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Unread 07-08-2013, 12:00 PM   #361
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Name: I prefer to be called Yuki (though it's not my real name) :3
General Location: Illinois
Age: 18
Self Summary: My name's Yuki. I'm an 18 year old soon-to-be college student. I'm a happily taken bisexual female (so no flirting, please!). I'm very into supporting the LGBT community, so if that's not something you agree with, kindly move along. I'm very introverted, which makes it rather hard to form lasting friendships, but I'm willing to put in the effort if you are. My shyness makes things awkward. A lot. And I hate it. But despite that, I can and WILL defend myself and my friends when I need to. My friends are like family to me. I will die for them if I have to. Oh, and I have MAJOR trust issues, due to being hurt a lot in the past.. But once you've gained my trust, I will always be here for you, no matter what. I will never turn my back on a friend, if you are willing to put up with a crazy, shy, introverted freak.. ^^; I'm a very artistic person, and drawing/painting is my passion. I'm more likely to give the people I love a homemade gift (like a drawing, or a painting) than to buy them things, simply because I feel it's more meaningful. I may not talk much, but that's because I'm a listener I don't judge anyone, so if you ever need someone to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on, I'm here for you.
Likes: Anime/manga (some of my favorites are Naruto, Tokyo Mew Mew, Shugo Chara, Strawberry Panic, Wolf's Rain, Death Note, Vampire Knight, Black Rock Shooter, and Pokemon...though there are plenty more), cosplay, Japanese culture, music, art, yaoi/yuri, shoujo ai/shonen ai, singing, dancing, classic Disney movies, horror flicks, animals, MLP FIM, video games, sweets, making people happy
Dislikes: rude/mean people, liars, cheaters, backstabbers, disrespecting others, peer pressure, judgmental people, fighting, animal cruelty, bullies, hurting others, excuses, injustice, the word ‘moist’, negative (non-constructive) criticism
What I'm looking for: The power of FRIENDSHIP!!!! ....No, but seriously, I really would like to make some new friends. It'd be really nice to have friends who share the same interests as me (especially if they're in my area...but they don't necessarily have to be). ^-^ I would really prefer girls (I'm in desperate need of a good female friend...I'm tired of being surrounded by guys. X3 I also have a hard time trusting most guys...it's a long story), but if a guy wants to be friends, I won't turn him away. I'm not THAT mean.. ^^;

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Unread 07-08-2013, 01:34 PM   #362
Kumiko Akatsuki
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  1. Kumiko Akatsuki or micci (Mickey)
  2. I live in Michigan
  3. I am currently 19
  4. I am female, I tend to be very socially awkward but am really talkative over video chats and Instant messages. I love cosplaying and sewing. I'm a tomboy till it comes to cosplay, as well as a book worm currently in college going for web design and working part time. I need to get in the habit of going out of my comfort zone. Also I plan stuff way out such as pricing. I am dense and can't put myself into other people's shoes as well as I'm blunt at times. Always looking for more cosplays to do.
  5. Likes: cosplay, anime, friends, family, romance books, fast food, supernatural, roses, conventions, costumes, music, roleplay (text-based), ghost stories, movies, protective people, gory films or animes, books, off-roading with quad, websites, and etc.
  6. Dislikes:bees, some fruits most vegetables, girly girl stuff, being bored, spiders, snakes, bully's, back stabbing, animal abuse, alcohol, drugs (non-prescription), make-up (unless for cosplay), and etc.
  7. Cosplaying friends as well as maybe a guy who is into cosplaying- long distance matters not I like talking about cosplay construction to just in general
Itachi Uchiha retired
Lucy ~Elfen Lied (first episode) {Completed} (need to fix helmet)
Ririchiyo demon form
Senbonzakura Rin kagamine

Shuto-Con 2013
Lucy Helmet version

Lucy helmet version (Before it broke)
Ririchiyo (Inu x boku ss) Demon Form {bought working on weapon}

Shuto-Con 2014
Duela Dent
N7 Armor
(maybe another ?)

