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I know this might not be the place to ask, but do any of you know a good place to buy contacts that make the whole eye look black? I need them for a cosplay next year and none of the eye places around here will help me out T_T
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www.9mmsfx.com black sclera
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Here are my pink ones from coastalcontacts.com I got them during the halloween sale with free shipping so they were just under $60 for two. The company shipped fast, gave me a free contact case that they sell and sent a piece of candy lol. These are the "rave" contacts and are suppose to be uv reactive but I haven't tested that out yet. The link below is just one of the pictures in my gallery.

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Hey there, since we're reviewing products and experiences I thought I'd share mine. One product to avoid if you have very dark eyes is the COLORMAKER brand. They are designed primarily for light to medium colored eyes or for "natural blending". If you need a dramatic color change, you'll need opaques of course. CALAVIEW and COLORNOVA will not work on very dark eyes either if you're looking for dramatic change. Their chart made it appear that I their colors would show decently on dark eyes, but that is not the case. I bought a pair of the green and crystal blue lenses. They barely show up.

The company insisted they'd look great on dark eyes...but all the color you see, if any, is from the camera flash, lol. Now I too can get red-eye! In natural light or soft incandescent lighting you cannot tell.

My natural eye color: Dark brown. Please disregard my goofy picture.

Closeup of the COLORMAKER: CRYSTAL BLUE color:

Rating: 2 stars - They only show up in due to camera flash. Not really visible in natural lighting or otherwise. Certainly not as vivid a color as the chart promised. Definitely wouldn't buy again. They are thin lenses and comfortable to wear, however they tend to shift around a bit so your vision can be disturbed at times.

Closeup of COLORMAKER: GREEN color:

Rating: 1 star - They barely show up with the camera flash. Natural lighting they are only a slight tint. Definitely wouldn't buy again. The same applies to these lenses as above.

Needless to say, save your money and choose other brands like Acuvue Opaques etc. The results from COLORMAX seem pretty good judging by posts made by others. I'm going to try them next.

- On a happier note -

One brand I can recommend:
EYES BRIGHT brand RED UV BLOCK lenses from the UK

Rating: 5 stars - They look great, are comfortable to wear and are much cheaper than WildEyes brand lenses. They cost $39 instead of $70+

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Blind Eye contacts from visiondirect.com
I found I retained a hazy sort of vision only if there was good lighting. Definitely have a buddy when wearing. Not too pricey, and very comfortable, BUT my eyes are pretty light, so they worked fairly well, but I do NOT recommend them for dark eyes.

Half and half:

Both blind eye:

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I have tried many lenses so I will post a few I really liked =)

This is my natural Eye color They're as close to black as you can get so you can imagine how hard it is for me to find colored lenses.

These Red Hot lenses were one of my first pair of lenses and are more orange than red. I really liked them though. They show up well under any type of light. of course flash on a camera or external lights helps them to stand out more =) I recommend these to anyone who wants red eyes but doesn't want to pay a lot. You can find these for different prices all over but you can usually find then for about $40.

These FFX Paine Lenses Pic 1 & Pic 2 Are amazing! They stick out in any light and really look animated. They have a natural look put into them. The first photo was taken outside at night with the flash from my camera. The second pix was taken in my bathroom in somewhat low lighting with the flash on my camera. I took pix with these lenses on in a very dark area and a small flash and no flash and they showed up without a problem. The few things I don't like is that the pupil has an orange/red film over it so you can't see very well. They are also very thick so wearing them for long is out of the question. They can also be very hard to get in since the base curve says 8.6 but not all the lenses are that exact measurement. These are also very expensive. Around $200+ which includes the S&H and Tax. You can buy them from cosplaylab.com and a few other sites.

These Blood Red lenses are goofy. I got the smaller size of them and they look huge on my eyes. I see other people with them and they fit over their eye perfectly. That's one thing I don't like. I do like the way they look though. I had tried layering a pair of lenses under neath them which made them look a bit crazier (not pix, sorry). They are, however, thin and can be worn for long periods of time =) bad thing is, they are expensive. around $60 - $100. This pic was taken in a bed room at night with either no flash or a small flash.

