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Looking for Marvel/Avengers "Bedtime" group cosplay (NYCC or D*C)

(Please tell me if this is the wrong place to post - I've only ever lurked here before)

So my friends and I thought it would be fun to do a rudely awoken at 2 AM Avengers/Marvel cosplay group, with each character in their sleepwear (no, Tony, sleeping naked doesn't count as a costume) or whatever you'd imagine them to sleep in (examples: Steve in full checkered button down flannel PJs, Thor in a bathrobe with curlers in his/her hair, Coulson in Captain America PJs, Clint in obnoxious purple boxers, et cetera). Something that, in a group, would identify everyone as their character. Optimistically, it'd be fun to have a couple pillows and everyone laying on the ground asleep together with Director Fury reading "Go The **** To Sleep" (not sure how strict the forums are with swearing but you can fill in the blank).

So far, for Dragon*Con (end of August/beginning of September in Atlanta) we've got:
Natasha/Black Widow - costume undecided, but I'm thinking about an oversized "Hard Rock: Budapest" t-shirt and some sort of PJ shorts with a prop gun tucked into the waistband
(fem)Loki - with a green bathrobe, a face mask (using that green goop people use), and one of those wrap around eye covers that some people sleep in
Possibly a (fem)Bruce - costume undecided as well, but I think she mentioned carrying around a bottle of sleeping pills and maybe a Stephen Hawking book and purple flannel pajamas.

And for (New York Comic Con, middle of October in NYC), we've got:
Same Natasha
Possibly same (fem)Loki
(fem)Tony - with an arc reactor, tank top, Iron Man boxers, and maybe an empty bottle of booze
Pepper Potts - plain t-shirt, pajama shorts, looking utterly exhausted with a mug of coffee (maybe something like "World's Best Assistant" on it) and some paperwork/a clipboard

Nothing's entirely official just yet, but would anyone here be interested in this sort of thing?
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Unread 03-31-2013, 09:50 PM   #2
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not a bad concept!
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I love it, sounds awesome!!
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