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Unread 07-31-2018, 10:17 PM   #10351
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Not sure if this is in the right thread, but it is a vent, even if it's cosplay-ish...but anyway.

So a couple weeks ago, at the first of the cons I plan to attend, I saw someone during pre-judging on Sunday I thought I recognized. I was mostly sure they were someone I knew, but I'm horrible at associating names with faces. In my own hierarchy of logic, I was 90% I knew them, and 35% sure they were part of one of the two Facebook groups I frequent (one is more anime-themed, but the second is a cosplay group). So the contest comes, and I'm still certain I know them, but they entered under their cosplay page name. They win an award for best prop, which was nice.

Here's the vent part: The person who won was the admin of the Facebook cosplay group. The person I was sure I recognized was also in the group, and I had met her exactly one time during a meet-and-greet sort of event. (The group doesn't do many events, or at least none are posted.) So I suppose my biggest gripe is WHAT is the group for? I mean, I had posted (or thought I did, someone else swears that my pic didn't show) in the group. There's not a lot of comments about cosplay, or even suggestions or recommendations. And I'm not unsympathetic to the "volunteer" card. I ran a World of Warcraft guild for 6 years. I just made sure that most of the new folks were as welcome as the established ones. But I can't be entirely sure to have a group when you can't even say "hi" to someone when you're 15 feet from them....
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Back in June my sister and I agreed to go to Daishocon (this November) and split the cost for a room, gas, etc. This was all put on my card since she didn't have enough to pay her half (about $300), but she promised me she'd start paying me part of her paycheck each week until I got payed off. To this date I have received absolutely no payment. Her excuse is she's still trying to pay mom and dad back (computer and car respectively) and she switched jobs meaning her paycheck was delayed in the transition period thus causing her to fall even farther behind on what she owed them. However she is constantly coming home with junk food, clothes, and electronics so it's not that she doesn't have the money to pay me; it's that she's refusing to because she thinks she has infinite time and that her enjoyment is more important than paying her debts promptly. I've confronted her about this multiple times, and each time it ends with her screaming that I'll get my money before the con, but with her still making no payments weeks after the fact.

The icing on the cake today was when she came home all excited saying she was going to get her car remodeled to look brand new. I told her she needed to pay me back before she spent a significant amount on cosmetics that weren't needed, and she blew up at me saying "you will get your F-ing money before the F-ing con; I can spend my money how I want, shut up and leave me alone." At this point I'd rather just go alone but I can't afford to swing $600 by myself and I don't want to room with strangers. I could cancel the hotel reservation, but then I'm still out badge money + mailing for a con I'd no longer be going to. My mom has been no help getting her to pay up, and I'm at a loss for what to do at this point.
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