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Unread 12-20-2012, 10:13 AM   #1
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BBC Merlin: Morgana lace help

Hi everyone! I'm planing on making evil Morgana from the tv show Merlin. Here's a reference picture: http://images5.fanpop.com/image/phot...-1707-2560.jpg

Right now I'm searching for the right kind of lace and so far I haven't had that much luck. I figured out that the type that looks the same is crochet lace and open weave lace. I've found two like I like.

1. It has the netting that I want, but it's baby blue http://www.etsy.com/listing/10245371...-fabric-by-the

2. This one doesn't have the random netting, but I love the way it looks and it's already black http://www.etsy.com/listing/11292528...ref=v1_other_2

Does anyone know where I can get lace that looks like number one? Or, if I buy the first one, will I be able to dye it black? And do you think the second one would work?
Thanks ^ ^
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I also found this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fabric-Stret...item3f01455d12

It's pink, but I LOOOOVE the texture on it!! Anyone know where I can get something like this?
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That light blue lace appears to be polyester (from the seller's description), which means it's only maybe dyeable -- polyester is a cantankerous beast to dye, and the results are far less predictable than most fabrics. Sometimes poly dyes, sometimes it rejects the dye entirely, sometimes it winds up a colour rather not like what you expected. If you want to dye it, try for nylon or cotton lace -- both will dye up fairly readily (if the nylon doesn't have surface treatments).

That pink lace is nylon, so you could get a swatch of it and try dyeing it. For nylon, you want to work with an acid dye (Jacquard's is my personal favourite).

If you don't want to dye, you could always try layering that black lace over a mesh to try to give it an effect more like that photograph.

Hope that helps!
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Originally Posted by myalchod View Post
That pink lace is nylon, so you could get a swatch of it and try dyeing it. For nylon, you want to work with an acid dye (Jacquard's is my personal favourite).

It is, thank you! I did buy a swatch of the pink lace so I can have a better look at the texture and to see how soft or stiff it is.
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You could layer two different types of lace together to get a look closer to the actual outfit
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Another option, which would likely work for the sleeve portions, but be incredibly annoying for the body of the shirt, if that has the lace covering on it, would be to check out different types of lace stockings.

I saw a pair of black crocheted lace stockings at Macy's today on the mannequin. The pattern isn't exactly what they used, but it could be an option, or a different avenue, instead of looking for the raw fabric.

Good luck!
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This isn't exactly like the one you were looking for, but it's similar. It doesn't have all of the detail. I'll keep looking to see what I can find though.


There's always the option of spray painting it. It's not ideal, but it'll give you the color you want.
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Remind me of elle lace.


or as Giselle Stretch Lace Fabric


Because it's nylon base you can dye it black with and acid dye.

This one would be neat it you cut it with on at 45 degree.

Very expensive.


If you layered two sheet of the same fabric up you get more of that webbed look.

Also if you have close fashion distric (I go to the one in toronto) They usually have large warehouse store that will have reams of fabric and different types of laces to chose from.

The lace looks like it used on the full dress (top over flesh tone under structure and green skirt with the lace as an overlay)

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