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Unread 06-16-2017, 02:18 AM   #1
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Need help panting my sword.

I finally finished sanding my sword now and it will be ready to paint soon. The sword is Cloud's fusion sword from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children made from EVA foam. My goal is to try and make it as metallic as possible.

What color spray paint should I look for? Also, is Plasti Dip a must have for painting?
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I tried plastidip and wasnt thrilled (but my cans might have been old). A bunch of coats of modpodge is equally good with a fine sanding between every other coating.

I'd suggest doing a base layer in gray or silver acrylic before the metallic, just so you dont waste your spraypaint covering the color of the EVA.

Rustoleum bright coat seems to be one of the better silvers out there. You can google results. Rub n buff may also be a good idea. Wait for it to dry for an hour or more before buffing with an old tshirt

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What material is the sword made of? Make sure to use an appropriate base coat and primer.

Insulation foam will melt if you spray it with spray paint. You can seal it with mod podge, gesso, watered-down elmer's glue. Plasti-Dip can work, but will obscure fine details.

It's very difficult to get a chrome or metallic look from a single spray can. For a good-looking paint job, you have to build up layers of color.

Instead, after your sealer/primer, do a base coat of flat matte black - I prefer the 99-cent Project Source brand from Lowe's, as a base coat it's surprisingly great for the price. Then, build up the metallic look by VERY LIGHTLY misting on and dry-brushing on metallic silver. There are a variety of ways to do this. Rub-n-buff has a great reputation but I haven't used it. I usually use metallic Platinum from a spray can, misted in the general direction of the prop from a good distance; silver sprayed into a rag then wiped onto the prop; or, acrylic paints and paintbrushes by hand.

I'm going by these reference images for coloring - it's NOT just shiny polished/chrome metal.

Look at the blaster in these posts for an example of what I'm talking about. This is still pretty dark gray, but if you want it more silver, you can build up more and more layers of silver on top of the base black coat.

Black base coat:

Silver from a spray can, a VERY VERY light coat to lift the black, then some more wiped from a rag onto the blaster:

Final (bottom right):

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Originally Posted by nathancarter View Post
What material is the sword made of?
The sword is 100% EVA foam

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Also, whats the best way to protect the paint? I'm told paint can fade over time.
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I used modpodge gloss as a sealer on mine but I've not heard of paint fading unless its left in direct sunlight for ages
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So before the painting step, there's a lot of different things you can use. Mod Podge like DIGIT said is what I'd use, just make sure to read which one you're getting. I use Hard Coat Mod Podge (purple label), but all of them will seal it basically. Hard Coat just give it a slight bit more of a..well..hard coat..The good thing about this stuff is it usually seems to dry on smooth, so no sanding needed. You can also get the same basic effect with white school glue that's watered down a little bit, might be cheaper that way too if you get it when school supplies go on sale for back to school..Those things are like 20 cents at walmart during that sale.

Plasti-Dip can also work, but if you do, make sure you test it quite a bit to get the right feel for it. Too far away and it isn't enough, and too close and i'll start looking bad. It's a large sword, so this is likely not the best choice anyway, but it's still a choice regardless.

There is also a type of resin that works on foam. I can't remember which type, but I use to have a can of it (like a paint can with a lid you pop off and dip the brush in), and used it on different foams and it never ate through any of them. In fact, it made the surfaces REALLY smooth.
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So basically

Seal it with mod podge (hard coat)

Coat it with primer (What does primer do exactly?)

Paint flat black on it as a base.

Spray metallic silver (from a distant)

Add more coats of metallic silver till I get the perfect metallic look I want.

Then finally finish it with some gloss paint.
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Primer is basically there to give you a better painting surface-- same reason painters use base coats on canvas before they start doing their super detailed art.

In this case, your primer helps protect your foam (it's an additional layer between the spraypaint and the foam itself), it helps the spraypaint bond to the surface, and can give you better color results. (Eg, with primer, it might only take 1 or two coats to get full color coverage; without it might take 3 or 4. Can't say I've had this problem with foam but I've seen it make a HUGE difference spraypainting large wooden props).
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Unread 06-17-2017, 01:19 PM   #10
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is a non paint method, but will accentuate every blemish in the surface
as well as have bubbles you have to pop (done in vid)
this can be a issue, or a feature depending on your outlook

this is an example of that painting at a distance
protip* when using wikia, click image to bring up slideshow, click image name top left,
and select size options (if available) till you find one of appropiate size

disclaimer* im not an expert, i simply add in my "2 cents" having a second opinion is always a safe bet
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