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Sweaty man-face vs. water-based makeup

I seek to crowdsource a problem I encounter.

I paint a great face, and I use a Mehron Paradise palette. It's gentle makeup and washes off well with just soap and water, and holds up nicely to smudging. I generally seal it with a coat of Garnier Fruictics Hairspray, but have skipped this in the past and it still holds up just fine.

Problem is, we're in New Orleans, it's August, my dude-friends see my pretty face and want one, too, but the minute they go outside, BAM, their face is like a waterfall of perspiration and my hard work melts off before their eyes. Then they're like, mad bro.

We can generally get away with things in the fall and winter, but in summer-- no chance.

Even I sweat oddly on my upper lip, so I usually clog my pores with some anti-antiperspirant before I paint up and it helps it from sweating off. However, I'm reluctant to apply half a stick of Mitchum or Old Spice to a guy's face. It's probably a recipe for an adult acne outbreak.

Are there any suggestions out there for reducing perspiration, or to cause the make-up to be a bit hardier in the face of man-sweat? Maybe a spray-on antiperspirant?

I have considered buying a palette of alcohol-based makeups (Temptu) for this very application, but I'm sure the guys will also be displeased to wash their faces in Everclear to get it off. Plus it's far more expensive, and they're already a bit reluctant to cough up a few bucks to help cover the cheaper water-based makeup cost.
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It sounds like you need a barrier spray/sealant instead of hairspray. The only brand I know of is Mehron (I think Ben Nye and Kryolan make them too maybe?), but I haven't used it myself. You spray it on before and after applying the makeup, and it covers (but doesn't clog) your pores from sweating. You can also get just a sealant in either powder or spray form, but your best best is to probably stop the sweat before it happens instead of combating it after, so barrier spray is a better bet. Hope this helps!
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Garnier Fruictics Hairspray will not help you to seal your makeup. It's probably hindering it with the extra oils they put it theirs!

Barrier spray/sealant are sold by all theatrical brands (Mehron, Ben Nye, Cinema Secrets, and Kryolan ), Urban Decay and Skindinavia.

Urban Decay make a mini version of their so you don't have.

How long is the makeup need to stay one? If it's just and evening then you water/cream based makeup will hold it. You might want to use cream as it denser and doesn't activate with water.

Alcohol-based and PAX is water resistant and can be remove with soaking their faces in Mineral Oil or pealed off (PAX). Much more ideal if you need it to last past 5 hours.

PAX is cheaper because you make it yourself.

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I've always heard stories of how hairspray and barrier spray were virtually the same ingredients; after actually comparing them, that's not true.

I researched barrier spray a bit more and found yet another Mehron product that seems to address my exact problem: Skin Prep Pro, formally known as "No Sweat!" I think I'll be ordering some soon!


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