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Thank you for the pictures, I've left a few comments just for identification for folks.

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Originally Posted by Eleryth View Post
Thanks for all the reports and stories, guys! I'm sad I didn't get to go, and eagerly await more and more pictures!

I'd like to go to the next one, but it's a bit far away, and who knows what life will throw my way. May be a few years down the road, but I'll attend a CC at some point, I promise! So many of you I want to meet!
Yeah, we wish we would've gotten to meet you. BTW, your membership packet will be going in the mail this weekend.
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My membership packet? What's that?
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You didn't sell one of your memberships. Therefore, you get goodies: the program book, the very nice badge holder and a very cool, limited edition commemorative CC25 pin!

BTW, I lied - the packet will be going out by no later than this coming weekend.
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Um, I mean Kaijugal! *strikes dramatic Godzilla-like pose, (and completely fails to be intimidating.)*


I've recovered from the post con plauge, and have finally dealt with most of the things that have piled up here while I was away for a week playing hooky at Costume Con. (WHEW!).

How was it for me?

It was SUPER FANTASTIC. It was so super fantastic for so many reasons I truely cannot post everything here in any manner that would truely convey how great an experience it was.

It was not only just the high of four days of, costuming goodness, masquerades, parties, and just hanging out with interesting, likeminded people, but so much more. The atmosphere was very much like the cons I attended when I was much younger, and miss so terribly much.

Everyone was just so open and wonderful, kind, and encouraging. People were very enthusiastic about what each other were doing.

The Friday Night meet and greet dance was cool. So well decorated, and fun candies and rubber duckies on the tables. As well OMG real food was a pleasant suprise. I purchased a few goodies at the swap meet that happend during that time.

The Canadian Crew (Myself, Ikegami & Sarcasm Hime), didn't participate in any of the three maquerades, (Sci Fi &Fantasy, Historical, Future Fashion Folio), but we did our best to deck out with hall costumes friday, saturday, and sunday. I just love hall costumes and there were plenty to be seen at Costume Con. It was nice to see such a variety of costumes being worn in the halls, everything from historical, to original creation, to anime and other media recreations.

We did attend and watch all three masquerdes which we thoroughly enjoyed.
(If anyone is interested in obtaining DVD's of Costume Con masquerades, please PM me and I'll pass on the videographers contact information. I don't want to post it here for the spambots.)I was quite content to watch the masquerades to get a feel for them, since I totally wish to participate on stage next year.

I was thrilled that two of the drawings I submitted for the Future Fashion Folio were chosen and created by other costumers for that show. I was very excited about the Fashion Folio even before the convention. I had hoped to make something for it myself, but alas it was not to be this year. I will also bashfully say that I recieved a few awards for my designs before somebody else mentions it. ^_^;

Team Canada finally, FINALLY, managed to hustle thier buts into the exhibit room for a look see. This was masterminded by the amazing Gravely and Grizelda, and contained an amazing amount of cosutme con history in both photographic form, and in a wondeful show of some of the actual costumes and props themselves. (Yes there are a few photos for those of you who didn't have the good fortune of making it to CC25). This was definately my favorite non masquerade related part of the con hands down.

In retrospect I really wish I had spent more time looking thru all the photo books they had there among other things, but time at Costume Con is ever ticking, and as at any good con I had to pick a choose.

I enjoyed the panels I was able to attend, (as Sarcasm Hime pointed out, the only "bad" part about Costume Con, was that we were not able to attend ALL the panels.) Since Costume Con 26 is all about the Costume Continuum, I'm expecting that they'll have T.A.R.D.I.S. devices available to clear up this problem. ^_~ One of the panels I particularly enjoyed was the panel on sunday where the winners of the SF masquerade shared information & techniques about thier costumes, and where we got to touch, and generally enjoy thier workmanship up close. ^_^ Monday there was also a Judging related panel run by Costumers which I also was quite interested in, (which unforutnately Team Canada was a little late rolling out of bed for, so I missed the first little bit). I'm a sucker for panels about a) Judging, and b) with video of masquerades, c) old (costuming/masquerade) war stories.

