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Originally Posted by ~H~ View Post
@Eve and Seismo: Any pics yet? I'm excited to see your stuff!
All of the costumes on my profile, aside from Karkat (of course), are original characters.
I'm thinking of taking down some of the embarrassingly bad older things, though.
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Unread 02-26-2014, 07:45 PM   #32
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I have an OC which I hope to bring into action for my next con in September, which I'm kind of proud of since it's my first real solo design. No pictures of the actual costume yet but I do have some sketches and a character portrait I've drawn. Are those okay to share here in lieu of actual cosplay pictures? The character is the result of my voracious appetite for history (ancient history in this case) combined with having just watched magical girl anime. Thus was born a whole setting, possibly in a high school, where there are Roman-themed magical girls and 'Barbarian' magical girls locked in a struggle of some sort. That's about as far as I've gotten. But the costume is a Carthaginian magical girl, which I'm pretty sure I've never seen anyone ever do.
Possible in the future: Juon Kiku (Galaxy Girls/Fan Design), Mio Akiyama (K-On), Palutena (SSB/Kid Icarus), Sgt. Gordon McSweeney (Harry Turtledove books).
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My first two times cosplaying, my best friend and I decided to do original designs of popular Nintendo characters. We agreed that we weren't experienced enough to pull off a canon cosplay, and that being funny or different would compensate for our lack of technical skill.
So, Comic-Con 2012, we were Hipster Link and Hipster Zelda.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of her as Zelda, but she was adorable and totally hipster. She carried a sign shaped like a large light arrow that read, "#HipsterHyrule, I'm the seventh sage -- you've probably never heard of me".
For costumes thrown together, we were a big hit. We also got a lot of people that came up to us to tell us hipster jokes. "How did the hipster burn his mouth? -- He bit into his pizza before it was cool."

Comic-Con 2013, we were post-apocalyptic Princess Peach and Princess Daisy.

The back of Peach's sign says, "Not so PEACHY anymore, is it?" She forgot her blue pendant that day.
Almost 200 people took pictures with/of us! (We brought a handheld click counter. Haha. You can see it in my friend's hand). I think I've definitely improved since this cosplay, and we didn't have as much time as I would have liked, but I still like it. I'm proud of our crowns and we got a few compliments on them--we made them out of the bottom of oatmeal cans! And the Bob-ombs. Cuties.
I think when my technical skill improves even more, I'd like to revisit the concept and make a cosplay that looks even more post-apocalyptic (I don't think our cosplays screamed post-apocalyptic, but I think they were cute, and not bad for survival attire). Like, I'd like to make guns.
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Great work shared on this thread - IF any of you would like help realizing your vision - from brainstorming/bouncing ideas for concepts to full costume production sketches - just drop me a line - Experienced costume illustrator here and I'd love to help make your OC dreams into reality!!

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Using these cutie avatars to model my oc design. :3


My two characters I made 4 ACHigh

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My Alter Ego

Hey guys,
My main costume is an OC I've been developing over the years. This and other images available on my profile and at demicus6.deviantart.com.

Hope you like.
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-Remy Vaelgrimm
Custom Great Sword Designs

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Working on a new oc for a design I developed for a cover art.
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I sort of recently came up with an OC cosplay and I've now uploaded photos to cosplay.com! I plan to have another photoshoot someday in the future but I don't know when yet.. just might wait for winter haha.

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A New York Cosplayer!
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My Original Mirkwood / Greenwood the Great Elf Costume.

Inspired by the Kingdom East of the Misty Mountain, I used greens and browns.

Everything on the costume is handmade except for the beads (in which I purchased but was very picky about what bead I used as the necklace and circlet) and the necklace wrap.

I hand-sewed this entire costume. I just keep telling myself I did it for accuracy ;-;
Any Tolkien Middle Earth lovers live near me? Troy Ny <3~


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― J.R.R. Tolkien
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Unread 06-21-2014, 05:32 PM   #41
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I too am also working on an OC. He's a Greek Spartan inspired Superhero that I designed in both the "City of Heroes" and "Champions Online" games and I just started working on him earlier this year so I don't have any pics up yet. Unfortunately I haven't had to much time to work on him because of my job in the Army and now I'm going to have even less time at my disposal seeing as how I'll be deploying in a little bit But I'm hoping to work on the costume if I can while I'm deployed. So then that way when I come back it'll already be done and I can showcase it at the first con I can attend upon my return. So I guess we'll see how it goes
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Here's an OC of mine that's gotten a lot of love, most notably from the staff of the building which inspired it- One Penn Plaza:

Here's another pic taken in the actual building lobby:

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I'm new to this forum but always been into making costumes and fursuits. I only do original designs and characters because, well, honestly I have never really watched anime! I am a furrier by trade, so generally my style involves at least a few dead animals


White Kitsune (sold)

Pioneer wolf person? Not sure what to call this one, haha!

Wolf headdress, part of a more complex costume I'm working on.
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Originally Posted by Amanita View Post
Here's a couple of mine:
First up- the Skyscraper. This one is the living incarnation of a skyscraper- note the headdress, which was an architectural model for my head, pretty much. The holographic shimmer fabric actually had its pattern applied in little squares, kinda like windowpanes. As for the wings, they were meant to suggest the silver mirror-glass facade of a building, peeled back to reveal the living being underneath. I also wore 4" platform boots for this outit.
Unfortunately the pics aren't the greatest- my makeup didn't turn out well at all, and I forgot to take off the purse I was carrying some essentials in. I should have taken the glasses off too, ack.

LIVING for that Skyscraper design. I love the whole ancient Egypt vibe it has going on. Great job!! If i ever got married, that's what i would want to wear.
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This is just my so far pics..I also have some art for it:

So far I also have 2 shoe types..The ones here are the ones I have for now, but I also have some other stuff in mind..Like boots like these:
As well as the boots from those I made shorter that are angled at the calves. They go taller on the outer sides and shorter on the inner sides.
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