The ColorMax Aqua Pic 1 & Pic 2 lenses are one of the best pairs of lenses I've ever had! They make your eyes look bigger and really stand out in all types of lighting! The first image was taken inside a low lit room using 2 slave light flashes. The second image was taken outside, I think there was a flash as well. They look very natural and always have people asking if that's my real eye color =) They can be worn for long periods of time but after about a year they started getting a little un-comfy to wear for too long. You can buy them for a decent price on cosplaylab.com and vampfangs.com and other sites out there.

The ColorMax Blue lenses are great, they are very pretty but a little darker than I had hoped. They stand out nicely but not enough IMO. For Asuka I wear my aqua lenses since they stand out much better but I do like the blue lenses for "what ever" wear or if you have a wig that doesn't cover part of your face I think you'd have better luck with them. In the photo I am inside in a very low lit room (natural light) and used a flash on my camera to make the lenses stand out more. This is how they look w/o a flash on and outside in bright natural light.

I got these Blue lenses Pic 1 and Pic 2 about a year ago and I totally love them They work well in well lit areas and when wearing a light colored wig. You can see your own eye through them but it gives a very animated look to them. I do like the more subtleness these have compared to my ColorMax lenses at times. The first picture was taken inside in an indoor lighted bath room with the flash on. The flash really brightens them up! The second image was taken outside in natural light with no flash. I really love these contacts!! I don't think that the site I got them from exists any longer, sorry.

Palpatine and Link lenses are nice. By the same people who did the FFX Paine lenses. Also very thick and painful. the Palpatine lenses curve too much but do stay in my eyes. They are very bright and vibrant and have a natural touch to them. Very expensive though $200+ with S&H and tax. If you are really dedicated and can ignore pain then go for them!

So, over all I recommend the Red Hot lenses to anyone who just wants basic red lenses for a good price. The FFX Paine lenses are very neat but un-comfy to wear long and make you see funny. Blood Red lenses are goofy but fun to wear, I don't think their worth the $60-$100 you pay for them though =\ ColorMax Aqua is my favorite pair of lenses, good price and look amazing. ColorMax Blue is nice but not bright enough on their own. The last pair of Blue lenses I posted is also another favorite for a decent price and they look very cute =) The Palpatine and Link lenses are the same as my FFX Pain lenses just different colors.
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Eva Yui
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Where did you buy these http://fc03.deviantart.com/fs14/f/20...y_Ailish01.jpg from?
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It was fun, wasn't it?
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Originally Posted by EternalStar View Post
"I don't think that the site I got them from exists any longer, sorry."
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Originally Posted by EternalStar View Post
The site name is either Night Eyes or Nite Eyes.... I cannot find it in search engines so I assume it's no longer up. You can try searching, I do like the site and would be happy to hear if it's still around =)
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Just got another pair of lenses that I would like to share with everyone =)

These are called Groosalugg. They are from the same company that made the FFX Paine lenses that I have. They are rather large on my eyes but still look really nice They really stand out with using a flash on the camera since I was in a low lit bathroom taking the pix. They look very animated and don't have colour put over the pupils like my Paine ones have. I found out a trick to being able to wear these comfortably. If you have every day wear clean lenses then you put those one before putting on these or any other thick lense. You can wear them much longer and they are painless to wear =)

Here's one more photo for you all Clickie! Yes, I need to pluck my eyebrows... ugh.

