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Unread 04-17-2017, 07:33 AM   #16
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Seeking Room

Name: Juan!

Nights Needed: All nights of the convention! Including day 0 (Plus perhaps some before and after, looking to tour around LA for a bit :3

Spaces Needed: Single bed.

Preferred Rate: Negotiable

Preferred Hotel: Closer to the convention center preferred.

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Smoker/Drinker: Enjoys casual drinking, not a tobacco smoker.

Sleeping habits: Quiet, sound sleeper. No snoring at all.

Other requirements: N/A

Preferences of Desired Roommates:

Age range: Adults would be preferred, but not a deal breaker

Gender: No Preference

Smokers/Drinkers: No Preference

Sleeping habits: Quiet sleepers, but can deal with snoring if need be.

Contact: J_Ayala117@yahoo.com. Twitter would be best however! @SleeplessAtom

Anything else: Hygienic please!
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Roommates needed

Anime Expo Line Up!
Day 0: School Girl
Day 1: Taiga Kagami (fem cheerleader - Vorpal Swords) - Kuroko's Basketball
Day 2: Yumeko Jabamii - Kakegurui
Day 3: -
Day 4: -

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Unread 04-22-2017, 05:16 PM   #19
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Looking for Roommates!

Hey I'm Kevin, this will be my 4th year attending AX. I'll be rooming with two of my friends (both guys). Looking for two roommates.

Name / Age / Gender: Kevin/24/M
Hotel your offering: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Los Angeles Downtown
Hotel rates: $250 for all four nights.
Space Available: 2 maybe 3
How long are you staying: June 30 - July 3 (Checkout on July 4)
Where are you coming from: SoCal
Who do you prefer to stay: Any
Requirements: 18+ please. Non-smoking, drinking is fine if you are of age. Please be hygienic, don't make a mess, please be mindful of everyone else in the room, respect each other's belongings, common sense sort of stuff.
Please pay through PayPal or Venmo by June 5!
Amenities: Two Queen beds, Standard Hotel Amenities, probably will bring a Switch or PS4 or both.

Please PM or email me at merq491@gmail.com with subject 'AX 2017 Hotel Stuff' if you're interested.

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Unread 04-23-2017, 04:57 PM   #20
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Seeking Room

Those who are seeking for Available Rooms
Name / Age / Gender (introduction): Stephanie 21F, Chi 29M, Karyna 23F
Hotels you would like to stay: Any with shuttle
Affordable rates you prefer: Less than $200
How long are you staying: June 30-July 4th
Where are you coming from: Fremont, CA
Where do you prefer to stay: Floor/Bed space both ok
Requirements: Hopefully people that enjoy social drinking in the room
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Hello, I am seeking room mates---- We have room for 2-4 more. Bed + Floor Space

Currently Have 7/10 Filled (Mix Gender) *Updated* 05/14/17

Name / Age / Gender: KT 25 Y/O Male. I'm a Cosplay & Wedding Photographer Specialist - Can find/contact me here FB.com/KTxStudio

Requirements/Rules of Room

1. Must be 18+ or have an guardian with you during the stay.
2. No drugs, Smoking, or Alcohol.
3. Please be respectful to everyone; Everyone is surely easy going and friendly but don't intentional disrespect your room-mate. Don't be loud during the night as well, we have others in the hotel including your room-mate who wish to sleep early.
4. Have some common sense, don't use the hotel phone to make local or long distant calling or asking for room service.
5. We have a "Washroom Rules" Please obey it and we won't have blood in the bath tub the next day *which will be given on day of con*
6. Must be able to share your contact information *CELL PHONE NUMBER + FB CONTACT*
Why is this needed? So we can contact each other for any related hotel reason *including transportation back to the hotel or to the con*
7. Have some fun and get to know your room mate a bit

---Hotel Fee is due on the first day of stay, so please have the amount said ready upon arrival---

Hotel Cost
Hotel Cost - 4 Nights *Fri Afternoon to Tuesday Morning* Total Cost: $1850,
We Will Div by X amount we fill in our room.
Ideally, if we can get 10 people, that is $185 per person for the whole weekend.

There are 4 Queen Bed, and enough floor space for 2.
A Bed can fit 2 or 3 if you're small enough.

Hotel Location:
Hollywood Inn Express South
141 N Alvarado St.
Los Angeles, CA


Hotel to the Convention site is a bit off, so I do not advise walking from Hotel to Con or back. We will all be using "Uber or Lyft" to our trip from A to B and back at a set time as a group to save the fare cost. (it'll cost you around 5$ or less per trip in a group of 10, you're looking an extra 40 dollar for 4 days really). It'll save you time and the affordability is great if you factor the hotel pricing is pretty good deal as it stand.

