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Unread 02-20-2014, 05:43 PM   #1
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Cosplay as villain?

I am making a full blown Galactus costume for San Diego Comic-Con, but I wonder how well people perceive a villain cosplayer versus a superhero cosplayer? Is there a difference in your experiences? Thanks!

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Unread 02-20-2014, 09:15 PM   #2
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Very well actually! People love the bad guy. Joker for instance, is very well liked so much that there's tons of cosplay of him.

Of course, there might be one jerk that would probably go YOU suck! But play it off as the villain you are! (The awesome about being a villain is that making threats are in character, though don't over do it so that he/she thinks it real)
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Unread 02-20-2014, 09:39 PM   #3
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Cosplaying villains is so much fun, especially if you want to do it in character (although, not too in character). Generally I've found that if people say anything rude, it's towards the character (my Envy, for example, gets a lot of this) and they are trying to pull you into a probably short roleplay.

And even if you do find someone who is trying to be a jerk, Galactus is an awesome choice, and the good reactions will almost certainly outweigh the bad ones.
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Villains are awesome. If no one cosplayed the bad guy, there would be no such thing as cosplay role play lol I usually cosplay the good guy because the bad guy has things I haven't enough skill or money to do yet, but I DO one villain that I absolutely love. I play Kingdom Hearts like a madman and in 2012 decided to cosplay the boos from Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories. His name is Marluxia. He is wickedly evil..I showed up to the shoot (my first Kingdom Heats shoot) and I was automatically well recieved. Everyone was all "MARLUXIA FINALLY WE NEED YOU!!!!! GET OVER HERE!!" and that stuff. The point of that story is that me cosplaying a villain was more well received then ANY of my other cosplays..

Do this cosplay, feel amazing, and have tons of fun.
You WILL get the "overly extatic role player" though like mentioned. Where they will not even ask, but just start being their character..maybe a superhero since you are more of a comic villain..They will be obvious. The ones being rude are obviously doing it on purpose, it's quite easy to tell the difference, but from my experience, the more "out there" characters (armor, crazy hair, or just over all a lot of awesome detail) will be well loved
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With a character like him, I'm sure he'll get a ton of positive attention. Though there is always someone who might say the the whole "you suck" phrase due to you being a villain. But I do wonder as your character is for SDCC and I've heard that lately cosplayers are becoming a less and less seen sight over there.

Have fun at the con!
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Ron Jr
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I cosplay Vader all the time and am currently working on a metal Dr. Doom.

Villians are the way to go.
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