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Unread 01-14-2018, 10:34 PM   #16
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Why do you cosplay? Why do you chose a character to cosplay? My first time cosplaying at a con I was Mireille from Noir. A grand total of 3 people recognized me. And even then they weren't sure and had to ask. I've had lots of cosplays where no one asked for my picture or complimented me. Sure, it sometimes bothers me. Other times, I don't care. Often on Sundays of a con, I wear something super comfy, or silly, or bizarre.

If you want to be photographed a lot, think about that when planning. If you just want to cosplay a character you love, then go for it. I just hope you post some picture, so we can see you strutting your stuff.
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I've done obscure characters before. I've had cons where no one took my picture and it kinda sucks but what made me happy was hearing people around me recognize me. "Is that Miyu from Vampire Princess Miyu????!?!" Granted, it was like 3 people who said something but still.

I think more people recognize you than you think, they just don't say anything. I know I do that. (I'm really shy)

Last year I was Mitsuba from Seraph of the End at Anime Boston. I didn't get a lot of pictures taken of me but I did run into some other cosplayers from the series and we took some pictures. So all-in-all it was worth it.
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Originally Posted by Syon View Post
The moment you chose something that isn't the ultimate hype/classic, you run into the risk of not being recognized. The more obscure the character, the worse. And if that character looks just a bit similar to another, but more well known character, people will mistake you all the time.

As someone who ends up doing 50% obscure characters, I feel you. Its terrible. My only solution is to try to look awsome. Like really beautiful, sexy, epic, stunning etc. It will get me noticed, even if people may not know who I am supposed to be. I also focus on the joy of being a one-of-a-kind cosplayer. The journey is all yours, there aren't a milion tutorials for every exact piece of the costume out there and chinese stores don't sell a cheap-satin version of it. And people are just too happy you aren't another SS Harley, 2B or D.va. in her standart outfit.
This, so much.

As someone who has cosplayed since 2010, I rarely take up my camera/phone to snap pictures nowadays and this mostly because I have seen so many different costumes throughout the years. For me to take a photo it either has to be a really well-made costume, a costume I didn't expect to see at all/one that I might never see again, a massive one that makes me go "Wow! O_O" or a character I really, really like (extra points if it's a lesser done one, even from popular shows). So yeah, when I think about it, I think there might be some truth in that the younger/new cosplayers/peeps are much more likely to snap photos as everything is "new and amazing" to them while older cosplayers might be more critical. Might just be me, but it really feels like that.

When it comes to attention and recognition while cosplaying, I can say that I don't care about it because I cosplay for myself and for my own joy simply because I love this hobby and the characters I dress up as. Sure, it's always welcome when someone likes what I do and tells me that but I'm not expecting anything. This state of mind makes every compliment the more welcome when they actually come and my overall con experience a better one, with or without the recognition. Seriously, don't expect too much. If people really like what you do, they will let you know. So just go into the hobby and have fun. Ponding and worrying about getting and not getting recognized will only put unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and within time, ruin your experience that you could have enjoyed instead. Have a good time and if photos are so important to you, get a photographer or ask if any of your friends can photograph your costume.

Personally, I prefer to cosplay less done characters/versions because it gives so much more when someone actually knows who you are cosplaying as, instead of being "another popular character x" that is pretty much at every con
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Yea, I've cosplayed plenty of times as older or less popular characters, and gotten stopped a lot less if at all.

It can be annoying, but can also be refreshing as you don't get stopped every 5 feet. I almost hate having to stop someone with an awesome costume because they probably can't even get a bite to eat or go to the bathroom with being stopped all the time.

I'm just happy that I did something that I think is cool, even if not everyone recognizes me.
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I'm worried about that this year myself as Suzu's outfit isn't exactly eye-catching enough to warrant pics without already knowing who the character is. "Tales of" isn't exactly a popular series to start with, Phantasia is one of the older and less popular games in it, and Suzu isn't exactly the most popular character either (she wasn't originally a playable character, and even in the re-release you can beat the whole game without ever getting her in your party). I will have one of the traditional playable party members with me so I'm hoping that will help clue people in on who I'm supposed to be, but if they've never played the game that's not really going to matter much. I'm guessing I'll get to experience how my Claus usually feels as they always jokingly complained they never got nearly the same amount of pics as my Sheena costume did.
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Unread 03-12-2018, 12:05 AM   #21
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This is actually one of my worse fears when it comes to cosplay because ngl, I really do like the attention. Like A LOT, so I usually aim for more popular series/characters because I've done characters that haven't really been recognized and it's kind of a buzzkill. The worse part is there's certain characters I want to cosplay, but I'm not sure how much recognition I'd get or not.
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Unread 03-12-2018, 12:14 AM   #22
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Frozen Angel has a point. I myself like doing obscure characters sometimes because I love seeing when that one person recognizes me. Most of the time the reaction is great. I remember when I cosplayed a human version of Giroro last year at Fanime, someone had the best reaction, because you don't see a lot of Sgt Frog cosplayers anymore, but there are some people who still remember it. XD

