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Unread 01-18-2012, 01:08 AM   #10711
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Kojiro: I've considered it. Doof is my favorite character on the show. I just love silly, campy villains!

Lady: I actually had to buy a new wig because it became too tangled. I thought "hey, I have long hair. How hard could it be?" And that was my newb mistake. I'm not too upset though because it wasn't the color I expected it to be and I am able to rework it into a Elyon Brown wig.

I bought fabric for my Eilonwy cosplay but it's not the right color. In some shots her blouse looked dark blue but I realized it's purple in most of the shots. I really like the fabric I chose and think it might look better. Should I buy a more accurate fabric or keep the blue? BTW, it's a much darker blue than in the pic. It's almost black.

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inconspicuous-- I'd stick with what you've got. I just looked at a whole bunch of pics and it's so dark that it's hard to make out-- some it looks purple, some blue, but mostly just dark. I think you picked the perfect fabric.
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The only material I use for making my costumes are bought shirts (I'm not a professional sewer, and the sewing machine is too loud for my sensitive ears to tolerate.. >.<) and sheets.. lol.. Very reliable things..

I still need to get a navy blue sheet to finish my Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service.. I got the movie for Christmas and had totally forgotten over the years that it was Disney who made the English dubbed version, I remember watching it on Disney channel back around 1999 - and Debbie Reynolds was in it, too.. Awesome.. and yes, Jiji the cat is ready to go..
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Aurora ~ What kind of detangler did you use?

Lime ~ Yeah that's what I have mine on now, its still a tad short but taller then the chair i had it clamped to before.

Inconspic ~ i think that fabric will work just fine :3

Someone on facebook suggested I used Motions Oil Sheen & Conditioning Spray, Ive had some but it makes my wig feel gross....has anyone else here used this stuff?

Also would it be terrible if I ended up doing a braid on this instead of just letting it hang. I know it'd be inaccurate to the Designer doll but I'm terrified of what the outside world will do to it if I just let it loose. The whole event (that I'm running) is going to be outside too.

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lady sasha, I wear mine down, it's 5ft. Though mine has the fiber optic clips in it. Maybe if you do something similar to mine it will keep it under control. I have stips of batting to hide the black battery packs about every 6 in horizontal to the hair. The clips go through the batting, pick a tiny bit of hair and back through to clip. It's really hidden and I clip the ends of the strips into circles, so it pulls the wig to hide the inside, so it is a tube of hair with lights in it for a lack of a better way to put it. I use revlon synthetic hair conditioner and detangler, but it barely tangles. I braid it when it's not on for storage, and tie ribbons in intervals when I'm in my car so it doesn't get bad.
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Inconspicious- The fabric looks good. I say stick with it and you'll be fine.

Sasha- I use Loreal tangle tamer for kids. It does leave a little residue, but then again I used a whole bottle on my wig to detangle the sucker. If you have to I doubt anyone will care to much if the wig is braided. I was indoors all night and didn't have to deal with things like wind so, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Basicaly today was like Christmas at work. We got in Mother Gothel dolls and Maximus for the dolls to ride. We also got the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty. They come all three in one box like the 11 1/2 in dolls. It's a new line called Villans and Friends and I'm so excited to see what else we get. We've also had Lottie from Princess and the Frog (which we need more of), King Triton, Genie, Ursula, and the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. Good reason for you doll lovers to head to your local Disney Store. I got Mother Gothel, King Triton and the three fairies. We also got Pascal back in and if anyone is interested pm me.

