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Unread 12-04-2013, 10:29 PM   #136
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where is uncle ruckus? lol
Here he is:
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EDIT: didn't know that they were already in the list so I'll give this person!

From Vocaloid 3

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I wonder if this thread is still being updated?

Anyway, there is Venom from the Guilty Gear game serie.
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Unread 05-10-2014, 11:07 PM   #139
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thank for keeping the thread alive yall.
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Unread 09-02-2014, 11:22 PM   #140
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Okay, so I grabbed all the suggestions from page 6 and onward, so between this post and the original we should have a complete list? I couldn't combine them because of the forum's character limit. Sorry if I missed any or the links are wrong.

[Part 1]

Male - Light/Tanned

Neptune Vasilias (RWBY, web series)
Sun Wukong (RWBY, web series)
*Aladdin (Disney's Aladdin, movie)
Baron Abel (Slap up Party! Arad Senki, anime)
Leo Galan (Suikoden III, game)
Mokuba Kaiba (Yu-gi-oh!, manga/anime)
Richter Abend (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, game)
Sota Honjo (The World Ends With You, game)
Firion ( Final Fantasy II, game)
Janis Reno (Ilegenes: Kokuyou no Kiseki, manga)
Yuj (Final Fantasy XII, game)
Master Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts, game)
Terra (Kingdom Hearts, game)
Sho Minamimoto (The World Ends With You, game)
Tom (Durarara!, anime/manga)
Sunshine (1/2 Prince, manga/novel)
Rodin (Noblesse, webtoon)
Bumi (Legend of Korra, cartoon)
Tarrlok (Legend of Korra, cartoon)
Yakone (Legend of Korra, cartoon)
Noatak (Legend of Korra, cartoon)
Unalaq (Legend of Korra, cartoon)
Nadia (Samurai Deeper Kyo, manga)
Daiki Aomine (Kuroko no Basket, manga/anime)
Taiga Kagami (Kuroko no Basket, manga/anime)
Shepherd Book (Firefly, TV show)
*Cyrus (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, TV show)
Rock Bison (Tiger & Bunny, manga/anime)

Male - Medium

*Daryoon/Darü (Arslan Senki, manga/anime/novel)
Erekil (Beatmania, game)
Garr Kelvin (Tales of Destiny, game)
Hattori Heiji (Detective Conan, manga/anime)
*Hugo (Suikoden III, game)
Jimba (Suikoden III, game)
*Kure Narumi (Karas, anime)
Moses Sandor (Tales of Legendia, game)
Lala (Suikoden III, game)
*Otoha (Karas, anime)
Ren Akatsuki (Fairy Tail, manga/anime)
Shaki (Les Legendaires, manga)
Alexander Anderson (Hellsing, manga/anime)
Tubalcain "Dandy" Alhambra (Hellsing, manga/anime)
Terry Sanders Jr. (Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, anime OVA)
Minwu (Final Fantasy II , game)
Rin (Final Fantasy X, game)
Jecht (Final Fantasy X, game)
Mystel (Beyblade, anime)
Bobby Max (Prince of Tennis, anime/manga)
Wicked (1/2 Prince, manga/novel)
Tatsuki Kuroi ( Super GALS, anime/anime)
Tonraq (Legend of Korra, cartoon)
Desna (Legend of Korra, cartoon)
Anubis Ma'at (Kamigami no Asobi, Anime/Manga/game)
Thoth Caduceus (Kamigami no Asobi, Anime/Manga/game)
Sharrkan ( Magi: The labyrinth of magic, manga/anime)
Sphintus Carmen ( Magi: The labyrinth of magic, manga/anime)
Mickey Smith (Doctor Who, TV show)
Jafar (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, TV show)
Dengu Dinga (Soul Eater, manga/anime)
Mako Tsunami (Yu-gi-oh!, manga/anime)
Cuba (Hetalia, manga/anime)
Chu (Yu Yu Hakusho, manga/anime)
Venom (Guilty Gear, game)

Male - Dark

Baibars Duke of Khartoum (Trinity Blood, manga/anime)
Beecham (Suikoden III, game)
Joshua Sweet (Atlantis: The Lost Empire, movie)
Marshall (Pokemon, anime/manga/game)
Max (Tales of Eternia, game)
Thief King Bakura (Yu-gi-oh!, manga/anime)
Jan Valentine (Hellsing, manga/anime)
Kiros Seagill (Final Fantasy VIII , game)
Maroda (Final Fantasy X, game)
Sazh Katzroy (Final Fantasy XII, game)
Gadot (Final Fantasy XII, game)
Jackal (Prince of Tennis, anime/manga)
Dr. Faciiler (Princess and the Frog, movie)
Marlon (Pokemon, manga/anime/game)
Yuriy (Noblesse, webtoon)
Ked (Noblesse, webtoon)
Hammer (Noblesse, webtoon)
Tobi (Noein, anime)
Panther (Eyeshield 21, anime/anime)
Perser (Id, manhwa)
Hwang Jae Oh (Girls of the Wild's, webtoon)
Quant Blitz (Tower of God, webtoon)
Unpara (Desert Kingdom, game)
Grant ( Pokemon, manga/anime/game)
Lancelot (Once Upon a Time, TV show)
Boze (Fairy Tail, manga/anime)
Fire Emblem (Tiger & Bunny, manga/anime)
Buccha (Air Gear, manga/anime)
Kilik (Soul Eater, manga/anime)
Fox (RWBY, web series)
Sage (RWBY, web series)