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Unread 07-08-2013, 07:11 PM   #363
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Name: Everyone calls me Ichigo (because I love strawberries not because of Bleach), my real name is Megan.
Location: Ohio, basically in the middle of no where. Let's say I live close to Richmond, Indiana. It's way more known of a city compared to where I live. >.>
Summary: Let's see, I'm female, 22 years old though people never believe me. I win all the time at the guess your age games at theme parks! I'm pretty shy at first but once you get to know me I tend to be a chatterbox. I cosplay a lot, I'm always making a new costume but sewing is like stress release for me and I just love it. I work at Jo-Ann Fabrics in Richmond, Indiana and just love meeting the cosplayers that come in! The main convention I go to anymore is Colossalcon, but I also tend to go to Matsuricon, Anime Crossroads, Ohayocon and sugoicon if I have the days off and money. So if you go to these it would be cool to chat! I'm a collage student working towards an Animation degree and hope to work for Disney in the future.
Anime I like: Tiger & Bunny, Durarara, Prince of Tennis, Utapri, hitman Reborn, Saiyuki, Sailor Moon, Gundam series, Naruto, bleach, Soul Eater, IGPX, Inuyasha, Trigun, my newest love Karneval. Many many more.
Video Games: Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, Fatal Frame series, Persona series, Dynasty Warriors, Dragon Age, Catherine, Alice, Silent Hill, Xenosaga, Magna Carta, Assassin's Creed, .hack//. World Ends with You (my forum avatar should be proof of this, I'm Shiki the red head in the pic) Plus a lot more, I'm a big gamer especially mmorpg and just adventure and action games.
What I'm looking for: Cosplay friends to meet up at conventions and maybe more, never know what the future holds. xD But really just people to talk anime and stuff with, I basically lost my group after high school, so it's mainly just me and few close friends anymore.

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Unread 07-08-2013, 09:38 PM   #364
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Name: For now call me Unaki. I am a 23yo male.

Location: Southern Kentucky (No I am not a hick nor do I sound like one) I live somewhat close to Nashville, TN too.

Summary: I have lived in KY all my life and have traveled to several states on vacation trips. I have family in the northern states, in the east and even in the southern states. My family is quite large but that is besides the point. I spend most of my time on my computer and working on side projects including costuming. I am not the best costumer but I have the resources to get something done when I need it. I tend to try and fill up my time with as many conventions as possible and cosplay at each one.

I can easily travel to a lot of non-local conventions and my home convention is MTAC in Nashville during the spring season. Outside of that I regularly attend AWA and even Momocon with many smaller outings in between.

When I am not costuming I am working my way, or at least trying to, into the professional scene in League of Legends or I am playing around with LEGOs or hanging out with my friends. Lately though I have been feeling a bit lonely and would love someone that could be a little closer than my friends could ever be.

I am a loving and caring individual and help those out who need it when I can and don't mind spending a little money on my friends especially if it means I can hang out with them. I don't actually have a job (Medical reasons, nothing contagious, lets not discuss yet) but I am constantly on my feet and can support myself and others without trouble.

Interests: GAMES! Lots of them! No I am not a "Mario gamer" who only likes Mario. I have a Wii U, 360, 3DS, PS Vita, Genesis, NES and emulate a lot of other systems I own titles for. I play games to have fun and recently I have been wanting to expand a little bit. I hope to expand and become known within the gaming communities as a strong League of Legends player and spend a lot of my free time bettering my gameplay so I may one day end up on the season championships stage and possibly have my name engraved on the Summoner's Cup. For those who wish to know, my main champion is Elise.

My current non-gaming interest is LEGOs. Yes I am nearly 23 years old and I play with LEGOs. They really are quite fun to mess with.

