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Sailor Moon SuperS group-- Need some hard core Sailor Moonies!

So I have a Sailor Moon SuperS group, and of course we're trying to figure out this props thing. If you don't remember, SuperS is the Pegasus arc, with the transforming wands with wings on them and such.

Sailor Moon-- has her wand...
Mercury-- has her harp...
Mars-- has a bow...

The Outer senshi have their staffs, knives, mirrors, etc.

But what about Jupiter, and Venus? Can anyone think of a creative way of showcasing their "weapons." Jupiter has the-- exploding leaves-- "Jupiter Oak Evolution". And Venus has the-- rotating heart-- "Venus Love and Beauty Shock"

Seen here (beware of the bad dubs)
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Hmmm, for Venus you could make a chain of the hearts (sort of like how in some versions she carries the Venus Love-Me Chain) as the rotating part is only the initial image, it turns sort of chain/loop like before the attack ends. I don't really have any ideas for Jupiter though, sorry.

If I remember correctly in one or more of the Sailor Moon musicals (aka Sera Myu) they did these attcks. Venus' was somewhat like I described and Jupiter held either a chain similar to Venus' only with leaves or it might have been leaves on a smaller, stiff band that she held in one hand. I'm not sure as I haven't seen them in ages, but one of those might work.

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In Sera Myu, Jupiter had a wreath made out of oak leaves (like the symbol on her crystal wand) and I think Venus had a similar chain like her Love Me-Chain in PGSM.
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