Overall I give these a rating of Good simply because in low lighting they don't seem to stand out enough.
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Originally Posted by DemonLordEtna View Post
The site name is either Night Eyes or Nite Eyes.... I cannot find it in search engines so I assume it's no longer up. You can try searching, I do like the site and would be happy to hear if it's still around =)
I saved this in my bookmarks awhile ago. Would this be it? http://www.nighteyes.cc/
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Originally Posted by chisainekocat View Post
I saved this in my bookmarks awhile ago. Would this be it? http://www.nighteyes.cc/
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I kept meaning to write a review on my black sclera, but when I got word I was getting a pair for my Gambit costume courtesy of my mum, I decided to hold out until I got that pair so I could put both in the same post. So, here's a double-whammy sclera review post. :3

...A really long post.

You can see my normal eyes here. No need to take up photo space with them. XD I have no idea what my skin was trying to do today, so I apologize on its behalf. You can see what's going in them here. That case is ridiculously handy.

Black Sclera

I can't actually remember which site I got these from, as it was a while ago and I went through hundreds of sites to get these. I can tell you, however, the the brand is Gothika. Very high quality and I recommend them.

First up, black sclera. I use these for both my Morpheus and Daniel Hall costumes, and I might be making an EverQuestII Fae soon to use them with. They can also be used to great effect in a lot of original costumes. Here they are in their vials.

(Black sclera with flash; linked because of image limit and because this photo is awful XD)

With flash indoors. This is the last time kids take the picture for me. As you can see, these heavily colored contacts don't take well to close-ups with flash, because unless the pupil hole is exactly the right size and exactly in place, the flash will completely reveal your normal eye color in the area of the pupil hole not on the pupil. Really takes away from the effect. So, avoid close ups.

Or at least avoid close ups with flash. Without flash is a lot more forgiving. This is also how most people will see it just walking by. One of the coolest things about these contacts is that people will rarely know if you're looking at them. It's like sunglasses, except only over your eyeball.

Outdoors takes great photos with these lenses, too, and because there's proper light, you can see everything else great on the costume, too. Definitely my favorite way to get close-ups with scleras on.

+Stunning effect. People will swarm you and ask you dumb questions (you have no idea how many people believed me when I told them I sharpied my eyes), and it freaks most people out. It causes a huge stir no matter where you are.
+Bold color and very unique
+Without flash, photographs well and is great even from further away (see here for the eyes more to the distance).
+They do come in perscription at most sites (some people don't believe me when I say that)
+They last you a while if you take care of them (a year and a half and still in wearable condition).
+I actually think the darker your eyes are, the better. These are really opaque, so the only time your eye color is visible is through the opening for the pupil, and if you have a darker eye color, the less noticeable that slip it.
+...They're really cool.

+Pricey - these cost about 270$ plus shipping (luckily, these were from a site that did not add extra money for perscription).
+These are hard to wear. They're really large (see here a comparison to normal contacts and see here for how it relates to the eye). It takes a lot of practice to be able to get them in quickly (it took 45 minutes my first time - now I can do them in about 1-3 minutes).
+Uncomfortable - really, the comfort factor seems to depend on the person. I only hear horror stories about the pain they cause, and I've worn them for over 14 hours straight, no eye drops, and had only mild irritation. When they first go in and after they come out are definitely the worse, and my eyes feel really dry for a day after, but it's never really hurt.
+While these do come in perscription, there is some tunnel vision and it's hard to focus on anything, especially things close up (very hard to read). I'm not sure if the problem is the same with plano scleras.
+You have to get a specific perscription for sclera, because the base curve and diameter are much different from normal contacts. Some optometrists don't measure for sclera prescriptions and you might have to search around before you can get one.
+You're not supposed to wear them for long periods of time (3-4 hours) - since mine are a bit smaller than they ought to be (explained below with the Gamet contacts), my eyes could breathe well enough to get away from this, but if they start to hurt, be sure to take them out and rest your eyes for at least an hour!

Final Comments

I, quite frankly, love these contacts. They add a lot to a costume where the characters have very distinctive eyes. They are, however, a huge investment, especially for a costume. I don't wear these any more than about ten times during the year. And they are uncomfortable, even if not painful. I don't have any regrets about splurging on these, because the look it adds is just amazing.

