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Making a Costume Bathroom Friendly

A lot of the costumes I want to make are either body suits or big armor pieces which make them difficult to use the facilities in (like Samus' power suit). I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or has any tips on how to make parts of costumes more easily removable so you don't have to take off the entire costume.
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Hmm..Good question....This is actually one of my main reasons I don't do kinda that I can't easily go to the bathroom in..The ONE I would possibly do similar would be Bayonetta, but she has a zipper down the front so it'll be easy to get off..
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There are bodysuits with plumbing zippers in the "right" place, but I've seen them on people and the zippers are more often than not unfortunate and scary. They sit very uncomfortably against body parts and often call attention to that spot rather than hide anything. And, I'm not sure how practical they are for anybody except men.

If the costume has a full one-piece suit with no hint of a waist seam, and would look really awkward as a two-piece, it's hard to suggest making it as separate shirt and pants. I've done it for costumes that have layers on top which can be moved or removed easily in order to drop trou. But if you're looking at a superhero bodysuit with no way to break it up into a top and bottom, you kind of just have to make the bodysuit and budget yourself extra time to go to the bathroom.

For armor and such, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and expect that when you have to get out of the costume, you have to get out of ALL of the costume. If it's still comfortable to wear, and there's nothing in the design or function of the costume to allow for separating top and bottom so you can only remove bottom layers, then shrugging and accepting that it's going to take disassembling is about all you can do. If it's a really uncomfortable, heavy, or cumbersome costume that you might not be able to wear for more than 2-3 hours at a time, then it's sort of a moot point because you'll probably need out of the costume before it becomes an issue. BUT...if there's a place in the design where you can change your layers so you don't have to take off the entire thing, work with it.

An example: my Magician of Black Chaos is not a pleather bodysuit but a shirt and pants, so I can take off the bottom half without completely disrobing. The belt and the straps that connect the rings from neck to hips hide the place where the shirt tucks into the pants, and are made so those detach from each other but not the suit. So if there's a belt, or armored structure, at the waist and hips, depending on the entirety of the design, you might be able to do the same.
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A good number of athletic type leotards come with available snap crotch openings, worn over leggings they still convey body suit effect, but a lot easier to undress.

As to armor building, looking to ancient real armor helps a lot. From Samurai through the Renaissance armor varied a lot, but the components were broken down into three basic groups: legs, chest and groin. Many armors the groin coverage was simply skirted off the chest piece (Japanese, Roman), making the ability to relieve ones self reasonably easy. In armors where the groin had it's own coverage or rigid armor, the wearer could open or remove it themselves without assistance.

Hit the library and possibly a museum if there are any in your area with armor. Looking at the assembly method and what is hinged where on something actually used in battle will help a ton. And yours will be lighter to wear
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