Boo for having to miss the panels about running masquerades. I was unfortunately schedualed against them. *pouty face* *wry grin* *shrug*

The monday field trip to Jackmans Fabrics was fun, (except poor Sarcasm Hime was ill), and Mexian food that night was a yummy treat.

The room parties were fun and well laid out.There was a wine tasting friday night, Minion and Lab rat Ribbons among other interesting things at the Evil Genius partry, and our Ratta joined in the antics of the mousquerade on monday which was very unique to be sure.

One of unforseen aspects of the convention was meeting so many cool people and making so many new friends. There were so many wonderful people I cannot name them all here, but I will put down a few comments for those who I know are here:

Grandis: Congrats on your win. Your costumes were beautiful.

CapsuleCorp, RaDragon & Co.: You and your crew were super cool right from the very second I ambushed you in the hall on friday morning. XD Thanks for sharing your stories with us and I would totally love it if you made it up to Anime North! Contact me any time for help in this regard.

Shine-Chan: Your Totoro costume was definately one of my favorites of the weekend. It was so cute and well done. I want to steal it. ^_^ Also thanks for the tips on painting.

csueshambaugh: It was great finally getting to meet you in person and commiserate about adventures in masquerade directing. ^_^ I hope we'll have a chance to make it out your way sometime in the nearer future. (darn our cons always being on the same weekend)

Buddycat: You and Nora were the most super and wonderfully welcoming people. I can't say enough good things about you.

Costumers: Thank you for all your hard work on the convention. Also I really enjoyed your judging panel, and hopefully next time I'll be able to see the entire thing ^_^;;;.

And last but definately not least, Gravely: (Yes I am embarassed, but happily so. *^_^*) Meeting you was definately a highlight for me as well. I look forward to seeing you and Grizelda again, and hearing more stories of your adventures.

Well, I'm sure I'll think of 100 more things to say after this is posted. ^_^;
In Summary: COSTUME CON 25 was a wonderful event. Big Thanks to the organizers and to all who participated in making it a memorable time.


P.S. I did take some pictures, which I will attempt to post soonish, either here or at a hosting site if somebody could suggest a good one.
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Eh, post 'em here. I did. I figured, all the cosplayers ought to take a look at some of those costumes and get inspired. It was great to meet you too, and WHEE FUN! I love being able to get together with people with various costume experiences and pick brains. And commisserate on long-ago Toronto Treks! LOL!
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Kaijugal- It was a blast meeting you guys as well. I was glad we got to meet and was especially happy to get to the chance to see your costumes up close. I don't care what the other EGL people say, your EGL costumes rocked and were the best ones I've seen to date. I'm glad I got the chance to see them in person. If we ever do plan a trip to Anime North (and that would be quite a trip for Khene and I since St. Louis is our home turf) we'll be sure to talk to you.
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Kaijugal post them here I want to see. I was kind of dumb and forgot I had a digicam for most of the convention. I loved your poofyness and thanks to your panel I now have an idea on how to make Dogtato-Kun.

I am glad you liked Totoro two of my friends now want to make a white and blue versions to go with me at Anime Iowa I really have to find a way to make a leaf that doesn't bruise my collarbone after a few hours.
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Unread 04-20-2007, 08:43 AM   #39
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Thanks for the congrats, Kaijugirl. I wish that we'd had more time to hang out, but the whole masquerade thing ate the day I had at the convention.

You guys looked great in your faerie suits.

In the works:

Beauxbatons Original Design from Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire: 30 percent
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Just wanted to pop in here and say the 1300(!) photos of the con are now available on 5 CDs for just $50 a pop. So that he doesn't get spammed, I won't post his email here, but if you don't know how to contact him already, PM me.

We're working on the ability for folks to order individual shots.
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