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Looking for Chicago Il cosplayers

I'm Kakkorta - a female cosplayer who is moving to Chicago Illinois soon, wondering if cosplay is popular their and if so I will be wanting to join or make a cosplay group.
A bit about me would be, I love anime and my current favorite is Shingeki no Kyojin. I have bought a few cosplays but I am still new to making them by hand; however I have finished my first one, and if you wish to see it I have it up under my photos - it's my Rin Kagamine cosplay. I also love the idea of doing cmv, photo shoots and other things as a group. I am currently a Sr in High School, and I am extremely tiny. Hope to hear from you.
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Acen, C2E2, and Wizard World Comic Con are all great conventions to go to in Chicago! There are some famous cosplayers that go there yearly. Your Rin cosplay looks amazing! I'm not sure if there are any specific cosplay groups, but I'm sure you'd have no problem finding cool and talented people to cosplay with! Hope to see you at a con!
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Hi! I'm not from Chicago, but I just recently moved to WI, 1.5hrs away from Chicago, so I will be going to any cons out there if they occur while I am out in the midwest.

Your Rin costume looks very nice! It's nicely put together, and (not to be weird or anything), but your house looks really nice too lol

As for other conventions, there's AnimeMidwest that takes place outside of Chicago at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare hotel. I went to that con for the first time last year, and I had a pretty awesome time. There is also SoyCon which is a large-scale cosplay meetup that occurs during the summer in Rolling Meadows IL (which I think is also outside of Chicago).

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HELLO. I am native to Chicago. Nice to meet you! I will be attending Kollision Con on the 14th of November for the entire weekend.

There are all sorts of cons and I can give a list by month.





Anime Central

Anime Midwest


Chicago Comic Con

Maneki Neko Con

Supernatural Con

Kollision Con
Midwest Furfest (applies if you are a furry)

Con Alt Delete (brand new con this year!)

If I find any more I will add them to the list. Hope this helps!
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ACen, second largest anime con in the US, is hosted annually in... err... near enough to Chicago.

C2E2 is the warm-up con before ACen so a lot of cosplayers who attend one will attend the other. Not sure about who's the most famous cosplayers who attend though...
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my advice... turn around and go back to where you came from. Chicago is the worst place to to be a cosplayer.

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Originally Posted by ChibiDannimon View Post
my advice... turn around and go back to where you came from. Chicago is the worst place to to be a cosplayer.
I don't know why you would say this. I attended Anime Midwest this year, and there were a ton of amazing cosplayers.
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