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Unread 08-17-2014, 08:54 PM   #1
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Making my first costume

Hiii everybody,

To start things off, last night I went to Anime Fest for the first time and it is absolutely amazing to see how much work these people put in to representing their favourite characters. While I had a blast, there was only one thing that bugged me; Only one person had a Nightwing costume and it was one of those cheap ones you could buy for it. While the mask was great and it was awesome that he totally went through all that effort to bring his favourite character to life, I decided at that moment that I wanted to go next year as Nightwing. Having searched through the depths of the interwebz for a good costume and coming up with only references and nothing worth shelling out the money for; I've decided to make it myself. Having read most of his comics and knowing what it is he actually wears, along with having the athletic body type, it doesn't seem like the worst idea.

Though, I am stuck at the base material right now for his suit. I'm having trouble deciding between shelling out the money for a rubber catsuit, which has the sleek, gleam that his does or going for the dive suit, while it looks like it may be more comfortable and easier to work with, it wouldn't be a realistic translation for his actual costume. Would someone be willing to give me the pointers necessary and tell me the cons/pros of either fabric?

I'll probably stick with this thread till the next year with updates on the progress I make but before I can start, there are many questions I would love to ask the veterans of cosplay.

Thank you.
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Congrats on your first steps toward cosplay.

Things you want to consider when picking material:
-Weather. You want to use rubber? That's gonna be pretty hot. Hot and sweaty.
-I might suggesting reading up on the materials you're considering. See what experiences cosplayers are saying about working with the material. You don't want to put all your money toward a base material you can't work with.
-Also consider what you have to add on. How will the fabric you're getting for the details look against the rubber catsuit or the dive suit?
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You can always mix materials, don't forget that. I've seen some wonderful superhero suits done with leatherette, vinyl, athletic mesh, and spandex. It's all about how you pattern it out. Doing an apparel pleather will give you the shiny and smooth look/feel, and you can use a stretchy fabric at the joints of the suit to aid in mobility.
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Unread 08-18-2014, 02:22 PM   #4
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Thanks for the tips, Hobbi and Kandell! You both raise very good points. Honestly, I hadn't put much thought into how overbearing a rubber suit could be during the summer Dx I did do a quick look through of other experiences people have had donning a rubber suit, but there was little to no info immediately available from a cosplay perspective. That was simply a quick look through though.

See, here is the suit I was planning on basing most of the outfit off of but with his blue arm stripes:


http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/...ightwin g.jpg

I planned on using a blue patent leather or vinyl to make his suit's pattern. Here were some of the base materials that would of been immediately available should I go with the rubber:

http://www.wholesalehalloweencostume...081 7215209:s


Sorry for such a noob response, I'm really not entirely too sure where to begin this process :c
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Thanks for the speedy replies Hobbit and Kandell, taking the time to guide a noob on the inner workings of cosplay is very generous of you both. To be honest though, I hadn't exactly given much thought as to how my body would respond to rubber during a Texas summer xD Would either of you happen to have any experience with latex? I'm fine with using a dive suit too, but the rubber or latex material has the gleam necessary for translating his suit to irl.

I have searched up on people's experiences with such materials but each time I do a quick google search, I find more products I could use instead or guides on how to make the suit itself Dx

But for the blue wing and arm stripes, I thought vinyl or patented leather would look great against a rubber/latex base.

Here are some of the products I'm eye balling right now and I will post reference pictures to the Nightwing costumes I plan on referencing during this process:


http://www.wholesalehalloweencostume...081 7215209:s



And here are the reference pictures I'm working off of:


http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/...ightwin g.jpg

Kandell, do you have any experience with the materials you listed or the ones I'm going for? :3
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for superhero suits, most people use a four way stretch vinyl for that shiny texture or a spandex if you want a more matte texture. spandex has more of the "dive suit" texture you mentioned.

in my opinion, vinyl is actually easier to work with than spandex because it's thicker and moves less while you sew it, while spandex has that tendency to curl in under itself and get stretched out if you aren't careful.

other things to consider is that stretch vinyl is more expensive than spandex and that it'll definitely get warmer-- the wrong side of vinyl is a thin layer of spandex so it's not uncomfortable, but all the heat will get trapped inside the suit in hot weather.

if you want to mix fabrics, it's possible to mix stretch vinyl with stretch pleather or spandex. it's also possible to use a matte vinyl for parts of it and a shinier vinyl for details.

make sure that you buy a four way stretch fabric (2 way won't be enough) and use a stretch stitch though! that's the most important part for whichever fabric you go for.
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