ANIME! Of course I love anime. In my opinion Gurren Lagann is one of the best series to ever be conceived and will always have a place in my heart no matter what comes along. I myself am not too big on over-done anime that extends past 100+episodes or spans 1000s of chapters in a manga (Bleach, naruto, etc.) and tend to avoid them though it doesn't mean I wouldn't cosplay a character if it were desired. The only exceptions to this rule at this time are Fullmetal Alchemist (The series is just so...GOOD! The story is very gripping and its hard not to like the characters) and Soul Eater. Black Star is the most overpowered character in the series. Who else can bend plasma beams with their bare hands?

As far as nonstandard stuff like OVAs are concerned my favorites have to be Star Driver, Summer Wars and Redline. Redline of course is quite possibly my most favorite movie in recent years that isn't live action due to it being completely hand drawn and featuring crazy vehicles reminiscent of Wacky Racers. My current project with LEGOs is to build the Crab Sonoshee hoverjet and I am slowly getting started there.

Small side interest that really isn't a big deal: I like MLP. No I am not a "brony" and no I don't go crazy over figures and such. I just think the show is cute and fun.

I have a ton more interests other than what is listed and I don't want to take up a lot of space.

Looking for: New friends, people to hang out with at conventions, etc. Also seeking a relationship with someone who doesn't mind someone who can get a bit more "nerdy" than most. Other than that I am looking for buddies who wouldn't mind trying to do group cosplay (Currently into Sengoku Basara). Maybe even someone who doesn't mind my own group of friends that can get a little...weird in a fun sense.
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Unread 07-10-2013, 10:02 AM   #365
Ranger Soldat
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Would any girl (18 and over) like to have a Japanese dinner in Little Toyko?
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Unread 07-21-2013, 01:45 AM   #366
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Name: Heather
Location: North Carolina
Age: 19 going on 20 in December
Gender: female
Seeking: man around my age that does not judge people at first glance.
Summary: I am a very open person and caring. I am in college to become a vet one day I love animals. I love writing and reading. I will give any anime a try but if I donít get into the anime by episode 1or2 I canít watch it. When I first meet people I donít talk a lot but after words are sad I can worm up to you very wall. I am seeking a relationship or friends.
Anime/games I like: hellsing, hell girl, yu-gi-oh, Air Gear, accel world, Bleach, Blood +, Blood C, Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, Blue dragon(game), Claymore, D.gray-man, D.N.Angle, Death Note, Dears, Dragon ball/Z, Dragon Drive, Elfen lied, Fairy tail, Eureka Seven, Final fantasy (games), Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tales(games), star ocean(games), Pokťmon( both),kingdom hearts and many other anime and games. I am a big doctor who fans.
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Unread 07-22-2013, 01:00 AM   #367
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Name: Heather

Location: North Carolina

Age: 19 going on 20 in December

Gender: female

Seeking: man around my age (no older than 25 and no younger the 17 going on 18) that does not judge people at first glance.

Summary: I am a very open person and caring and Iím more of a tomboy but I do like some girly things. I like any tip of music but not a fan of country. Of all of the bands I like I have to say black veil brides and tokio hotle are my favorite bands. I have a sense of humor and I have been told that I am funny. Iím not really religious but I accept everyone belief. I don't believe in cheating. I know how it feels to find out someone that you though loved you was cheating on you. I think if you donít feel the love anymore tell them itís over. Iím not the skinniest person in the world but Iím happy with how I look. I Iím still going to try to lose weight for my work I do at a zoo. I am in college to become a vet one day. I love writing, reading, cosplay, games, and anime. I will give any anime a try but if I don't get into the anime by episode 1or2 I can't watch it. When I first meet people I don't talk a lot but after words are sad I can worm up to you very wall. I am seeking a relationship. I do like romantic thinks. To me a date is just spending time together I donít need to use money to have a good time or think of it as a date. Sometime I like to lay on the ground and look up at the clouds. I donít know of anything else to say I gauss you will have to get to know me to find out.

