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Unread 10-25-2013, 07:24 PM   #16
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I will be going as Fran from ff12! Currently working on her armor and that has been a challenge to say the least, but I am determined! Also, I am working on a special Kakashi Hatake version! ^.\\ This will be my first year here, but I am super pumped!
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Unread 10-26-2013, 06:19 PM   #17
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I'm not 100% sure if I'll go to AB yet, due to the fact that it is so close to PAXeast. And not only that, but a lot of my normal rooming buddies for AB don't know if they can make it due to Financial's as well.

but! IF I DO GO!

Levi - Shinjeki no Kyojin
Aoba - DramaticalMurder
Asuka - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Judal - Magi
Kyoko - Modoka Magica

I'm sure I'll narrow it down :P but these are just my friends and my projected list so far.
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Unread 10-27-2013, 06:27 AM   #18
Love is Over
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Changed my cosplay to Plusle because my friend going with me is indecisive and wants to be Minun. :P

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Unread 10-28-2013, 10:37 AM   #19
Zombie Unicorn
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Think I'm going to do Applejack from MLP on Sunday. Nice, comfy cosplay, and I enjoy being her ^^
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Unread 10-28-2013, 11:41 PM   #20
Love is Over
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Well it's confirmed, I'm going with an Electric type Pokémon group xD Me as Plusle, my friend as Minun, my younger sister as Pikachu, and her friend and my older sister as undecided electric Pokémon. This year should be fun :P
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Unread 11-03-2013, 05:17 PM   #21
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So excited for AB this year because it's so close to my college xD

Anyways, as per usual I will be doing Jack Sparrow. Although probably on Sunday I'll be lazy and just be a random pirate lol

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Unread 11-04-2013, 04:41 PM   #22
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Oh, snap, update!~
My friend and I are likely doing Psycho-Pass part of Friday or Saturday. I'll be Shuusei~
Preregistration's still gonna be Gary Oak (Pokémon). ^_^!
Connecticon (?) (Only Saturday)
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Anime Boston

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Unread 11-11-2013, 05:51 PM   #23
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I have no idea, probably SNK if I decide to go again.
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Unread 11-14-2013, 10:43 PM   #24
Mama Austria
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I will be bringing my Miles Edgeworth cosplay if I get to attend.
Cosplays for 2014-15:

Simon Blackquill - Ace Attorney (100%)
Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth - Ace Attorney (100%)
Tsunami - Tenchi Muyo! (100%)
Luke Skywalker 2.0 (A New Hope) - Star Wars (100%)
Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon (80%)
Princess Serenity - Sailor Moon (Planned)
Tuxedo Mask - Sailor Moon (10%)
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Unread 11-16-2013, 10:25 PM   #25
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I'm planning on cosplaying as Hanji Zoe from Attack on Titan, Korra from Legend of Korra, and a Fantasy-Stuck Rose Lalonde from Homestuck!
I'm so excited for another year at Anime Boston~! And to see everyone again!
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Unread 11-17-2013, 07:34 PM   #26
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Depending on if my job interview goes well tomorrow I'll be debuting Sailor Moon! Finally getting to dress as her as I've wanted since I was 5. It'll also depend on if I can even go at all.
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Unread 11-20-2013, 07:58 PM   #27
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it's my first anime convention ever, i'm super excited!!! I am attemmpting and Itachi Uchiha anbu black ops cosplay for saturday and Happy from fairy tail on friday. I don't really know how weather and temperature affect anything, but im a little sad that it's in March because it means i'm going to be coming in the afternoon friday because i have class all morning -_-
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Unread 11-29-2013, 10:21 AM   #28
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If I can go this year, I'm not so sure I can, I would hands down do my Allen Walker cosplay. I have the giant arm all ready to go!
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Unread 12-01-2013, 11:17 AM   #29
Hitokiri Kilik
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Plans right now are Silabus from .hack//G.U. and Jude from Tales of Xillia. <3
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Unread 12-02-2013, 04:20 PM   #30
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I never thought I'd finalize my list early in the game, but here it is:

Super Sailor Mars
Cure Marine
Azusa Miura
Nurse Angel Ririka
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