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I fancy Poop.
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Originally Posted by Meiki View Post
Well that's annoying, sorry about that! This is a nice resource too: http://dandy-handbook.livejournal.com/

Well the easiest nice lace to get ahold of at normal fabric stores is eyelet. I think that fabric would look cute with some white, pink, or lavender lace. To be honest, the shape of your skirt doesn't look full enough to accommodate a full petticoat. That being said, I find white to be the best color for petticoats, other colors can show through white or cream skirts and dresses.

Derp, I should fix that. It used to be a really big deal to have unnatural colored hair back when I originally wrote this but it's pretty common now. You shouldn't have any problems with that!
awesome the new site is very helpful.

I'll have to go to joanns to look at all the laces. As for the skirt, I noticed that too after making it. ): I might have to go back and remake the whole thing (yay for 1/2 sales!). For the petticoat I'll probably go with white just so it can be reused with other dresses. (cheapo here lol)

Well that's good! I really like my unnatural colored hair haha.
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Alice MacLeod
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Well I am a MtF transgender and I am actually older then you are. i got my first pink Lolita outfit yesterday. I have been into steampunk, Victorian and medieval for about 15 years off and on. I have never had the guts to try a Lolita until now. I always wanted to do it and I spent the first 12 years of my life as female, growing up with the Lolita style dresses to the knees with petticoats, white tights and Mary Jane shoes so I suppose I have a little experience with it I just need to fix my looks back to when I was younger. Of course I will never be that young again but I can dream right? So my first pink Lolita is the picture I have. I am not afraid to post this anymore. In fact I am hoping for tips to make it look even better.
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As a young girl in a town in the middle of nowhere in republican red Texas I'm going to give you one simple fact, people are going to stare, and they're going to think your strange for being so dang adorable.

But here's some things I did when I first started out in lolita before I got to the stage of I don't even care what you think.

- Surround myself in good company when I could, this doesn't mean you have to particularly drop every friend you know because they're not comfortable with your new fashion, some people can't take attention and stares and are very uncomfortable with it so always keep that in mind for your company,but on another note good company is always the way to beat out stares and looks good company makes you want to make a fool of yourself and laugh about it along the way.

- Listen to music and look ahead, myself I prefer the official ambassador of cute Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume, and Marina and the Diamonds, cranking it up to 30 and toting along to a girl singing about fake eyelashes, the word nee, and being a primadonna sorta drowns things out around you.

- My last to do is is kind of just 'mind walk' I guess I would call it. Go to a palace of your own, have some crumpets with a rabbit or an elk or something, or fly to mars, whatever your fancy, or if your those sort of people that have to focus to not get hit by a car then just pick something in front of you, anything and just start staring at it like really stare, like if your taking an evening stroll with your parasol focus the cupcake out of that leaf take it it's color is it emerald, leafy, jade, does it have holes how viney, or do the more popular human staring but that might get you even more stares....

hope that helps love. c:

Btw Alice your now my future aspiration wardrobe wise.
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So cat ears/tail should NEVER be used with a lolita dress?
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Originally Posted by NekoHaydee View Post
So cat ears/tail should NEVER be used with a lolita dress?
From what I have seen and read, no. Honestly I can see why..Lolita is not a costume, it is a fashion style. If you wanna be a Neko-girl then wear car ears, but wearing them makes you just that..A Neko-girl..Which is very costume-y, which Lolita tried to stay separate from.
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Originally Posted by NekoHaydee View Post
So cat ears/tail should NEVER be used with a lolita dress?
As a general rule, no.

There are a few rare exceptions, like when the brands include cat or bear ears on a coat, or certain special sets that might have ear headbands. It's NOT recommended to use any kind of animal accessories when you're first starting out. Once you have a good feel for the fashion, it's okay to experiment a little, but look at what the brands release and how experienced Lolitas coordinate animal accessories before trying it yourself.

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