No progress today. Work zapped all my energy. Maybe tomorow I cna figure out what to do about my Rapunzel.
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sasha- I have used the motions but to me it helps prevent tangles rather than untangle o.< and i agree it does leave it a bit greasy. A friend recommended some silicone lubricant they sell at the dollar tree. She wore it all day plus SLEPT in it and it wasn't tangled at ALL. I Was like >8 WITCHCRAFT. It does leave it oily and you kinda can see the oilyness a tad bit

ALSO. You guys know how I jumped in the pool in my Rapunzel?
How would I wash the top? It's interfaced and boned so I don't think I should throw it in the washer XD
I wasnt planning on ever using it but my boss wants to borrow it and I'm just selling it to him XP
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lkd-- I hand wash stuff in the bathtub all the time. 1" of water, a tsp of laundry soap. Swish it around a little, pull it out, drain the tub. Throw it back in, add another inch of water, swish, drain, repeat until there's no more soap in the water. Then put it on a hanger from the shower faucet. If it's really heavy from the water, you can gently roll it in a fluffy towel before hanging, but then gently shake it before you hang it. A few times during the drying process, you can give it a shake to keep wrinkles from forming. This is how I do all of my hand-washing.
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Beni- Hope you get it! I can't wait to see what it looks like. I'm hoping to buy two sets eventually - one to use for her necklace and earrings and then another for her crown and some details on the costume. (I wish they were buy it nows though. I hate bidding. it always worries me!)

Lady Sasha- I say you make it into a braid. I'm sure no one will care, and it'll keep you from being frustrated. If you add some nice ribbon, sparkles, or other accessories to the braid it could tie it in perfectly!

Aurora's Heart- On wow! I love buying dolls... I'm going to have to go online to see if I can get any of those since I don't have a disney store near me. Do you know if they're still selling the extra clothing for the dolls? I like those too.

LKD- depending on the fabric and boning I'd said its fine to throw into the washer. I've just used standard fabric, boning, and interfacing from JoAnns and I always throw them in the washer (warm cold water on gentle cycle) and into the dryer and its always fine! If your worried, trying hand washing it though. (and that's awesome that your boss wants to buy it!)

Well, in cosplay news today my Tinkerbell dress came in. I LOVE it. It needs to be cut and fitted a bit more but its great quality. I'm going to order my wings for Tinkerbell and Rosetta today. Then, once it comes, i'll have everything done!
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I finally started work on Meg (again) today, i got the two main panels cut out and pinned together roughly on my mannequin- just gotta add the straps and hem it up and everything else XD!
IN PROGRESS: Ariel sail rags or possibly seafoam dress (for MNSSHP), and Femme Dean Winchester (Winter LFCC)
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Hey girls, so I have a question that's for my friend. She's working on Designer!Snow white and we're having a really hard time finding a wig. She found a perfect one but it's like $70. We're trying to find something under $40 that can be here in less than a month. Any suggestions?
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Thanks you guys, well the lady cancelled on the party so he doesn't need the costume ._.
-flips table- XD Here's hoping someone calls for a rapunzel party soon again.

But thanks =D I'm such a newb at washing ^^;

sasha- I'll look some up X3 Nothing to doo~ Links in a bit~
I lies, mother created things to do Dx sorry. Maybe try a medium wig and made HUGE curls and pin them up on the wig back?
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Originally Posted by Benihime78 View Post

Biscuit- Is this the pattern you were thinking of? http://www.ebay.com/itm/McCalls-Patt...em7 46a895e50

sadly that is not the one I was thinking about ;_;
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Arrrgh it makes me sick that the new Tangled dolls still aren't online! I am dying for Gothel, and I want the new wedding Rapunzel too. People were getting them at DL weeks ago and we still have nothing.
We have no Disney store either, so I'm at the mercy of online shopping...if they ever show up.
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inconspicuous- I'd also stay with what you have. Not only does the color change in various shots, but because the character is so obscure, people will be more excited to see an Elinowy than anything else~

Sasha- If you put too much in, you will will feel gross, but that goes for any product. I swear by it and it has saved my Rapunzel wig more than once. You can buy in it the ethnic hair care aisle for a pretty cheap price.

korii- I won the auction! I bid over 24 hours before it ended since I wasn't sure if I would have the chance later. Even if I hadn't won, finding a new set would have been easy. Now to wait until next week for it to arrive....

biscuit- I'm sorry . Do you know what brand it was?

Next Con: ?????

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(feel free to add- I love seeing other people's work).
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