Anime/games I like: Ai Yori Aoshi, Chobits, Claymore, DearS, Haibane Renmei, Familiar of Zero, Maburaho, Aria the animation, Somedayís dreamers, School rumble , Mushi-shi, Witchblade,
Utawarerumono, Stratos 4, Burst Angel, Moon Phase , Black Lagoon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Destiny of the Shrine Maiden, Excel Saga, The sacred blacksmith, Chibi vampire, Soul eater, Spice and wolf, Tenchi ,
Dragon drive, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Death Note , Bleach, FullMetal Alchemist ,
Gurren Lagann, Heaven's Lost Property, High School of the Dead ,Rurouni Kenshin,
Vampire Knight, Angel Beats!, Kaze no Stigma ,Princess Princes , Welcome to the NHK,
Love hina, The count of monte cristo ,infinit Stratos, Galaxy angel, Dragon Ball/ Z/GT,
Fairy Tail, Inu Yasha, K-ON!, Shiki, A Certain Magical Index, Accel World, Angel Tales,
Another, Air Gear, Air, Big O, Black Butler, Blood+, Blood-C, Blue Exorcist, Burst Angel,
Cat Planet Cuties, Code Geass, Corpse Princess, D.Gray-man, D.N.Angel, Deadman Wonderland,
Devil May Cry, Digimon, Dragonaut, Eureka Seven, Elfen Lied, Fooly Cooly, Ghost in the Shell, Girls Bravo,
Hell Girl, Hellsing, Higurashi When They Cry, Love Hina, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden,
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, Ouran High School Host Club,
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Peach Girl, Pokemon(anime and games),
Pumpkin Scissors, Pretear, Rosario + Vampire, Rurouni Kenshin, s-CRY-ed, S. A: Special A,
Sailor Moon, Samurai Champloo, Shuffle!, Sonic games, The Wallflower, Trinity Blood, Utawarerumono,
xxxHolic, Yu-Gi-Oh/gx/5ds/games, YuYu Hakusho, Zatch Bell, Zoids, Final fantasy games,rune factory games, tales of games, star ocean games, dragon quest games, kingdom hearts games, Mario games, spyro gaes. And many more games and anime.
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Unread 07-25-2013, 09:38 PM   #368
Sanity? What is that?
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Name: You can call me Wolfie~
Location: Ontario Canada (Once I meet you in real life and get to know you, I'll give you my location in a bit more detail)
Seeking: I would love some new cosplay friends and con buddies! However I am also beginning to search for a relationship with a caring boy (18 at the very oldest, 14 at the youngest) who does not judge on first glance, and doesn't worry too much about looks. This is my first relationship, so I want to take it NICE AND SLOW.
Self Summary: A 15 year old girl, going on 16 in November. I'm a little shy and awkward when you first meet me, but can warm up to people quickly, especially if they're friendly! I'm a bit more tomboyish than anything, I do not wear makeup on a daily basis, and do not need a massive wardrobe to 'look good' as many girls this day and age do. I'm a bit of a book worm, and prefer to spend my time at home curled up with a book, writing stories, drawing, or surfing the internet than shopping at the mall or going to a movie. Once I get to know you I tend to be a pretty affectionate, snuggly girl, and my favourite things to do are take walks, go for an ice cream or frozen lemonade, or just lay outside and stargaze. I'm a bit skittish and can get very paranoid over small things easily, along with being somewhat self-conscious, however a good amount of positive words can usually help, in which than I can walk with confidence. I'm in need of a job, but plan to get one in late September, early October, and am also planning on learning to sew.
Likes and dislikes:
Likes: Well, first of all, the obvious, anime, manga, and cosplay, haha! I'm fond of cutesy romantic things, and love to laugh, along with trying to make others laugh too. My favourite colours are red and black, and my favourite genres of music are much older than most people are used to, such as Frank Sinatra, ACDC, The Beatles, ABBA, and many other singers/groups that aren't around today. I love animals and wildlife, and enjoy looking at said scenery if just going for a drive for something to pass the time. I love to make friends and meet new people, and am told I get a little loud, but that's just because I'm excited to meet new friends!
Dislikes: Thunderstorms are probably one of the worst things that I dislike, as state before I get paranoid easily, and due to a childhood scare, the thought of a tornado quite honestly scares me to wits end. I also dislike being yelled at or threatened and can easily become quite upset over said things. With that being set, the minor things I dislike are drama, 'special snowflakes', rabid fangirls/fanboys, the dark, messy/dirty houses, and makeup.

