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Unread 01-18-2017, 02:20 AM   #61
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I know its close to con but my friends bailed on me so now I need roomies :c It's k tho, I love making new friends!
Hotel: Azure Suites Ontario Airport (free parking, wifi, shuttle and breakfast) Jan 26-29 (days 0-3).
Room: Suite, 1 queen and 1 sofa bed which is probably a double.
Price: Queen w/ me: $130. 2 Sofa bed spots: $120 each. To reserve your spot you must paypal me in full.
About Me: Hi I'm Juju! I'm 24, I've been attending AX for over 12 years, hosting rooms for 6, but this is my first year at Anime LA! Yay! I'm pretty bubbly, nerdy.. I guess we all kind of are lol I am very 420 friendly so if you don't like that then don't room with me, just fyi! But if you do like 420, cosplay, edm, and am chill and drama free then we will get along!
Rules: 18+ to room, I won't be responsible for minors, sorry. 21+ if you're drinking. No heavy drinking (in other words handle yourself, be responsible... don't walk in at 3am black out drunk or you'll be thrown back out. If I catch you drinking under age you'll be kicked out, no refund. Period.
I understand we like to party lol but let's not make this a party room please. If you do come in at like 1am and peeps are sleeping, just be quiet and courteous. I try to leave the dances around midnight c:
It is a non smoking room, no cigs, 420 is fine just no hotbox lol.
Clean up after yourself and shower! We don't like smelly roomies :c
I hope that about covers it, if you have any questions feel free to pm me or email me at juliederlighter@yahoo.com, thankies!!
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Unread 01-21-2017, 11:13 PM   #62
Jeriko Missile
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Hotel: Radisson Ontario Airport (Main Con Hotel)

Spaces open: 3

Price: $90 per roommate (Bed and couch spaces first come, first serve)

Payment: PayPal in full by Tuesday or Wells Fargo direct money transfer
by Wednesday before con. If cash or check, I need it ASAP when I see you.

Accommodations: 1 King size bed, sofa, kitchenette (refrigerator and microwave included)

IMPORTANT INFO: I wont' be able to check in until I'm finished up at work on Thursday night. The earliest I'll be able to come in is @ 7pm barring no traffic problems. I can call and let the hotel know that you guys will be coming in ahead of me, but no guarantees they'll let you in the room before I arrive.

Profile: My name is Jeriko and I've been attending anime conventions since 2005, with Anime Expo being my first and constant, go-to convention. I've hosted rooms before, so I'm no stranger to the game. I have been attending ALA since 2010 and staffing since 2011. I'll be working late night karaoke, so I'll be coming in at odd hours, possibly as late as 4am. I'll also be participating in this year's Masquerade and possibly ALA Idol. Other than that, I'm a pretty chill guy. And I'd like my roommates to be just as chill.

Rules: This is a non-smoking room. 18+ to room. 21+ preferred. Alcohol is fine, but must be 21+ to drink. ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS. Weed is fine, but if you're going to smoke it, keep it out of the room. Be courteous, be polite, clean up after yourselves, and I'm sure we'll get along fine.

Please PM me or email me at animegamer057@gmail.com if you are interested.
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Unread 07-13-2017, 09:37 PM   #63
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! Looking For roommates for ALA 2018
Hotel Holiday Inn
Days: Jan 24-28th 2018
Bed 1 Bed room
How many ppl needed - 3 to 4
Price $114 per night $95 if everyone ok wit 6 ppl

Hi im Ann, I usually book for AX, but this would be my 1st ALA. I wish I had 2 bed room, but getting a room better then nothing lol. I will be cosplaying. I prefer 21+ , i don't mind ppl who drink, just keep the room clean all I ask.

Sleeping arrangement is open, if you wanna sleep in the bed doesnt matter to me , no extra charge.

Everyone get their own key; and payment can be in person or be4 Jan 20th

Anything else feel free to message me.
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Unread 07-17-2017, 06:35 PM   #64
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ALA 2018
Hello I'll post as well why not lol I as well have just confirmed my booking for ALA 2018, here are the things you should know:
Me: Juju, 25, female
Hotel: Best Western Plus Ontario Airport and Convention Center
Room: Jan 24th Check-In: 3pm - 28th Check-Out 11am (Days 0-4)
2 Queen bed, 2 people a bed, non-smoking, 4 spots (no floors spots sorry).
Price: $180/ spot. No floor spots so we have lots of space, no card sharing, it's still a very decent price for 5 days 4 nights lol.
Stuffs to know: Be respectful of peoples stuff and try to be somewhat neat, like not leaving cosplays all over the floor, etc. I do cosplay as well and don't mind helping others with theirs, but if you want to borrow make up and such just ask lol It's not a party room but definitely will be drinking and 420 friendly just a fyi, so I prefer those that are 21+. I don't mind co-ed as long as I said be respectful lol if you break any rules, start drama, party too hard and puke everywhere (yes I've had roommates like that...) etc. you get kicked out no refund. This room is like Hakuna Matata, all fun and no fuss! After all we want to have fun but this isn't EDC guys lol.
This is my 2nd ALA but have been attending AX for over 13 years, hosting rooms for over 7 so this is nothing new to me. Overall I just want everyone to have fun and be responsible. I always provide snacks, drinks and try to be a good host, try not to be out no later than 2am. If you have any more questions go ahead an PM me!
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Unread 08-25-2017, 01:04 AM   #65
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[ALA 2018]
Just decided on going and I managed to snag a room!

Hotel: Best Western Plus Ontario Convention Center and Airport
Room: 2 Queen Beds, non-smoking, microwave + fridge in room
Spaces: 1 (I only want one other roommate since I don't like crowded hotel rooms, I'm done with those crazy days)
Nights: Friday and Saturday
Check-out: Sunday @ 11:00 a.m.
Price: $145 for the 2 nights (tax included)
Payment type: Paypal, due before January 26th
Misc: I'm a cosplayer and plan on cosplaying 2 of the 3 days. I don't mind staying up late or waking up early. Please be neat with the bathroom and rest of the room. I prefer 21+ simply because I don't want to be "responsible" for you. I don't mind people visiting the room, but no sleeping over. Drink if you want. I expect respect for myself and for other people at the hotel. We don't have to hang out at the con. I try to do different things and tend to run here and there. My current fandoms are YoI and BnHA, and my cosplays will most likely be YoI.

I will be arriving Friday morning and won't check-in until 3 p.m. I live in L.A. and will be driving. If you need a ride to/from L.A. (depends where, tbh) gas money will be extra.

P.M. me if you're interested or have questions! Thanks.
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