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Maya Fey Help - How can I make the pendent? (+ hair accessories)

Hi! So I was planning on cosplaying as Maya Fey from Ace Attorney but it's the first time I'm trying to make everything myself (and I haven't found the accessories I'm looking for on the Internet anyways).
What I will have to make are the (and bear with me here since English is not my first language) purple spheres (?) she has in her hair and the white ones + the magatama (the 9-shaped orange thing) for the necklace. What's the cheapest way I can make them without them looking horrible? I would love them to be semi-translucent (like real gems or something) but opaque is good as well. Also, how do you think I should stick the purple spheres to my wig? That I have no clue how to do.
Here, have a picture: http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/phoenix_wright/art-003.jpg
Thank you~
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For the necklace I think you're in luck, those beads are all either readily available to buy or easy to make. For the pearls you could just buy some actual pearl beads, but if you can't find them big enough (which admittedly could be a problem) you can easily make beads out of clay. FIMO has a couple nice "effect" options that come with some sparkle already, or you could also use some gloss gel on top of a normal or sparkly clay.

I'll admit I assumed you could just buy a magatama bead, and you can, but not in the right color or size. I think that will also be a really easy shape to make yourself using the materials I already listed.

Regarding the hair beads I've never put something like that in my own hair or wigs, but I don't see why a regular bead wouldn't work. Something like this or this could be what you're looking for, and just paint and varnish as you like. There's also hair beads you can buy on Etsy, mostly meant for dreads but they should work here I'd imagine. It'll take some digging on their to find the right style though, most were very different shapes or colors.
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I actually made a Maya Fey cosplay for my little sister
We first made the magatama out of cardboard and air dry clay, which didn't work out very well. When I made my magatama for my Mia cosplay, I made it with sculpey and it turned out very nicely
I'll be using sculpey again when I remake the magatama for AA6 Maya. I used the satin gloss as the finish and I only needed one of the small packs of the sculpey and still had a bunch left over.

For the beads I would recommend just buying beads like the user above suggested- since it might be hard to find the smaller rectangular-ish beads in between the large white round ones, you can make those out of sculpey as well.

For the hair beads you can paint pre-made beads like suggested above, although since the ones that old her topknot and the end of her hair are slightly oblong you can make those yourself out of sculpey if you're particular or just buy round beads if you can't find ones of those shapes online and don't want to make them. I haven't come up with a good way to attach them yet other than just gluing them to the wig :/

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