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Unread 04-12-2004, 09:09 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by Dragonrage
Some of the rooms were really bad, but the rooms staffers got were awesome. I think that for me is another reason to want to be a staffer.
LOL! You would think, right? But don't be so sure that *ALL* staffers got great rooms. I was staff, and mine was an absolute peice of crap. It kind of actually reminded me of my apartment. Especially the bathroom. (Which, apparently, says a thing or two about my apartment...) I could barely FIT into my hotel bathroom when I had my costume on... it sure made doing makeup a challenge.

But in the end, I was actually GLAD to have the room in the first place. Since the hotel would up *cancelling* my room. Yes. I said CANCELLING my room. After a seven hour drive, I was forced to deal with this crap. When I asked why, the front desk staff said that it was because we arrived late (11pm on Thursday.) They said that they thought we were no shows since we arrived after 9pm. I told them that they never warned me about that on the email confirmation I was sent. Then they wound up finding me a room. (I mean, a closet.) I was supposed to have 2 beds- since I made my reservation in *NOVEMBER*- and my roommate and I were forced to sleep on a Queen. That was a pretty bad experience.

Then the hotel added a $15 phone charge to my room after I called down to the desk and they told me a local call would cost fifty cents. I had a talk with the desk staff, and the charge got dropped.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the hotel's heat was dry. I was so sick from dehydration all weekend. Headaches and nagging thirst for a greater part of the con, and full-out ill Saturday into Saturday night.

Needless to say, I'm glad that AB is moving to the Hynes center next year. I would never stay at the Park Plaza again unless absolutely FORCED to.
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~the ph34red baka~mallet ...handle started falling apart
*snicker* I think part of it gots lost in dealers room, and another part somewhere in lobby
~losing my ring on friday [[thank g0d my friend found it later!]]
~finally discovering Artists Alley.... saturday night.... when I was already broke *weeps* i wanted a genki hat
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someone stole my bag o' sentiments..
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Sanretsu Mitsukai.
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*laughs* The hotel rooms were great. Large or small. Allthough, when I walked into my room, I was wondering if that tunnel was going to turn into a room or a closet...also, the weird light switches outside the bathroom and closet...I'm so used to it being right inside the door somewhere. But the closet we go was cool cause you could sleep in it.
But there wasn't any full length mirrors in the room...I really need to use those things to adjust my outfits/costumes. But there were ones by the elevators, so that worked out *relatively* okay.
My complaint is the stairs being so damn weird...they don't have a single flight that goes from top to bottom. Also that f-ing fire alarm on Saturday...I wanted to sleep in for another hour or two. They should have announced it was a non-emergency about 10 times faster. Very, very angry, tired Alik.

Then the front desk cancelled all our cards to the room 3 hours early on sunday, and we went to the front desk to get the reactivated...that was annoying, but not kill-worthy.

Too many steal-happy freaks at this convention...people's stuff was dissapearing left and right, you would just turn your back for 2 minutes and POOF, gone....

Yeah, the hotel was a little dry, but managable cause I drank enough, and had chapstick.

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my room. Shit the damned shower had no pressure! I was wearing shorts i needed to shaved, instead I cut up my legs...
My dad getting deadly sick.
The masquerade. I only had a sausage sandwhich (half) and a hashbrown (half) at 10am and because of the masquerade our group didn't get to eat until 7 when it started. (my dad got us pizza) and then we stood up the whole time just to see it! (we were group #66) and on top of that when we went up we could bearly pull off the skit cause of no microphone. I think all anyone heard was "like your a real blonde." and "heero is the prettiest." but we were Gundam Wing. We didn't need to speak xD. We really didn't mind though because we figured out the skit 2 hours before we went on.
Trowa (Hannah) at the end had a head ach and so did I but she had it worse and if it wasn't for the Asuka Cosplayer she'd have died.
The dance... oi people don't dance with wings.
My poor sword kept crashing into everyone thing/and one it's beat up now ;_;
I had a a scar of losing my badge at McDonalds and forgetting half my costume at home.
and I have to say this was the best convention xD you go to the BAAF and it turns out that way. I just think in my case the goods out weighed the bad.
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Originally Posted by AlikNyankoChan

