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Katarina (LoL) cosplay help?

*Warning: The first paragraph is more of an introduction to the post. If you want to skip to the point, read the last paragraph!*

Hi guys,
I'm reletively new to the community and to making my own cosplays (this is my first one) but, after New York Comic Con ended, I decided that for the next year, I want to create my own. So for the coming NYCC I am planning to cosplay Katarina from League of Legends.
I started looking around at other cosplays and costumes to get ideas as to how other people did it. I found one cosplay done by spcatsasha
I decided I wanted to make my costume similar while combineding elements from the original skin. Here are a few of her pictures:
After deciding this, I was talking about some stitches to use and where the seams were and everything, and I slowly realized...

I have no idea how to really make this come to life

First off, since I don't have fabric right now, I am starting with making the weapons.
I made the kunais on her belt/pants but, I need help figuring out how to make the larger swords and to make really... the rest of the costume.

Any help is loved and appreciated!
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im trying to create katarina from LOL too! please share any good info/tips you get on how to go about this cosplay!! thanks!!
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Unread 07-12-2015, 08:37 PM   #3
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Hey, it's cool that you're deciding to create your first cosplay and it's totally okay to be confused. But in my opinion, Katarina seems like a complicated cosplay to create as a first cosplay. With a lot of effort, care, and time it can be done, though!
First off, if you haven't look around on CosplayTutorial.com, there are tutorials for beginning cosplayers and also great tutorials on how to make larger swords. (You can use foam/paper mache/expanding foam/etc.)
For the outer crop jacket, you can find crop jacket patterns on the internet or just find one of your own jackets and use it as a pattern (just make the sleeves shorter and crop the belly off). I'm not very good with fabric, but something like pleather seems like a good idea (I dunno if it's easy to sew for a beginner though...). Then, like on spcatsasha's cosplay, attach/glue on a belt on the chest of the jacket.
In spcatsasha's cosplay, she just used a black brassiere/bralette instead of a breast plate. It's literally a black band of fabric with elastic sewn on at its simplest, but if you want to create a breast plate, it can be made of craft foam/paper mache. (There are tutorials on the cosplaytutorial.com place for breast plates too btw).
Her spiked belt can just really be a belt you have with small cones glued on them. Or you can buy some studded belts at a store or something.
Katarina's pants are just leather skinny jeans so you can just find a pair of skinny jeans and use them as a pattern. I'm not sure how comfortable pleather skinny jeans can get though... Maybe find some at a thrift store??? Then just sew some pleather bands on her thighs and put the kunai in them.
and for her gauntlets/gloves, it depends on how you want to take them, I guess. You can buy some black elbow-length gloves and chop of the fingers or sew some fingerless gloves yourself (many patterns/tutorials on the internet). And for her arm armor, it can be made with craft foam/paper mache once again. Then just glue on some pleather straps and you can slip them off and on your arms. Any details such as spikes and patterns can be figured out with creativity or just more craft foam.
And for Katarina's boots, maybe find some black boots or create some black boot covers over some older shoes you have.

Okay, sorry for the long post haha, but I hope I covered everything and helped a lot! Good luck on your cosplay! <3

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I made my blades with foam board slabs with lolly sticks in between ti give structure, the handle is done the same with the hilt made from a eva foam, then all this was covered for an eventual paint.
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