If anyone is possibly the slightest bit interested, please PM me! I would love to talk to you!
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Unread 03-17-2014, 04:33 PM   #369
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Name: Olivia (I also go by Liv and Olive).

Location: Ontario, Canada.

Self Summary: Yes, I'm a female. I do crossplay from time to time though. I'm 15 and I'm looking for anyone between 14 and 19, preferably someone who's older than me.~ ^^
Hmmm... I'm not all that sure what to put here but I'm usually quite an upbeat, energetic person who's always there to lend a helping hand. I'm sort of the advice giver/peace keeper in my group of crazy friends, no matter what I'll always listen. I'm very shy when first meeting people but once I start talking and have something to say I'll warm up to you almost immediately. I'm pansexual, just a heads up.

Likes/Dislikes: I like anime (obviously), video games, Homestuck, drawing, writing, poetry, and just about anything to do with fantasy. I write a lot although my writing is often incredibly dark. ^^; You have to be very close to me in order for me to show you it. I dislike hypocrites, homophobes, judgemental people, and overly sweet things. I can deal with a bit of sweetness but too much makes me sick haha.

Looking For: Someone fun that can make me laugh, is flirty, and just as insane as I am. I just want someone who I can have a good time with, go to cons with, and maybe cuddle with.
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Unread 03-24-2014, 01:14 PM   #370
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I don't think anyone messages anyone here, from that poll's results but still. Boop.

Name: Meep

Location: Kyoto, Japan. Head back to NC later. I've been studying abroad in Kyoto, Japan since August 2013. I am fluent in Spanish, English, and pretty good in Japanese. I am kind of a nerd when it comes to languages. I have interests in... video editing.

Female. ESTP/ESFJ/ESFP Something along those lines.

Likes: Sweets. Computer Science. Programming. Dabble in Cosplay. Movies. Cuddling. Hot Cocoa and Cuddling. Laughing. Yelling. PC Games. Bravest Warriors. Shingeki no Kyojin.
Dislikes: Crowded areas. Insects. Bugs.

Looking For: Friends. Single people just to talk to.
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Unread 03-25-2014, 04:28 AM   #371
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 1,360
2.General location:
Upstate New York (Albany area)
3.Self Summary & Gender:
I'm female, and I love being female - I love make up, getting my nails done, and lolita fashion, but I'm not afraid to work hard or get dirty. I hate my job, but its a job, and I'm going back to school to try to get something better.
4.Likes and or dislikes
I love animals, being outside, learning new things, history, having fun, and of course, anime and conventions. I like video games, but I'm not a huge gamer because I don't have the time. Zombie games and the Blazblue series of fighting games are my favorite. Oh, and Pokemon...Because who doesn't love Pokemon?
5.What you are looking for:
Friendship, mainly. Most of my group drifted apart after our first year of college with people going to different schools, moving away, and all of that fun adult stuff. I would adore having more friends, even if I know they would have to be long distance friends given my location in the buttcrack of nowhere. I'm also looking for anyone who may want to meet up and chill at Anime Expo or Otakon this year - I'm going, but I don't know a whole lot of people and don't want to spend another con feeling all awkward!

I wouldn't discourage a relationship, but it is not what I'm looking for. After the only two relationships I'd ever been in went terribly sour, I have an extremely hard time trusting my heart to anyone else. If you like me, you need to be patient with me...And female...Cause I'm lesbian. Probably should have mentioned that sooner.

