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Unread 08-24-2016, 02:48 PM   #1
Emi Hana
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Realistic Goal?

Alright, I don't know if I should consult my doctor about this, but recently I started a low-carb diet - the same one my parents are on (my step-mom is Type 2 Diabetic.)

Originally, I wanted to drop from an American Size 3X to an American Size 10 by New Year's Eve, however, a recent talk with my other doctor has me wondering if I'm setting a realistic - and healthy - weight goal.

I have a job where I do manual labor, so exercise really isn't the issue. My main concern is, would it be healthy to drop from an American Size 3X to an American Size 10 in that amount of time?

I am 5 Feet Tall and I am 250 Pounds. I already know I'm grossly overweight, so no surprise if I get called Fat, I just want to know if Size 10 is a realistic goal by the end of this year? Or if there's another weight that I should safely be around that time?
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That's well over 100 pounds of weight loss (I'm also a size ten/eleven depending on the clothing item, I'm about 140 pounds which is a BIT overweight but not by much, and built fairly stocky when it comes to my bone structure. And I'm also not much taller than you). Usually losing that much takes easily a year of dedication and a total lifestyle change. So I would say, definitely not that much by New Year's, especially if you want to keep it off AND be healthy while doing it. But you could safely lose around half that amount, maybe a little more; I know weight loss can also safely be more per week in plus-sized than in regular-sized people, but not by a huge amount. You'd be looking at around 2-5 pounds lost per week in those four months with both diet and exercise. I'd set your goal to be under 200 by New Year's, which is doable with some decent dedication (I wish you luck at Xmas. I just say "screw it" every season and spend most of January working the Xmas feasts off...), and your goal could possibly be reached next summer, which would be pretty nice timing with the onset of beach season (shopping for some "Look at what I've accomplished!" swimsuits and shorts? :P).
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That surely seems like an awful lot of weight in a short amount of time. Honestly, just focus on your lifestyle and diet changes, and as the weight starts to come off you'll start to feel amazing and will probably forget all about having a particular goal! If you make sound healthy decisions and you aren't starving yourself, your body will dictate what a "safe" amount of weight is to lose in that time frame. I think that expecting to lose somewhere around 40 pounds (10 pounds a month) seems most realistic, but again, that's for your body to decide.
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a healthy weight loss is ideally 1-2 lbs a week, give or take on how active you are and what you eat. I started my low carb diet a few days ago and have lost a lb already
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Be careful, too. I've heard some horror stories regarding rapid weight loss and stretched out skin remaining afterwards. Sometimes, even steady weight loss can result in stretched skin remaining. Don't let that get in the way of your weight loss, though!
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