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Unread 09-19-2016, 08:47 AM   #1276
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Does anyone know where to find a basic (or any tutorial at this point) tutorial for Mei's Endothermic Blaster from Overwatch? ;;

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Unread 09-25-2016, 08:11 AM   #1277
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miko cosplay

So I want to cosplay as a miko (shrine maiden), but I can't find a decent tutorial on how to make the clothes. Some of the websites I saw aren't even consistent on what they actually wear!
As far as I understand, I need to make a kimono (I guess an obi as well then?), a hakama and a pair of tabi. Apperently, they sometimes wear a haori as well, but I don't think I'll be making one of those.

Any tutorials on how to make and wear these clothes will be greatly appreciated!!
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Unread 10-07-2016, 08:36 AM   #1278
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Good Harley Quinn Boots for my Suicide Squad Cosplay! I found some on Aliexpress, but I've never purchased from there. The boots in the picture of the review are good though.
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Unread 10-08-2016, 02:10 PM   #1279
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pretty basic request but i want to make trousers - as jean-like as possible but not from denim - was hoping for a cosplay-oriented tutorial?
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Unread 10-08-2016, 11:21 PM   #1280
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I have some yoga pants that look just like leggings. They were from walmart
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Unread 01-06-2017, 04:33 AM   #1281
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Hi! I was going to ask if anyone has easy ways to pattern? I'm making a jacket and pants for a Giorno Giovanna cosplay. Also, I was looking for a wig of the same character, but I'm not particularly good at styling so I was trying to find it premade. Does anyone know a decent site where I could buy such a wig that looks decent? this is Giorno, for reference.
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Unread 01-28-2017, 02:42 PM   #1282
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Mob Psycho 100

(I'm new to this website)
Everyting in my cosplay for Kageyama shigeo aka mob is ok except for the makeup, neither my skills nor my knowledge are that great when it comes to makeup. I'm kinda lost, pls help
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Unread 02-19-2017, 08:13 PM   #1283
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dmmd ren?

Hey yall i'm helping one of my friends with her Ren cosplay from dramatical murder and i was wondering if there were any tutorials or anyone with some tips to help us out. Thank you.
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Unread 02-21-2017, 12:27 AM   #1284
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naruto the last!

hi all! wondering if anyone has any patterns or suggestions for hinata and ino's outfits in naruto the last! thanks a ton!

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Unread 03-04-2017, 06:05 AM   #1285
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Hey there! I'm wondering if anyone has a pattern for Yellow Diamond's (from Steven Universe) helmet? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Unread 03-09-2017, 11:56 AM   #1286
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Looking for tips on how to make a crested helmet - ideally in such a way that I can break it down for travelling because life isn't already complicated enough. Specifically, I'm building a cosplay for the character Toos from the the classic Doctor Who story "Robots of Death". Reference pix are below.

I seriously doubt a tutorial exists for making that specific piece, but general tips are always appreciated - especially if folks have similar experience with breaking an oversized piece down into manageable pieces and re-assembling them so that they're sufficiently sturdy that no embarrassing wobbles happen...

The other pix, I'll leave here as links as I didn't realize how stupidly huge they are!






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Unread 03-22-2017, 07:30 PM   #1287
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Hello I'm planning on doing an Ouma Kokichi cosplay and I wondering how you would make his jacket(from the pattern to sewing it). I'd highly appreciate it if there was a tutorial out there that could help me with this.

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Unread 03-23-2017, 01:12 AM   #1288
Beautiful End
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Destiny Hunter Helmet

Hey everyone! I'm trying to do the Iron Banner helmet for the Hunter, except I am having trouble finding a way to either create the visor/see through crystal or buying it somewhere.



This is it for reference. Thanks in advance!
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Unread 06-12-2017, 03:18 PM   #1289
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Putting motors/electronics into cosplay

I think I need to use a motor to wind up my tentacle pulley system. But, I have no idea how to do robotics stuff at all. Could someone please point me in the right direction?
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