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Unread 09-03-2012, 11:30 PM   #16
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Friday Night: Lucca from Chrono Trigger
Saturday: The Great and Powerful Trixie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Sunday: Trixie and Carmen Sandiego
2012 Cons!


Cosplaying as:
The Great and Powerful Trixie [MLP]
Lucca [Chrono Trigger]
and super secret cosplay of doom!

Working on:
Aveline Vallen [Dragon Age 2]
Maria Hill [Marvel Cinematic Universe]
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Unread 09-03-2012, 11:35 PM   #17
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Hey all! Just curious if you got my photo at all on Saturday or Sunday. On Saturday I was a Gothic Victorian vampire (Black attire with cravat, puffy cuffs, makeup, fangs, a rose, etc)

Then I was Ichigo from Bleach Sunday afternoon (There were two Asian guys who did Ichigo and me, I was the white guy)

Also, if you went to the rave Sunday night... Fun fact: I'm actually DJ BleuWulf too! If you have some photos or videos from my set of the stage, the crowd, or just people having fun, please direct me to them.

Thanks, looking forward to seeing you all next year.

-Koru / DJ BleuWulf
Anime is a lifestyle.

Cosplays for Ikkicon 2012:

Friday - Gothic Aristocrat - Original Work

Saturday - Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach

Sunday - TBD -

"The strongest people in the world are not those who have worked extensively to gain success by avoiding hardships, but the individuals who can keep restrained the mental anguish of extensive failures." -Koru
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Unread 09-03-2012, 11:35 PM   #18
It's the shiny~
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Friday: Shizuo from Durarara. I was essentially propless, but I had a cigarette, and an Izaya with me. (SO DESCRIPTIVE I KNOW). RaveCasual!Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts, I had a Vexen with me.
Saturday: Gamzee from Homestuck (I was the one in the panel as well), Sirius Black from Harry Potter (was, again, the one in the panel), and Rufus ShinRa from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ( I was at the dating game and had a Reno with me ).
Sunday: Sanae Hanekoma/Mr. H from The World Ends With You
Monday: Shizuo yet again. My Izaya wore leopard ears and a tail.
Rufus loves his Turks.

Currently Planning: OniCon
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Unread 09-03-2012, 11:50 PM   #19
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Hey guys! I was:

Friday: Neo Queen Serenity (was with a King Endymion and the Starlights) from Sailor Moon

Saturday Morning: Prisoner Usagi (was with a Tuxedo Kamen) from Sailor Moon
Saturday Afternoon: Usagi Tsukino (in her high school uniform) from Sailor Moon

Sunday Morning: Tsukiumi from Sekirei
Sunday Afternoon: Super Sailor Moon (with Tuxedo Kamen - and the Starlights briefly) from Sailor Moon

If no one knows what any of those look like, I can find pictures =)

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Upcoming Conventions

Anime Matsuri
Friday: Usagi's High School Uniform Saturday: Prisoner Usagi Sunday: Usagi's Junior High School Uniform

Friday: Nico Robin from One Piece Saturday: Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty Sunday: Chii from Chobits

Plus: A-Kon, Anime EXPO, Sailor Moon Con, AnimeFEST, & ANT
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Unread 09-04-2012, 12:10 AM   #20
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Looking for pics of my bf and I as Marceline and Marshall Lee from Adventure Time. We were walking around on Saturday. Here's a pic of us for reference. https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphot...39816871_n.jpg
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Unread 09-04-2012, 01:31 AM   #21
Princess Tofu
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I'm looking for a few pictures! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I was Fem!Shizuo with a huge vending machine. I also had a Izaya with me.

