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wanna get fit?

Hello everyone. i am BlindJustice (Arkham City Combat map, lol) and today i will outline some quick ways to get in shape in roughly 10 weeks. it is hard and takes dedication, but it is very rewarding to both look and feel good for yourself and for the camera in cosplay.

let's talk about nutrition. if you want to drop you will have to eat a little more, you will need
4 meals minimum 6 meals maximum. eating smaller portions every couple to few hours.
some fats (some cheeses, olive oil is a good one)
some carbs/starch (whole wheat bread, russet potatoes, fruits and veggies, oatmeal, a little brown rice, no cereals)
plenty of proteins (whole eggs, fish, lean beef, turkey, Milk, chicken breast, no pork)

take your goal weight, for every pound of muscle is 1 gram of protein. so me being 189, that's how much protein i take in daily. sometimes less because life's hard and you can't just eat all day with work, kids, and life in general.

take your carbs and eat 1/4 to 1/2 of the total protein. so if i am taking in 180grams of protein daily/6 meals, i will have 30 grams of protein per serving, and 7.5-15 grams of carbs.

fats should be added just to cook. keep in mind proteins have fat, so just use what you can to cook and add a little on the side.

drinking plenty of water is key. at least 1 gallon a day. that's 8 bottles of water over a span of 14 hours.

sleep if a great help as it helps for recovery. 8 hours maximum, 6 hours minimum. just get plenty of rest.

now to outline the fitness program. your legs have the biggest muscles in the body. they burn the most calories, and they are the weakest when it comes to working out. they take the longest to recover and feel the sorest the following day of an intense training session.
so this will be the main focus on the first day of training. warm-up for 5 minutes

monday should look like this

Dumbell squats (parallel, or breaking parallel. breaking parallel is preferred)
body weight, 15 reps, two 10 lb dumells 12 reps, two 15 lb dumbells 10 reps, two 20 lb dumbells 8 reps, bodyweight squats till failure
calf raises are the same schematic
lunges are the same schematic (15 left and right, sorry!)
10 x 3 back extensions

stretch and eat

tuesday and thursday is a quick 20 minute cardio session. it can be running, sprinting, plyometrics, rowing, as long as you are the one pushing yourself

5 minutes warming up, 2 minutes a little faster, 1 minute going all out, 10 minutes steady pace, 2 minutes all out. stretch and eat.

wedsday should look like this. chest and back. they oppose each other, you push with the chest shoulders and triceps, you pull with the back, shoulders and biceps. warm-ups for 5 minutes

dumbell presses 5lbs 15 reps, 12 reps, 10 lbs 10 reps, 15 lbs 8 reps, attempt to do 25 push-ups either on your knees or the real ones. go to failure.

lat pull-downs. choose a weight you can comfortably complete for 15 reps, stick with it or go up for 12, go up for 10, go up for 8. either do 10-15 assisted pull-ups or 2x5 deadhang pull-ups depending on your level of fitness.
abs will consist of 3x25 crunches. crunch with your midsection, not your neck or shoulders.
can be weighted according to fitness level. stretch and eat.

Friday is arms. the finisher to strength training. 5 minute warm-up

dumbell shoulder presses. 5lbs for 15, 12 or go up in weight, go up in weight for 10, go up in weight for eight. use 5lbs. 10 reps with 5lbs. do not hit failure. you do not want to drop a weight overhead.
bicep curls are the same schematic.
overhead tricep extensions are also the same. stretch and eat.

saturday is testing your limits. you test your limits as a way to track your progress.
attempt to hit 60 push-ups
attempt to get 20 pull-ups
attempt to get 13 minutes on a 2 mile run.

within 10 weeks you will have either hit the goal or gotten very close. even if you fail to get these goals, try every saturday.

sunday we are allotted a cheat MEAL, not DAY. choose 1 meal to reward yourself for a job well done. this will influence your metabolism to work hard to digest and process food it has not had for about a week. thus causing you not to deprive yourself of the things you enjoy and an extra spike of strength.

dont know the lifts? just youtube My6packLife. This guy Chris Krueger has a complete breakdown of all the exercises i mentioned because this is his program that I've used in the past. not the same weights, but the same program.

see you all in future cons and expos in SoCal.

look your best, feel your best. be your best.

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I see errors with the nutrition info.... just saying.
"Imagination is the Preview of Life's Coming Attractions"
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