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Can't lose weight on thighs or arms?

Why is it that I can't lose weight anywhere else other than my stomach? It seems like no matter what I do, how healthy I eat, how much I exercise, my stomach is the only thing that slims down.

My stomach will sometimes be pudgy or bloated, and I know that's cause I over eat, but even when I don't eat its still fat. But if I do sit ups for like 2 weeks then my stomach will be completely flat, no muffin top or anything. Yet when I go on runs/bike riding/jump rope/ anything for my legs/ nothing happens. I have no idea how I can successfully lose weight on my arms or thighs and it's driving me nuts Any tips?
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My general response for spot reduction

You can't remove weight from only your [insert body region here].

I've made this analogy before, but I'll do it again.

Think of body fat like water, it flows to the shape of its container.

Fill this glass with water

It's going to have more water at the bottom than it will at the top

Now fill this one with water

Picture the neck as your arms/thighs. Fat is most likely going to leave there last.

Your genetics are going to determine the shape of your glass. You can't remove water just from the bottom of the first glass for example, the rest of the water will flow in to replace it.

Basically, the only way to remove fat from your legs is to reduce your overall body fat, which will reduce fat from your entire body, not just your legs.

tldr; there is no specific fat reduction outside of surgery (which is only temporary you'll come back to where you started if your habits are the same)

You're just going to have to eat cleaner and exercise more or the same as you do now but with higher intensity during the time you spend.
That being said; if you want to make your arms/thighs more "tone" or seem like they have less fat relative. You could do weight training and add muscle mass to those areas. Since fat will be less % composition of the arm/thigh when you add muscle there, it will look like there is less (even though these muscle adding exercises aren't going to specifically target those same areas for fat loss)
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