Uber Schedule Group Time:
10AM: Hotel Uber/Lyft > Convention. - Con to Hotel, will be your own responsibility. Will commincate thru facebook group chat to see who will be going back to the hotel. You can group up together that way. Should be ready to board or leave 10 min prior

Free continental breakfast, free WiFi, and free parking (For one car, first dibs)

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Looking for a room
Adam /25/ M:
My name is Adam, I'm 25 and I've been attending Anime Expo since 2009. Last year was the only year that I missed out on. I like to be clean, I'm organized, and I won't touch anyone else's belongings. I don't drink or smoke and would prefer a non smoking room.
Hotels you would like to stay: Preferably close to the convention center
Affordable rates you prefer: $300 is my limit but I'm willing to go a bit above if needed.
How long are you staying: All five days, June 30th- July 4th
Where are you coming from: Ventura County
Where do you prefer to stay: close to the convention center
Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Plans
- Battler Ushiromiya - Umineko
- Kirito - Sword Art Online
- Subaru Natsuki - Re: Zero
- undecided

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Roommates needed

Name / Age / Gender : Alice/ 23/ Female
Hotel your offering: Hotel Indigo: 2 king size bed room
Hotel rates: 300 for bed: Looking for two people
There will be a total of 4 people max in the room. Me and my friend will be sharing one bed so there will be one bed to share between two people. Or if you want your own whole king size bed it will be extra.

How long are you staying: Day zero - four
Who do you prefer to stay: Preferably females that are okay to stay in a room with a gay male
1. Over 21 preferably, we will be drinking and you're welcome to join us but if not we understand.
2. Please pay before the con to guarantee your spot, I accept Venmo or deposits to my BoA account. There will be a total of 3-4 people in the room, I need more of an email guarantee that you will be there and hotel costs must be paid.
3. No hard cigarette smoking please
4. No extra overnight guests for just one night or so. Privacy is important.
5. If you are parking in the hotel, PLEASE do not charge the room, I really don't want to see any extra charges for parking or room service

Extra: Me and my friend are coming to AX for the first time but we've been going to cons for a couple years now and do cosplay. We're both college students who just wants to chill and have a fun time.
Amenities: Free wifi. Water and cup ramen for days to share! (I will also have power bars and other food to share cause life is too short to be stingy and risk dehydration). .5miles away from the hotel so it's a walking distance.
Email Jungalice@yahoo.com for more info or if you're interested
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Looking for roommate

Name / Age / Gender (introduction): Clari /23 / female
Hotel your offering: Courtyard By Marriott L.A. Live
Hotel rates: $200
How long are you staying: Jun 30th - July 2nd (2 nights)
Where are you coming from: Northern California
Who do you prefer to stay: Females only
Requirements: easy going, not loud,
Amenities: King Room, free wifi, right next to convention center.

So I was only able to get this awesome hotel for 2 nights but still should be a blast. I know its not likely I'll find anyone but thought I'd try. Also down to share this room with 2 others. I think 3 people would fit fine.

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Unread 05-16-2017, 02:54 PM   #26
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Updated on June 1: Room is full.

It's almost time for Anime Expo!

Come celebrate AX's 25th anniversary. There's gonna be lots of guests and events, so you wanna make sure your accommodations experience is hassle-free and conveniently walking-distance close to the convention center.

Our group has room for 2 more roommates at the Courtyard Marriott hotel. This is prime location, right across from JW Marriott hotel. Either guys or girls are OK, most of us are late-20's, and enjoy cosplaying. We're clean, responsible, easy to get along with, and like to have a good time at conventions.

Hotel: Courtyard Marriott LA Live (across from JW Marriott)
Check-in: Friday, June 30 (Day 0)
Check-out: Tuesday, July 4 (Day 4), not staying overnight after convention ends
Total of 4 nights

Simple common-sense rules:
- Be responsible and respect other people's things / costumes, and don't steal
- Be clean hygienic, shower, NO SMOKING in the room
- We don't mind if you stay up late, or drink lightly
- Don't bring a shiton of strangers back into the room for a room party (we're not sticklers if you bring a friend in to chill out)

--- Contact ---
If you're interested, feel free to email me at: klouie@klmedia.net
give a brief info about yourself and a Facebook link (I don't need an essay, lol)
(Don't send me a PM on Coscom - notifications don't work properly and messages get delayed)

Thanks. See you at Anime Expo
I've been attending conventions for over 5 years, from west coast to east coast, US and Canada!

Generally attending these conventions:
Katsucon, Sakura-Con, Calgary Expo, Otafest, Fanime, Anime Expo

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Charlie/ 21/male
im a regular at AX for going on 4 years now. im looking for rooms that need maybe one more person. i take up minimal space and will mostly be out of the room. looking for a room in one of the three closest hotels. the best way to reach me is either my facebook or email at cszender@hotmail.com i need to book a room soon so i can get flights.
If you guys want to drink go ahead, but i prefer to be in a drug free room (i don't participate in those things)

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Unread 05-18-2017, 05:07 AM   #28
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Looking for roommates

Room filled

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Looking for a 4th person


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Entire group dropped out due to unforeseen circumstances this late and I would like to have bodies in my room ASAP. I'm by myself atm.

Name / Age / Gender (introduction): Romeo/35/M
Hotel your offering: Westin Bonaventure (2x Queen Bed)
Hotel rates: if 3 people $250, 4 people $200 and that's per person for entire stay (Maxing out at 5 in room including myself)
How long are you staying: Checking in on Day 0 (6/30) and checking out on Day 4 (7/4)
Who do you prefer to stay: 21+, little to no drinking, no smoking obviously
Requirements: Just be respectful of other people and their belongings. Also, please just clean up after yourselves.

None party room, sorry to be a buzzkill.

PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
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