HS. This is a huge task for me and I really want to make it look good. So any guidance is appreciated. I'm trying to complete the entire thing including the prosthetic makeup in a little over a month's time though the sewing will take up the most of it. I was thinking of doing a combo of machine and hand sewing so I could work on it during breaks between classes at school. I'm just guessing but, I'm thinking the shroud, doing it the way i want to will take the longest of the three piece ensemble. I'm planning to use a synthetic silk fabric so it has that appeal but, is soft to the touch.

I was also wondering how do you determine how much fabric you need? I'm 5'6" and on a site i looked at where they were making a circular cloak the person used a little over a yard to make their's and it stopped just above their ankles. I'm sorry if this question has been posted before it just popped into my head while I was asking about the shroud.
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Originally Posted by godsavethequeen View Post
Lately, I've been seeing quite a few people asking questions that I'm positive have been answered in other places. In an attempt to answer some common costuming questions, I've started a list below. Please post anything other common questions/tutorials that I missed.


* Petticoat Tutorial #1
* Petticoat Tutorial #2
* Petticoat Tutorial #3
* What are they made of?
* Useful Post
The petticoat tutorial #1 no longer works : (
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This isn't actually a tutorial site, but I make costume breakdowns - reference guides - for all sorts of potential cosplays on my site here: www.cosbreaks.com . Might be useful for folk as a general reference!
My cosplay reference guide site: www.cosbreaks.com

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Really helpful, thanks!
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thanks for this!
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