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Cosplay Foam Breast

(sorry for making this post long, my questions are at the bottom)
Hello again
For my next cosplay, I'm having a breast problem. As you can see in the character photos below, my character (Erika from Shadowverse) has the breast cups for her top and is quite chesty.

I tried using contouring and extra bras, but didn't work too well unless I got rid of the breast cups to hide the bra straps, along with the apron frills (pics of other cosplayers doing this below.)

different cosplayer

So I decided to make a breast foam and built the cups on top of it (since it'll be at a convention rather than a private photoshoot). I was able to finish building it according to the tutorial below, but didn't like the way that it turned out since my fabric was too dark and my latex laying skills were poor. http://technoranma.tumblr.com/post/1...-what-material
Thus it ended up all bumpy with makeup not quite covering the latex. So right now I'm in the situation there I can either change the design, or buy a different colored fabric and try to save what I have, or built it from scratch again.

My question is this:
1. Where can I find skin colored 4 way stretch fabric that is close to my skin color, and is my currently too dark (too yellow) fabric salvageable if I decide to paint it?
2. How obvious would it be? Would a different fabric make it less obvious?
3. In your opinion would it just be better to change the design and use contouring and bras or make breast foam and try to stick to the original design?

Thank you for reading/responding.
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The cosplayer you linked didn't do the cartoon boobs. Personally I prefer that, even when done well the proportions are still out of whack and it looks odd to me.

You'll have to look to fabric suppliers who specialize in 'performance' or dance type fabrics. maybe even buy a leotard and re-use it. The thing is, your skin tone might be one they just don't make. I'm anglo, of eastern european appearance and have never found a 'skin' fabric that comes anywhere close to my very light olive skin.
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I would advise against making the bust form.
Skin is more than one color, so finding the exact shade is impossible. That is why the one person used latex then painted it.
If you do make a bust form, don't go huge! Go up a few cup sizes, to something proportional to your body. Go to a Walmart/Target and try in a few bras in your band size but in a larger cup. For example: If you are a 34B try on 34C, 34D & 34DD. that way you can get the boost on top without going over the top.
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As a lifetime member of the itty-bitty-titty-comittee, this is something I have looked into! If you're worried about getting a natural effect* (which is very difficult, in terms of colour and texture) a ready made silicon breast might be better.
These vary in price (the expensive ones are very good quality) but could save you time. I think they are often used by drag artists, post-mastectomy, crossdressers so even available on ebay/amazon.
*nothing is natural about anime bewbs.
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