Too many steal-happy freaks at this convention...people's stuff was dissapearing left and right, you would just turn your back for 2 minutes and POOF, gone....
wow, really?
I guess I got real lucky!! I dumped my bag on table in middle of lobby & was running around all over taking pictures, and each time I'd return to my bag still being there safe and sound
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Originally Posted by Dragonrage
I know there were a lot of good experiances but I'm curious of people's bad experiance. My bad experiance was the hotel room we got, it was ghettolious as a room mate put it. We had old moldy yogurt in out ice buckets, holes in out molding and walls. Lights unplugged and a broken bed. Every time i touched metal I got shocked. When the elevators were backed up I took the stairs and fell down a few flights, Good thing my vinyl Keiichi jacket was a bit tough to take a lot of the blows. I accidently stepped on a few cosplayers dressed and ended up ripping them a bit.. I feel so horrible... That was my bad experiance.
I missed pre-reg, so I decided to just come on Saturday and get a castle pass. Well, before that, I wasn't sure about how things were working schedule wise and such, so I decided to check out the hotel and ask for info. I am not from around the area (just visiting Boston for my sister during my Spring Break) so I didn't expect to stay at the convention very long in the first place.

When I walked in Friday evening, the castle had just closed, so I just checked out the cosplayers in the hotel. I was just wearing what I usually wear and three people asked to take my picture. I wasn't wearing a costume. On Saturday, I wore my Tohsaka Rin (Fate/Stay Night) costume (I didn't expect anyone was really going to recognize me anyway) costume and it was like I was completely invisible. Very funny and odd at the same time I think. Maybe if I hadn't forgotten my hairbows it would have looked more like a costume maybe. I don't believe I looked all to well, since I wasn't feeling well, that could have also been another reason why I was ignored. Ah well, besides that, I also kept on getting shocked by touching the doors and what not in the hotel (As mentioned before, the hotel has some static electricity issues)

Waiting in line to get into the castle was a little annoying. I kept on getting in line where everyone around me was smoking. I don't have anything against people smoking, but I am not too fond of second hand smoke, makes me get sick, puke, and junk.

The merchandise wasn't what I was quite hoping for. Indeed, there was a lot of stuff, but not the stuff I usually look for when I go to a convention. I have only been to ACEN, so this may have been my problem. I'm spoiled. There wasn't that much non-licensed anime merchandise. I only found very little stuff, besides the Full Metal Alchemist Stuff, but that stuff is majorly popular. I settled for some cute Stellvia things.

I ended up getting a throbbing headache and I felt like I was going to pass out, so in the afternoon I rode the T back to my sister's place to zonk out on her couch for five hours. I was going to go back and wear my Shia-chan outfit, but I still felt pretty sick, so I didn't leave my sister's place.

*not quite what I was hoping for. Maybe next time, if I go to Anime Boston next year, I will have a better experience.

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Unread 04-13-2004, 12:03 AM   #23
I beg to dream and differ
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Nobuteru Yuuki cancelling and me going to the escaflowne pannel and staring at the empty chair he was supposed to be in, lol.
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The hotel kinda sucked. The rooms were ridiculously small (how we fit 10 people into our room and had space left over was a mystery). It was really really hot in the hotel too.
The bathroom sinks were wicked retarded. wtf?!
I don't like the fact that it was so small i guess. I'm used to big open spaces like at acen and otakon and whatnot, its not that i don't like small spaces, i just like things spread out more like at bigger cons b/c thats what I'm used to.
And we ran out of toilet paper >o<

A lot of the stuff in the dealer's room was way over priced.
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Unread 04-13-2004, 12:31 AM   #25
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The hotel was hot as hell and it made the convention REEK!

The lack of properly working facults and showers sucked ass.

Losing our 2 bed room to staffers sucks as well.

So did the hotel and it's staff.
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Unread 04-13-2004, 12:41 AM   #26
Yuki Eiri
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You know.. Now that I think of it.. Here's something interestingly cruddy that almost happened..