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Aaaaaaand now the ladies

Female - Light/Tanned

*Jasmine (Disney's Aladdin, movie)
Julie (Bakugan, anime)
*Mave-Chan (Sentou Yousei Shoujo Tasukete, anime)
Mary Argent (Tales of Destiny, game)
Nao-Nao (The World Ends With You, game)
Shamshir Zamoukl (Beatmania/Legend of Zektbach, game)
*Yurine (Karas, anime)
Sonson (Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, game)
Prishe (Final Fantasy XI, game)
Chenya (Id, manhwa)
Strength (Black Rock Shooter, anime/game)
Rika Minami (Highschool of the Dead, anime)

Female - Medium

Emerald Sustrai (RWBY, web series)
Aila (Suikoden III, game)
Anne (Suikoden III, game)
Audrey Ramirez (Atlantis: The Lost Empire, movie)
Chat (Tales of Eternia, game)
Chel (The Road to El Dorado, movie)
Iris (Pokemon, anime/manga/game)
Isis Ishtar (Yu-gi-oh!, manga/anime)
*Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire, movie)
Luce (Suikoden III, game)
Lucia (Suikoden III, game)
Meredy (Tales of Eternia, game)
Nora Floriann Leoria (The World God Only Knows, manga/anime)
*Lilith Sahl (Trinity Blood, manga/anime)
Pai Thunder (Dangaioh, anime)
*Pocahontas (Disney's Pocahontas, movie)
*Shahrzad al-Rahman (Trinity Blood, manga/anime)
Stella (Sandy) (Dragon Quest IX, game)
Urabe Rika (Inazuma Eleven, game)
Jadina (Les Legendaires, manga)
Sherry Cromwell (A Certain Magical Index, light novels)
Irma (Queen's Blade, erotic light novel)
Karako (Deadman Wonderland, manga/anime)
Copy (Superior, manga)
Roulette Goddess Dahlia (Pokemon, manga/anime/game)
Bob (Iria, anime)
Merli (Vocaloid)
*Korra (Legend of Korra, cartoon)
Kya (Legend of Korra, cartoon)
Senna (Legend of Korra, cartoon)
Eska (Legend of Korra, cartoon)
Aura Shurifon (Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar, Anime/Manga/Light Novel)
Yuu Takigawa (Air Master, Anime)
Nadia (The Secret of Blue Water, Anime)
Zoe Washburne (Firefly, TV show)
Martha Jones (Doctor Who, TV show)
Rapunzel (Once Upon a Time, TV show)
Sue (Fairy Tail, manga/anime)

Female - Dark

Lenora (Pokemon, anime/manga/game)
Dajh Katzroy (Final Fantasy XII, game)
Mama Odie (Princess and the Frog, movie)
Rosie (Pokemon, manga/anime/game)
Sashay (Pokemon, manga/anime/game)
Genie (Rune Solider, anime/anime)
Miyuki Ayukawa (Basquash!, anime)
Orca (Air Gear, manga/anime)

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Unread 12-05-2014, 12:05 AM   #142
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Emerald (RWBY, webseries)

She should be under the Dark section.
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Esidisi (m) from Jojo's Bjzarre Adventure is a medium tan in the anime and coloured manga art, and quite dark skinned in the All Star Battle videogame. Same for Mohammed Avdol/Abdul (m). Vanilla Ice (m) is a lighter tan and Mariah (f) and Enrico Pucci (m) have medium-dark skin tones. Hermes Costello (f) is a bit questionable because the art varies but she could probably fit in the light tan category.

Ramlethal Valentine (f) from Guilty Gear has medium dark skin. Venom has also been mentioned before but I'll put him here again cause he's cool... Potemkin (m) also has very obviously brown skin pre-redesign but good luck pulling that off without an inflatable suit or somethin, lol.

K' (m) from the King of Fighters series ranges from light tan to very dark skinned, depending on the game and artist. Vice (f) is lighter tan-medium in skin tone, and Clark Still (m) and Ralf Jones (m) are more medium-dark, at least in KOF XIII.

Aoi Asahina (f) from Danganronpa is light-medium tan

Azrael (m) from BlazBlue is medium tan. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing (m), Bang Shishigami (m), and Bullet (f) are all light/tan.

Sheik was also pretty dark skinned in LoZ Ocarina of Time! But I don't want to start a gender debate here, so maybe we should have a "???" section.
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Unread 02-02-2015, 03:04 PM   #144
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How about Katyusha from Moe Moe Niji Taisen? She has a light / tanned skin color.
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I just had a quick suggestion and that's you know how you have a "*" to show someone is a main character I think you could use another 2 symbols to point out 2 other things that could be an issue when using this list one for character with more than one cannon skin tone and another for spoiler warnings likely, a character who is an example of both of these is Edmond Dantes which the fact that he is who he is a bit of a spoiler also he has blue skin during most of the show.
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Noragami, Daikoku (Metro 15)
Dr.McNinja, Dr.McNinja (Holiday Matsuri 15)
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Skin color is no problem
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Steven universe
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Not sure if the list is still being updated, but Shantae, the titular character of the game series, is light either light or medium skinned, Ms. Fortune, Eliza and Cerebella (All from Skullgirls) are medium skinned, Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High and Piranha and Jass from Jet Set Radio/Jet Set Radio Future are dark skinned.

For guys, Wonder Black from The Wonderful 101, Combo and Garam from Jet Set Radio and Archie from Pokemon ORAS are medium or dark skinned.
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I really appreciate the list of people who were Dark/tanned-- I have the hardest time finding who to cosplay when I never see people my color tone. Though I agree that it doesn't really matter.

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These arent exactly humanoid, but the Kirby Series has Magolor (M), Taranza (M), and Paintra (F), who all have a brown skin tone.

Also the original Princess Daisy from Super Mario had medium skin.
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