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Unread 04-26-2013, 06:30 PM   #1
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Question Realistic teeth an tongue?

Okay... so I want to make an ambitious Ragnarok demon sword from Soul Eater. I'm going to have the mouth open.. and it will be generally constructed out of wonderflex and some sort of sturdy foam under that. The mouth is going to be open with the big, gross, long tongue sticking out. I really want realistic looking teeth, gums, and tongue. A friend mentioned these little plastic beads to me? Apparently you melt them down in the microwave or on the stove or something and mold them to whatever you need? I think people make fake teeth out of these to wear. I don't want to used clay for the teeth because.. not realistic enough. for the gums.. I have no idea. I would use dentures.. but the mouth is not the same as a human mouth.. just not the right shape. As for the tongue.. I was looking at that KISS tongue.. the one for a KISS costume where you put it in your mouth and it's inflatable.. I could glue it in and put a gloss over it.. but it's still just not realistic enough. I also need the roof of the mouth to be realistic as well. Whatever I do, I'll probably use acrylic paint and some sort of gloss... but I can't figure out the materials. Especially for the tongue.. I don't want to use clay that might break! It needs to be fairly lightweight! Help!
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Dictamnus Albus
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you could find a way to preserve a beef tongue and use that

if the teeth are supposed to look like big doofy squares,
white chicolets(gum) could work

i personally couldnt find any pics that give a decent shot of the swords mouth
so no points lost there

might be able to use an mouthguard (boil and bite type) for the gums
but wait till you got the teeth sorted out then heat and jam teeth in
might want teeth fused or in a "rack" of some sort cause the mouthguards harden rather quick
cant use gum in this method though cause the excess water and moisture

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Blue Leader
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I don't see why making teeth out of clay would make them look any less realistic, certainly no more than making them out of melted plastic beads (which you'd probably need a mold for if the beads are melted into liquid). The teeth could be made out of clay, and once they're dry paint them, weather them, and hit them with a gloss clear-coat. You could even chip them and rough them up a bit.

As for the gums, they could be made out of clay as well. Make them in the shape you want (remember to leave holes for the teeth to fit into it), let it dry, and paint it with red-pink paint. Clear-coat it with gloss to give it the shiny look of saliva. They could be textured with something as well when the clay is still soft, though I'm not sure what... Perhaps a sponge or some sort of clay tool.

The tongue... Well, that could be more difficult. It could be made out of clay, but that might make it a little too fragile to be sticking out of the mouth. Clay also might make it a little too heavy. Perhaps one of those fake tongues that are always sold during Halloween-- the big plastic ones on meat trays that look like they've come from a butcher. That might work...

For the mouth, you could also add some of that stuff people add to latex masks to look like saliva. I can't remember what it's called, or what it is exactly, but it's a clear... something that will when dry will stay shiny and look wet. I don't think it's a resin, that would dry too hard and break off... It must be some sort of latex or something like that...
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What's it supposed to look like ?

I agree that clay would work for the teeth. As long as you paint or enamel them they'll look fine.

This is the kind of thing where it really comes down to sculpting and painting ability. You'd want to get the texture on the tongue right and you'll have to get creative with paint.

You could make any/all of it out of Wonderflex or Worbla - and that plastic is "Friendly Plastic", I believe. It really depends on what you want this thing to look like and how much support you have and where it needs to go. You could use a thin layer of apoxie or something on top of the W/W and texture that, for example.
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For the teeth, look into Friendly Plastic, as Kelley and Blue Leader had mentioned. I used it for a set of Orc teeth I will be wearing, and the results worked out well. The gums can be made the same way, or if you want them to be a bit squishy like real gums, use some craft foam.

Forgot to mention about the tongue, so sorry! Personally, I'd probably go with some thicker type of foam similar to the craft foam (I have some that a local store carries and it works well for my needs) since you could make it in one piece and sand in some of the finer details.

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