people die when they are kawaii
future cons: anime nyc '17 // AX '18

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Unread 03-25-2014, 04:59 AM   #372
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1. Branden
2. Midwest Ohio
3.Self Summary & Gender: I'm a blender of sorts, and I get along well with everyone. There are a lot of things I enjoy, but none truly as much as anime/comic books. I'm a funny, energetic kind of guy, and I'm quite talkative when I want to be.
Age: 21 (Would like to meet someone 18 - 25)
4.Likes: I'm into a lot of things, I enjoy all kinds of music, hanging out with my friends, bars, anime, cosplay, meeting new people, video games, comic books, it's so hard to list it all.
Dislikes: There are less amount of things that I dislike, because I'm a kind of person that likes to try new things, however, I do dread some things. I'm not into heights, but I love the idea of flying, and I love roller coasters. I really dislike people who do not get a long with my family and friends. I'm pretty open minded otherwise. I also hate bigotry.
5. I'm looking for quite a lot, actually. I'm new to cosplay, so a group of friends would be nice. And I would not mind a girlfriend as well >_<

Favorite Anime:
Fate Zero
Full Metal Alchemist
Gurren Lagann
Samurai Champloo

Favorite Video games:
Kingdom Hearts
Smash Bros
Mortal Kombat

Favorite Comics:
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Unread 03-25-2014, 04:33 PM   #373
nico nico smile
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I'm KoMochi! <3 (。ī∀`)ノ

General Location
I live in Oregon! But, I travel to So Cal a LOT, as well as up to Washington. Oh, n' I also go to Japan sometimes. I travel around, so you never know where you'll find me!

Self Summary
Well... um... I guess I'll start with this. I'm a girl, average height, not really tall but not really short. I'm Asian, and I speak Japanese, English, and a bit of French! I'm 14 years old, 15 really soon, but most people say that I act more like I'm... 21 or... Yeah, let's not get into that! ~(˘▾˘~)
I'm really energetic, for one. I looove going to theme parks and riding the thrill rides! But Disneyland is my soft spot- I grew up there and I still go back multiple times each year. I also have a temper and I'm not afraid to speak up if something upsets me.
I can be a total tomboy, I'm always down for some video games, or even real racing. But I have my girly side, too. ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

Likes and Dislikes
There is a lot I like! I like roller coasters, animals, cosplay, pin trading, Disneyland, drawing, reading, playing piano/guitar/flute, singing, video games, sewing, racing, eating good food, wine tasting, horror and comedy movies, going for hikes.. I could go on forever!!

What I don't like? I have a lot of irrational fears... so please do not make fun of me for them. \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
Spiders, insects in general, smoking, drugs ((non-prescription drugs)), mushrooms ((the vegetable!!!)), swimming ((this is one of my irrational fears! Not swimming, but.. uh... pool drains. ;;uvu )), and lastly, BABIES. I do not like babies!! Please do not make me go near them or hold them! Children are nice, though. į˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ į

What am I looking for?
To be honest, I want a FRIEND! I'm not really into the idea of dating too much. I just want someone nice that I can become good friends with, go to cons with, etc. ^u^ I need to make some more friends and, well, I'm pretty social, so, hey, you, let's be friends. (☆^ー^☆)

I guess I can list what animes I like?? ovo;;
Madoka Magica, Happy Happy Clover, Panty and Stocking, Tokyo Mew Mew, Stitch!, Cardcaptor Sakura, Ultra Maniac, Dream Saga, Pokemon, Attack on Titan, Digimon, Sailor Moon... yeah. xwx

And video games?
Sonic, Mario, Mario Kart, Okami, OkamiDEN, Super Smash Bros, Zelda, Animal Crossing! Probably more I'm forgetting, haha.
Cosplays In-progress!

Bonnie the Bunny (Five Nights At Freddy's) 100
Nico Yazawa -Circus-(SIP) 90%
Nico Yazawa -Pajama- (SIP) 100%
Nico Yazawa -Vday unidolised- (SIP) 100%
Sulley (Monsters University) 5%
Dook LaRue (The Rock Afire Explosion) 0%
Nico Yazawa -Maid Cafe- (SIP) 100%
Kinu/Selkie (FE Fates) 30%
Nico Yazawa -Marine- (SIP) 90%
Nico Yazawa -Cyber-(SiP) 30%
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