I had my bag o' stuff, and I also had a camera in hand.. Well I saw a shuichi and just HAD to take a picture.. SO, i asked permission and set hte bag down.. The moment I did, someone grabbed it! Thankfully I saw it and kind of looked at them, and they apologized and set it down, saying they thought it was theirs. >.> Weird... I had literally JUST pulled my hand off of it, and it was laying against my leg.. Yeah.. Try to steal my stuff >< But it was spared, thank god..
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Unread 04-13-2004, 09:22 AM   #27
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The hotel room was really cramped and outdated. Our double room had two bathrooms and two double beds. We only had two people in there on Friday and 3 on Saturday/Sunday. We had backwater come up both sinks the whole time and the phones never worked. I was very polite to the hotel staff and I could tell they were less than sympathetic. I won't stay there again unless I have no other choice. I'm beginning to think "Historic" is one of those code words like ‘charming’ or ' cute'.

My rant is so long it would take up too much space. I'll post a link to it when I get done composing it. heheh.

The hotel did wind up compensating me, but that was only because I asked them to. I could understand some of the problems people were having, but with only 3 guests in a room the stay should of been much more pleasant.

I forgot to add: I lost my Yuki Plushie... I bought him 2 weeks before the con and I think I dropped him in the mall or in the Artist Alley. I was pretty depressed. Pure Stupidity on my part. Oh well - I bought a lot of cells to make up for it..heh.

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cyborg playgirl
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Wow, you know, I had no problems with my room pertaining to uncleanliness or broken stuffs. My boyfriend and I and two other people were on staff, so we had a spacious room, I suppose. I didn't really stay in it much. One thing everyone should remember is that this is a historical hotel. It's not an excuse for small rooms, but just a reminder, I guess.

What went wrong for me at the con? Well, I hitched a ride with 2 friends down to the hotel Thursday night. Being staff, we should've gotten there EARLY, or at least my boyfriend who was security. But we ended up arriving at 9:15. My boyfriend got the shaft on the security schedule and spent every day from 10 to 6 standing around doing things like line control. :/ I'm grateful he got to have some time in the dealer's room, but not 8 hours worth. He had brought his yu-gi-oh decks and had wanted to duel in the tournaments, but they were always over by the time he was finished. He didn't really get to see anything, and it kinda sucked, being his first convention. I feel responsible for his not-so-great time. I should've known not to let him be security staff, I guess. :/

Myself, I was on newsletter staff. A fun job, but on thursday night, when the free printer we'd acquired was spewing out toner and busted to hell, we had to find a kinko's to print up at LEAST the schedule for the con. The articles for Friday's newsletter had to be scrapped, and we stayed up to about 3:30am at Kinko's with Matt from purchasing for the damn thing.

Really, I didn't have a bad time at all. I think I had higher expectations though.
I didn't really enjoy the AMV contest. I didn't get to hang out with anyone at ALL and spent the whole convention by myself almost. My boyfriend had a bad time. I was tired. The hotel had it's AC on or something on Saturday and it was cold. Not many people recognized the other #18 outfit I was wearing Saturday, other DBZ fans included. The retarded fangirls SCREAMING at ANYTHING on screen during the AMV contest winners really pissed me off. I shoulda watched it from my hotel room. Too exhausted by Saturday night to successfully play DDR or anything else.

However, I got a lot of nice goodies in the dealer's room, free food, a weekend away from my mundane life, and a chance to just be on my own. Not a terrible time, but not the fantastic time I was expecting...
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Eeri E. Mule
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being tucked away in the farthest reaches of the con really sucked for those of us in the artist's alley. our traffic was really low, and many never made it to our little broom closet. overall we felt really unappreciated.
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Unread 04-13-2004, 02:37 PM   #30
The Pasty Princess
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My bad Experience..

I have to admit I was a little depressed that I didn't get to go around and get to take pictures of cosplayers and get my picture taken as well because I was watching the Art show the whole weekend to make sure it ran smoothly. I could have left I guess, hopefully next year will be better if I end up being in charge of the art show again.

Feels like I missed a lot of stuff
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