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Really is a thing to watch out for at cons. I always bring bottled water (those bottles that you can roll up after they're empty are a godsend) and some chewy bars. But then I end up having so much fun and getting preoccupied that I forget I even have them.

At this years NYCC I ate lunch around 10:20a before I went into the center and then didn't eat until around 7p. I thought I'd be starving and half-mad by then so I ordered this footlong sub sandwich at the train station and an extra large drink. I took one bite and almost gagged. It wasn't the sandwich mind you, I just was having the hardest most painful time eating and swallowing stuff. The sadnwich felt like I was trying to swallow cardboard and the soda actually burned going down my throat. The onyl thing I could eat without my stomach getting all twisty was yogurt and ice cream.

So suffice to say I wont do that again. I srsly need to set aside a specific time to sit down and force myself to eat something even if I'm not hungry. ^^ I can just see myself getting in line for an autograph and then right as I get to the table, the clock hits 6p and I'm like 'oh sorry wait hold on a minute I just gotta get some nourishment in me real quick'
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it depends on what you eat. Some time it may not be hygienic.
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oo she thicc
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Let me just say that I NEVER have had a problem remembering to eat. Except at cons. Just. All. The. Time. I'll go to the con for 30 minutes, look up, and oh shit, it's 8PM and I haven't eaten all day. It's like my stomach magically suspends itself when I'm conning it up...
Me and my con-friends frequent Denny's at 2AM for waffles and (for me) six orders of fruit salad. Wish this was an exaggeration...

But there's this one story. Oh man. TW for eating disorders.

I went as Princess Tutu this year to a con. That morning, we get up ~8am to get ready for the con. I'm a vegan, so I didn't get to eat anything for breakfast, Continental Breakfast at the hotel doesn't like anything unless it's butterific.
Lunch, I ended up totally forgetting about. I tried to mention it two, three times to my conpartners because I was getting hungry, but every time I was interrupted (in the best way possible) with-- "Can I get a picture of you?"
That night at dinner, we go out to an Italian food place. Ugh. LOVE Italian food, HATE when they make their own pasta because eggs. So I ended up with the one salad on the menu. After removing the meat, cheese, sliced egg, I received a bowl full of spinach, two cherry tomatoes, and about 1Tbsp of sliced almonds (no dressing because my ED was still lingering and wouldn't let me eat those "worthless calories"). Meanwhile, my conbud, Kraehe, was picking at her pasta dish and ended up eating only about 5 bites because a. she always eats like a bird b. it was too spicy for her. Meanwhile, I had wolfed down my ~50 cal salad and after seeing her not eat, I broke out into tears, feeling like the piggiest of them all, and ran off and cried for two hours.
Needless to say, everything was better the next morning after everyone realized why I was acting up and got me some /food./
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At Anime-North I wanted to eat at Tim Horton (I got tired drinking juice and wanted something different then bagels with peanut butter) my cousins and my sister already ate breakfast in the hotel room.

I had to wait until my sister was ready which took a while. When we got closer to Tim Horton the line was outside I couldn't wait that long since I was really hungry.

I went without breakfast for about an hour I believe.

My sister and I went back to the hotel room and I ate my bagel with peanut butter happily.

It not a very horrifying con food story . but I'm glad there wasn't any panels in the morning that my family wanted to go to.
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