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Unread 08-27-2012, 11:50 AM   #1
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Feel Good Compliments from Cosplay?

I was inspired by a post I saw in one of the threads here about how we should have a feel good thread to talk about good comments that we've received as as cosplayers.

So, tell me about something someone has said about your cosplay(s) that made your day, made you feel good about yourself, and just made you realize that doing cosplay is the right thing for you.

For example, I'm fairly new to the cosplay scene, so anyone who looks at my costume and guesses the right character makes my heart soar. I feel like running a million miles and screaming to the skies that my lack of sewing skills and endless hours of hard work has produced something that is recognizable to my normal society. I've also been called sexy in my Jill Valentine cosplay. For a tiny, flatchested girl like myself; managing to capture Jill's sexiness made me so proud of myself!

Please don't feel as if you need to be modest. Yes, this thread might get a little shallow, but please see this thread as a way of sharing good experiences instead of showing off. Look back and share good experiences that you've had!
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Sarah Charade
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It made me feel pretty good to get a lot of little kids rubbernecking as they walked past me in my fem Iron Man costume this weekend. Some of them had Iron Man t-shirts on too, and the fact that they recognized my character and got excited even though I'm a girl, was a special feeling. I didn't get any rude comments for genderbending at all.

And also a guy who got weirdly very excited to take a picture with me in my raver Sailor Mars outfit. It's obviously nowhere near accurate (it's a tutu and furry leg warmers), and I saw other Sailor Scouts in much better cosplays (mine was originally intended for a rave party a few years ago. It's just so comfortable and still anime-related that I pull it out for casual con-wear) but he was still really excited to pose with me. That was cool, because I normally don't get any attention for an obviously not-really-cosplay at other cons. I started thinking of it as my flying under the radar kind of cosplay, but FanExpo is so huge and actually full of normally non-cosplayers that I guess it was still novel.
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Love Way Connection
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Whenever someone tells me I make a hot "-insert character name here-" or they tell me "WOW YOU'RE THE BEST -insert character name here- I'VE SEEN"

I actually went out on a photoshoot outing with a couple of friends a month ago and we were at a park to take some photos. There were a ton of other parties going on and so a lot of people were running around in ballgowns, fancy dresses, or tuxedos getting their photo taken around the park too. Some of them actually came up to us and asked if they could take a photo with us. They didn't know the characters we were cosplaying, but they said we looked really awesome so that was a great experience for me. ~

Honestly makes all of the time and money I've invested into my costumes all worth while just from hearing those compliments and people wanting photos of you ;p
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The little kids always warm my heart. When they see you and yell your character name is BIGGEST compliment.
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Quinn the Shiki
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My first cosplay ever was Grell Sutcliff, and it was pretty bad. My tie was wrong, my gloves were mismatched, my wig was crap and I hadn't had the time to paint my orange chainsaw red. Apparently I was the only Grell at the whole con with a chainsaw though, and I remember this Belarus cosplayer coming up to me and saying "You're the only Grell I've seen all day with a chainsaw, that automatically makes you the best one here." and gave me a hug. It was a pretty Shiz cosplay, but that made me feel better. Especially since a random Undertaker had started screaming at me that morning.
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Originally Posted by mokulen22 View Post
The little kids always warm my heart. When they see you and yell your character name is BIGGEST compliment.
I completely agree. The best compliment I got on my Ryo-ohki cosplay was from a little girl who was thrilled to see both Sasami (my friend) and Ryo-ohki. She was so excited to get a picture with us, but it really made OUR day to see her reaction ^_^
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My first cosplay was Kankuro and I got SO many compliments on it at the first con I wore it to, and I was so proud of myself >.< (Especially since it was a chopped up hoodie and a little strategic face paint.)

Everyone at the last con I was at complimented me on my Soul costume and I was so excited! One guy asked me where I got my headband, I was like, "Um...Walmart." And then I explained to him afterwards that it just a painted sock with felt, some more paint, and glue, and he was absolutely amazed. When you could see my mouth ful of sharp teeth, I had so many people, after taking my picture, be like, "STAY RIGHT THERE! I GOTTA SHOW MY FRIEND THIS!" Someone even told me it was the best Soul cosplay they've ever seen. So as someone who makes cosplay, it was a rather uplifting day!

Also, being that Ryoga Hibiki is an old character I don't get recognized too often, and at the last con, only one guy did recognize me, but he RAVED over my costume, and asked me how I'd done this, how did I make that, etc. Once again, for someone to like one of my homemade cosplays that much, well, I was pretty happy!

Also, I had these two girls at a con who LOVED my Luffy costume a lot and were shouting at me from across a huge room "LUFFY! I WANT A PICTURE WITH YOU!"
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One of my biggest ones was the amount of positive reaction I got to Gakuko. Some commented on how pretty it was while others were excited to see someone cosplaying Gakuko.

Another would have to be when I was cosplaying Minako once, I spotted a Minato walking in my direction and I called out to him. He rushes over, saying I was the first Minako he had seen all day. ^_^
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Originally Posted by .PapercutSenvy.
...You are now dubbed the Persona ninja.

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An Austria told me I was extremely attractive. Not sure if complimenting cosplay or self...
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said my cosplay was "professional". This was big for me since it was at Anime Expo

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I've cosplayed as Rinoa for the last two years and my boyfriend cosplayed as Squall (both from Final Fantasy) for the first time at a con a few weeks ago. The first guy that saw us said how happy he was to see us both because the characters and the game meant so much to him. He even had the logo tattooed on his arm, haha. We did an extra creative pose for him, heh. Another guy came up to us and told us how happy he was that we did Squall and Rinoa because he thought they were severely underrated characters.
I did an original faun/satyr costume, and I was really happy when people could make jokes about my costume. A lot of people said 'When's the last time you shaved?!', 'I bet you're really hot!' (with a layer of leggings, foam, and fur in the middle of the summer...you could say I was a little hot xD) and I got a 'Woah, it's Narnia up in here!' One person said that she had a friend that makes a lot of faun legs and mine were better than hers- I had never made them before. So that was an immense boost.
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i did what i have to do
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I actually had someone stop me at my last con specifically to tell me that I'd made their day, and that I was the most accurate Gary they'd ever seen. That was pretty incredible, not gonna lie, and it made my entire con let alone my day.
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When someone says you're the best ---- I've ever seen always makes me happy. When I cosplayed Zoro last I got a complement giving me props because I actually had three swords like you're supposed to.

And then one even though it was generic, but when I met James Marsters at an autograph session he said he liked my costume which made me smile. Even though he probably said that all lot at that convention.

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I have been lucky to have quite a few really awesome compliments! I think one of my favorite things though is walking through a convention and literally turning heads. It is thrilling experience (for me at least) to see the wave that occasionally happens when I walk through a crowd and the line of comments and people turning to look. It is probably because I sometimes use duct tape and other unconvensional materials, but it really is nice to see that something I have made makes other people say things like woah what is that, thats so cool etc =)

The other compliment that is the absolute best is when I sew an obscure cosplay and get almost no recognition and then one or two people stop me and tell me that they can tell how much work I put into the cosplay and how great it looks. The one person taking the time to take a picture or compliment me completely makes my day!
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Lost In Translation
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I think these guys were trying to troll me, but it was so appropriate that I loved it anyway. I came off stage still in costume as Dilandau from Vision of Escaflowne (TV series) and two photographers came up to me and went "Wait, you're a GIRL?"

(For those not familiar with the character, Dilandau is a male who was transformed from a female and periodically reverts to his/her original gender during the series...typically after a psychological breakdown, which I'd just re-enacted on stage.)
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