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Exclamation Polite behavior in regarding photos of Cosplayers / Crossplayers:

Unless specifically asked by the cosplayer in question, it is NOT polite to make commentary - particularly RUDE commentary - speculating on the actual gender of a person who is cosplaying. KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES.

A. You may guess wrong. This is likelier then you think - sometimes particular photos of a non-crossplaying cosplayer, due to angle, body coverage, what-not, may not clearly indicate their gender.

B. You could offend someone by mistaking them for a crossplayer when they are not, in fact, crossplaying. If you can't tell for sure, it is YOUR problem, NOT theirs. If they are a transgendered individual, it is STILL your problem. Whether they are transgendered or not, it is normally not pleasant for most people to be mistaken (especially loudly discussed in public!!) for another gender, even if they are trying very hard to "pass" deliberately. Discretion is the better part of valor, people. Didn't your parents teach you any manners??

Someone once mistook ME for a guy in a photo - a photo in which I was cosplaying as a female character, in fact. However, I most definitely AM female; born that way - and I have 2 biological children born from my womb to prove it. Whether or not my face is considered "feminine", my measurements are very un-boy-like - but that photo just didn't make it obvious.

My own jawline is "strong" and my boobs are fairly flat. OOPS. Yatta - this is part of normal female variation. Likewise some men have weaker jawlines and "manboobs". Commenting on whether or not any of this is related to how "well we are fed" (or not) is really rude - it can far more easily be GENETICS, people.

Point is: photos can be very misleading, and making judgements based on them can be quite wrong. Don't make the same mistake, and don't be rude in a public forum.

HEAR YE: If you don't wish to maintain good manners out of common courtesy, I recommend doing it because those who don't have a tendancy to get BANNED from Cosplay.com. If you think I'm addressing you, you're probably right. Shape up.

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