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Question Corset tips, tricks, and hints for newbie

Hi folks! I am looking for advice on how to make a corset for a Terra Branford (FF6, Dissidia) cosplay.

This is completely new territory for me, so any tutorials that you've found helpful or lessons learned would be greatly appreciated! I'm especially interested in pattern recommendations similar to Terra's style (both commercial and how-to-make-your-own). I have done some research already and feel rather overwhelmed by the amount of info out there---would love some advice from others who have made their own corsets. Thanks!

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Are you making a corset to wear under the costume, or as the dress? I know nothing about this character, but from a quick google search she appears to be wearing more a structured mini dress than a corset.

Anywho! If a corset is still what you want to make, if you have any draping experience you can easily drape a corset pattern. Just research some images of corsets to figure out where to put the seams, and how many panels you want.

If you want to use a pattern, this is a pretty basic one you can alter:
I would just extend the panels to length you want. If you want to have a busk in the front, just cut the CF piece in half. Be sure to add enough seam allowance to be able to insert the two sides of the busk.

If you google corset supplies you'll find a lot of different websites where you can buy the specialty materials you're going to need.

As far as tips and tricks:
-Definitely use at least one layer of cotton coutil. I use it as the layer closest to the body. It's made specifically for making corsets and gives them that essential rigidness. It also keeps your grommets from ripping out of your fabric.
-I use spiral steel boning in all of my corsets. It's the most comfortable to wear and the easiest to move in. Sometimes I'll use regular steel boning for the CF or CB, but all the rest is spiral.
-When cutting your boning, leave about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch between both ends of your boning and where the finished edge of the corset will be. If it's too close, overtime it could poke through the fabric.
-Make sure you think about how you want to finish your edges before you cut out your fabric. Are you going to bind it with bias tape? Serge and hem?

Also, here's a page with a ton of helpful corset tutorials. http://www.sewcurvy.com/corsetmakingtutorials.html

I hope this helps! And good luck!
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To be honest, what she's wearing doesn't look like a corset to me at all - not even a little bit.

It just looks like a tight, slinky strapless dress (maybe it's a top and a skirt - just going from this one picture) - and while I strapless dress could indeed have boning hers is notable in that it's not rendered that way at all.

Are there other images of this character where it looks more like a corset ? If not, I would not approach it like making one unless you deliberately want to alter the character for whatever reason.
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Originally Posted by Kelley View Post
To be honest, what she's wearing doesn't look like a corset to me at all - not even a little bit.

It just looks like a tight, slinky strapless dress (maybe it's a top and a skirt - just going from this one picture) - and while I strapless dress could indeed have boning hers is notable in that it's not rendered that way at all.
Yeah, that red garment isn't a corset. It's a fitted dress that looks as though it's made from a knit fabric. You can see the bottom hem poking out from under the sashes around her waist. It's also very apparent that this costume is a short dress when playing as her in the Dissidia games.

This is her Dissidia FMV rendering, where she's even got tassel fringe along the bottom of the dress:

There are a few variations on how that costume looks when you go back to FF6 and the original Amano artwork. Sometimes Amano draws it as a super-short dress, other times he draws it as a leotard. In game, her sprite looks like it's given the leotard treatment, but the FMVs in the PS1 port (if I remember correctly) had her in a short dress.

Now, one could "cheat" with this costume and split it up into a separate top and skirt, structuring the top as a boned garment and just hiding the separation with all the sashes she wears around the waist. But, there are a couple issues for accuracy's sake.

First, the top and skirt would need to be made out of the same fabric, meaning it may not be practical to do the top as a functional corset anyway. (I know some Terra cosplayers who did make corsets, but these corsets were separate pieces worn UNDER the red dress.)

Second, there is NO lacing whatsoever on Terra's back in her Dissidia model. It's pretty easy to see if you play as her in an arena with high walls, like Kefka's Tower or the Temple of Fiends. She magically flies up the side of the wall, giving the player a clear shot of the back of her dress underneath the cape.

This isn't to say that OP can't go with some totally different look if that's what she really wants to do. If she really wants it to be a corset, that's her prerogative to change. But for purposes of accuracy, it's not necessary to go that route.
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