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Sakuracon 2017 Kingdom Hearts Music Video! Recruiting Cosplayers!

Hello, My name is Jei, and I run a youtube channel (linked below), and I had an idea for a video. I recently saw a video by another channel I follow that was a cosplay music video done to the theme of Super Mario Odessy, where the people of focus in the video were Mario Oddesy cosplayers (also linked below).

My video idea would be similar, but Kingdom Hearts, instead, and with more actual KH referencing shots. So this is a casting call to find some cosplayers that would be interested in the cinematic Kingdom Hearts parts of the video. I'm currently working with my friend on what all we will have for certain scenes. A lot of stuff will be just dancing however you want with us and singing along to the song. But there are some Kingdom Hearts specific things I would like to implement into the video.

The song will be the techno version of Simple And Clean, which was use in both KH1 and Birth By Sleep, since it was the most "upbeat" one, and our personal favorite version.

Cast we have:
Myself - Sora KH2 (Main)
Atlis01​ - Roxas TwiliTown (Main)
Lolo Sanchez - Kairi KH2 (main)
Kayce Yami Klein - Sora KH2 (secret)
Elise L'Estrange - Namine KH2 (main)
Michelle Mishi Guzman - Kairi KH2 (backup1)
Jay Larson - Xion DAYS (main)
Albel Patterson - Demyx KH2 (main)
Kayge Abendroth - Axel KH2 (main)
Kaitie Cagle - Roxas KH2/ORG (main)
Maria Kostandina - Kairi KH2 (backup2)
--------------------------Xion DAYS (backup1)
Veronica Kidby - Luxord KH2 (maybe)
Madeline Knappenberger - Aqua BBS (main/Maybe/need trio)
Yuepon Fan-Hernandez - Terra-nort BBS (maybe/need trio)
Louise Lauzon - Roxas KH2/ORG (backup)
Nevada Prinz - Axel KH2 (backup)
Jacob Imbery - Luxord KH2 (backup)

Cast we need:
-Riku (KH1&2)
-Kairi (KH1)
-Sora (KH1)
-Versions of Xehanort:
*Old Man and Young are fine
*Terra-nort is best only if we can find the BBS Trio
*Ansem SOD is only really good if we get KH1 versions of the Trio
*Xemnas is listed below lol
OrgXIII members that appeared in KH2-
-Xemnas (both versions would be awesome)
-ANY 5 people in OrgXIII coats who can put their hoods up to hide their faces
We also need backups just in case, so if a spot is taken, see how many backups we have first. We might still need you!
Also a small disclaimer..The KH2 OrgXIII members would need to be kool with swinging a Keyblade at them. I won't be hitting you, just making it look like I'm trying to fend you all off. I have a scene in mind midway into the song where all the KH2 OrgXIII members surround me, and then I swing once at each of you in (not hitting you) so it looks like I'm fighting you. These scenes will all be filmed separately, too.

Mario Oddesy video I mentioned:
My Channel:
Cosplay DA Regular DA Cosplay Group DA Tumblr
Commissions Here YouTube Group YouTube
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-Created Character [SAO Hollow Realization]
-Cloud [Dissidia Final Fantasy]
-Red [Pokemon Fire Red]
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