"Gamet" Sclera

I bought these from 9mm SFX. They are much thicker than my Gothika contacts, and much bolder and photograph better (and more expensive). You can see them side-by-side here. This particular style comes with many names (either ones close to "Gambit" or something having to do with "vampires") and are hard to come by on many sites.

I am going to be using these, obviously, for a Gambit cosplay soon. I might also use them for Dot rebooted as a sprite for Underseas Adventure from ReBoot. Here they are in their vials.

These aren't quite so harsh under the close-up, flash circumstance as the black scleras, but I still advise against it. Again, flash is great for further away, but try to avoid flash for close-ups.

See, much better without flash. I should point out that I get my sclera about 2 mm too small so my eyes can breathe and that's probably why I don't have the discomfort others do. The trade-off is that at certain angles (a lot of certain angles), the white of my eye shows on one or both of the sides. But first glances usually hide this from most people.

Again, I'm fond of the outdoor lighting (despite how pale I get in it <_<), especially with these contacts, as they have more definition to see than the pure black ones.

+As above.
+Because these are thicker and have a design (instead of being straight black), they are much more striking than the black sclera, and still look great from further away (as seen in this).

+As above.
+The expense is even greater than the black sclera, due to the coloration. They were a bit over 300$ with shipping (these ones were a gift for Christmas, even I would have had reservations about a second pair of sclera).
+Much thicker than the other scleras, and much thicker than any other contacts I've tried on (you can see them compared to a normal contact here). They get uncomfortable faster, but after my second wearing, the discomfort was much less pronounced.
+These are even harder to see in. As well as the problems above, there's a red haze if I don't look directly forward.

Final Comments

Even more than the black sclera, I love these contacts, and I haven't even worn them with a costume yet. They are wondrously striking and stand out even from a distance. Again, they're horribly expensive and uncomfortable and I doubt I would have gotten them (or at least so soon since I got my last pair) if they weren't a surprise. I'm so glad to have them, though, and I just can't wait to get my Gambit costume completed and wear them out to a con.

These are a lot to spring for for just a costume, but if you can and are willing to, then go for it! It's adds lots of depth to the costume and looks amazing!
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Its just Anji
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I use Freshlook colors for Dark eyes and I always love the results.
This is Violet for dark eyes: Raven from Teen Titans face shot
I have brown eyes and I never have a problem with any of the freshlook for dark eyes (unfortunately the "turqoise" ones didn't work out for me T.T)
overall: A+ :3
Blue eyes for Revolutionary Girl Utena
Overall: A+ :3
Green Eyes for Urd from Oh My Goddess
I wish I had better pictures of this color, but needless to say they worked out great!
Overall A+ :3

The only problem I ever had with the contacts, is that in combination with a wig, and dehydration they do not lead to a fun day, so make sure if you are wearing contacts (and are not use to them) you get lots of water and don't wear them too long so you can give your eyes a break. I don't need prescription contacts/glasses so my first time wearing them for a con (even though I had "broken" them in) was painful!

I love the freshlook colors for dark eyes, but unfortunately due to legal reasons I need to go get a new eye exam before I can get new color contacts, so hopefully I can afford one before any new cons! lol
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Le Chevalier
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I bought contacts from Fashion Contact lenses last year, and here are my reviews of them :3

My natural eye colour:
Without flash, they're pretty much black D:

Colour tones Aqua- overall grade, C+
Colour: 2 out of 5
Comfort: 4
Visibility: 3
Price: 5
First of all, they either sent me the wrong contacts- Or the picture is VERY shopped, because these pictures are NOT the aqua as seen in the demo picture. These contacts are VERY VERY VERY SKY BLUE. In some pictures they showed up great, in others medium- In one or two it was like they weren't even there. They worked better than my plain black-brown eyes, but were totally not the aqua I wanted. However, for the price, I didn't really get ripped off or anything. The one good thing is for dark-eye contacts, they did apear natural most of the time.

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