I'm in the works of another obscure cosplay/character, and I know people outside of the tokusatsu fandom won't recognize him. But that's the case with a lot of toku cosplays, especially ones from older series. But the civilian outfits in Zyuranger are so ridiculous that I wanted to take on the challenge of making one. XD Plus hardly anyone cosplays from the show, so I want to give it some love.
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Originally Posted by BigDoug View Post
It can be annoying, but can also be refreshing as you don't get stopped every 5 feet. I almost hate having to stop someone with an awesome costume because they probably can't even get a bite to eat or go to the bathroom with being stopped all the time.
Wish I had this problem haha

I definitely know what OP means though; I personally live off of attention and people asking to take my picture and complimenting my cosplays. I feel like I have a lot more fun at cons when a lot of people recognize me. I was so excited to wear Shizuku from Ballroom e Youkoso at this year's katsucon but then I ended up actually enjoying wearing Undyne more even though it was completely a last minute decision to wear her because I didn't finish something else I was planning.

What I've decided to do now is to wear more popular cosplays that I think more people will recognize to conventions and save the obscure ones for photoshoots. I always have too many cosplays and not enough con days anyway so that's a plus
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Unread 04-11-2018, 04:45 AM   #24
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Yeah, sometimes I'm wondering about this... A lot of my tastes in general are somewhat more "obscure"/"niche" or at least "less popular" series. I'm working on Game Gear from Sega Hard Girls myself and honestly don't expect most people to recognize the character (maybe from the Neptunia crossover game if anything... Neptunia also being somewhat obscure/niche in itself)... and then there's Ken Izumi (Chargeman Ken) who would be pretty unknown to someone NOT into Japanese memes and/or so-bad-it's-good-cult classic anime

However, doesn't mean people can't appreciate your costume - when at a con I love just looking around at the different cool costumes even if I have no idea who the characters are. I've taken some pictures myself of cool costumes I don't know just because I really liked the costume x3

AND, if there IS someone who recognizes the character, I can guarantee you'll make their day x3 And in the end, I cosplay for myself, because I want to cosplay them and "be" the character for a day.
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Unread 06-05-2018, 01:58 PM   #25
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TBH I would be delighted to see a Twintelle cosplayer because ARMS is awesome.

But also. I can see that one getting a lot of attention anyway because, done well, it will look so flipping awesome that people will want pictures and stuff of it anyway. (I certainly have a lot of photos of "IDK what this is but OMG the craftsmanship!")
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Unread 06-10-2018, 04:03 PM   #26
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Honestly? Sometimes obscure characters get the best, most memorable receptions. Definitely not the largest amount of recognition, but often the best reactions from people who do recognize you! For example, I cosplay Hajime Ichinose from Gatchaman: Crowds, and even at the largest anime convention in the US, only a few people recognized me. However, those who DID know who I was were super excited to see me, talked at length with me about the themes of the show and the great characters, and overall left a really sweet impression on me! Even if people don't know who you are, they may come up and ask who you're dressed as if they like your cosplay so they can watch that show/play that game/read that comic later, and inspiring people to get into the same obscure show/game/comic as you is a really great feeling.

Conversely, I cosplayed Lapis Lazuli the very next day, and while I was recognized and asked for pictures by so many people, it's not like they were ecstatic or surprised to see me, and I didn't have any in-depth conversations with them about the show. Which is totally fine! Being recognized by that many people is also exciting and feels amazing in a totally different way.

At the end of the day, the few meaningful interactions with hardcore fans can feel just as good as receiving a lot of attention and recognition for your hard work, so it all balances out!
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Unread 07-01-2018, 02:45 PM   #27
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The cuteness and challenge of a character's design is more important to me than popularity. Even if no one recognizes the character, I like getting compliments on the cuteness. Also, you might find more people recognize you than you thought, which is a good feeling. So long as your character has a bombing design (like Twintelle!) and you pull it off with confidence, you'll be cool.

It's difficult to get excited about the same few characters x 1000. I appreciate seeing less popular or older characters.
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Unread 07-08-2018, 11:07 PM   #28
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I tend to favor either older or more obscure characters to cosplay and I feel I run into this sort of feeling all the time. I like when people recognize me, but I also like cosplaying something a little different. Perhaps it would catch someone's interest and I can introduce them to a whole new fandom <3. I try to think of it like that...

Though, when I went to my first Anime Expo, I actually ran into a small cosplay group cosplaying from one of those obscure shows I like and nearly flipped. I was so happy to see them PLUS I was (and sadly still am lolsob) in the process of making a cosplay from that series. So I think that is also a nice thing about doing lesser known/recognized cosplays. There might just be that one person who is surprised and hyped at seeing it!
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