Reference photo: http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/f...bix33/da-8.jpg
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Unread 09-04-2012, 03:22 AM   #22
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I was Dr. Who (vers. 1 - Hartnell era) all day Saturday and was in the SuperWhoLock shoot as well....
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Unread 09-04-2012, 08:44 AM   #23
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Friday: Izaya from Durarara!!, I had some red contacts and a Shizuo with me with a Celty crossing sign. (We also had a Celty with us off and on/ kept getting separated)

Saturday: In the morning was the Spirit from Soul Eater with the blades on my back and arms, then in the afternoon was the Rail Tracer from Baccano!, (I had a Chane with me).

Sunday: Sanzo from Saiyuki, This was the only group I don't have any photos for on my camera and don't know anyone personally who took photos (though I do know we were stopped for photos several times) If anyone can link me to any of these I would really, really appreciate it.

Monday: Izaya again u_u;
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Unread 09-04-2012, 11:59 AM   #24
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Blair (Soul Eater)
Zatanna (Young Justice/DC)
Raven (Teen Titans)

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New This Year
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Unread 09-04-2012, 12:40 PM   #25
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Did anyone get a pic of the Saiyuki group I was the Gojyo
2013 cosplay
Arc - FF3
Denmark - Hetalia
Mable - Gravity Falls
Salsa - Eternal Sonata
Goyjo - Saiyuki
Hatsuharu Sohma - Fruits Baskets
Ezra - Fairy Tale
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Unread 09-04-2012, 12:42 PM   #26
Tia Harribel
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Anime fest 2012

rying to find my Cosplays Animefest 2012

Hey everyone! I am trying to find my cosplays in picture form. I cosplayed a few people actually

1. Korra season 2 : From Legend of Korra

2. Pepper Potts (I had a Tony Stark with the Grand Prix racer jacket from the second movie with me) : Marvel

3. Oerba Yun Fang : From Final Fantasy 13

If you have my pictures I would love to see them!!!
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Unread 09-04-2012, 02:11 PM   #27
Mage of Space
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Friday: Eric Slingby (with Alan Humphries)
Friday Night: Fem Dave Strider (with Fem John Egbert)
Saturday: 4 Chords Gamzee Makara (with 4 Chords Tavros Nitram)
Sunday: Young Lily Evans (with Young James Potter)
Sunday Night: Fem Dave Strider (with Fem John Egbert)
Monday: Fem Dave Strider (with Fem John Egbert)

I guess I should post some stuff to help identify us, too! To my knowledge we were the only Eric and Alan, so I think we were pretty easy to spot. In 4C Gamzee I had a tattoo sleeve and a crab tattoo on my hand, I had violet contacts in, and my Tavros was walking along with me instead of in a wheelchair. As Young Lily I was wearing a Gryffindor cardigan and grey skirt with red tights and a maroonish wig, and I was the Fem Dave with the kind of long blonde, curly wig, wearing black (and red, on Monday) floral tights, red Converse, and a red polka dot hair bow.

Any pictures you guys have would be awesome!
most recent previous con: mini a-kon 2014
as: meulin leijon from homestuck

next planned con: animefest 2014
potentially as: nonon jakuzure from kill la kill,
amethyst from steven universe,
miltank gijinka from pokemon,
eridan ampora from homestuck
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Unread 09-04-2012, 07:26 PM   #28
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Friday and Saturday: Kotone/Lyra from Pokemon
I also had a Brock, Leaf, White/Touko, Brendan, Dawn and a bug trainer with me most of the time as well.

Sunday: Din from Legend of Zelda
I was usually with a Farore and Nayru as well, but I think I was the only Din there at all.

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Unread 09-04-2012, 07:31 PM   #29
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Originally Posted by Viverra View Post
Friday: Rarity from MLP. I had a knee length white dress with white wedges. Changed into N7 Armor FemShep from Mass Effect later in the day.
Saturday & Sunday: N7 Armor FemShep from Mass Effect.
I think this is you as FemShep. My Alpaca was happy to temporarily join your squad, lol.

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Unread 09-04-2012, 08:14 PM   #30
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Saturday: Ulquiorra from Bleach

Any pictures would be greatly appreciated! ^_^
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