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What's the best body paint to go with?

This past year at SDCC (2013) I cosplayed Marceline. I bought Snazaroo water-based grey body paint for her skin. I didn't even think about how much I would be sweating at the convention wearing the wig and running around in a crowd. My face sweated off around the wig hairline within the first hour of being at the convention and my arm sweated onto my Bass prop. I have a tendency to sweat a lot and someone recommended a type of body paint for future cosplays I do but I can't remember. I don't know what I should use. I sweat a lot and my skin isn't all too sensitive. What are some body paints I should use? I wouldn't use Snazaroo again because its water based and just sweats off, unless if there's a solution for it. I've heard of Ben Nye but I'm worried about that sweating off as well. I know a lot of people cosplay Homestuck characters and their makeup looks great. What do you use?


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When I did my Homestuck cosplay, I used Ben Nye creme- they have a few different grey's to choose from; if they're too dark or too light, then you can mix the grey and the white together Which is what I did.

I hope that was helpful!
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I use Kryolan aquacolor for body paint and it always lasts me all day. Just remember that with any body paint you set it with some type of setting spray or translucent powder.
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Most water-actived face and body paints will work but they do vary . Snazaroo is the sofest on the market and will be the first to (slide) come off.

No water activated face or body paint is set or sealed with powder. Fixing Sprays/barriers/sealors are for makeup one tends to think of as face paints. These keep the skin for being moist, they stop sweat. Powder is for setting theatrical paints such as greasepaint and cream makeups. Powder absorbs the oil in these makeups.

For folks how really get moist - use the fixing spray under and over the makeup.

I love Kryolan Aquacolor but if you sweat a fair amount it would not be my recommendation. Many folks are using Mehron's Paradise Storm Cloud for Homestruck, they like the color and durability, but as noted other brands work. (Seems to be the top choice for our shoppers). The most durable face and body water activated makeup is Wolfe, which does make a gray.
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I wouldn't recommend using Ben Nye or any cream base if you have oily skin. If you don't, then I say go for it. It is a bit more expensive, but some people really like it.

Personally, I use Snazaroo for my Homestuck cosplay, and I live in the South, so I do sweat a fair amount. It might help if you use setting spray and/or setting powder.

I think Kryolan Aquacolor looks really good, but that's also a bit more expensive. But it is made for theatre, and I've heard it stays on really well. I wouldn't recommend Mehron's "Stormcloud" or Wolfe brand without mixing a grey and a white. Without doing that, the color is really more of a dark grey. I've heard good stuff about Mehron's Starblend, and that grey wouldn't require mixing.

Happy cosplaying!
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I have had no problems with the Ben Nye crème makeup. I have a pretty oily face, an that stuff didn't slide off my face. Granted I took a few more steps for that not to happen. You want to wash your face, then use a setting spray. Apply the crème makeup, use the setting spray once more, then powder to finish it off. I went to a con, had the crème makeup on for 7 hours an only had to touch it up once. I HIGHLY recommend going with Ben Nye. You could always go with a alcohol activiated makeup as well.
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