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Epic Rap Battle counterpart suggestion?

My boyfriend is probably the most ecstatic person ever that I'm going to be forcing myself to learn to sew, just because now we have this whole new world of costumes we can do now (within reason).

For my first big project, I'd like to try (slowly) costructing a Lady!Joker based on the Jack Nicholson design. What I mean is, I just want to make those pants a pencil skirt, and all else the same (just made to fit a woman). I'm super chesty, so binding would honestly just make me look like a lumpy/fat man, ha ha.

Here's the costume I'm referencing, for those that aren't familiar.

We had his great idea that rather than doing matching costumes from the same series, we'd like to do two characters that could have a great "Epic Rap Battle" (if you're unfamiliar, youtube "Epic Rap Battles of History," and be prepared that most are NSFW for the language involved, ha ha).

Now, last night we discussed things and all I could reasonably come up with would be The Comedian from The Watchmen. Does anyone have a good idea for this one? We'd like to steer away from armor-centric outfits, which was why we aren't exactly settled on The Comedian.

He was also not a huge fan of being Ronald McDonald, ha ha.

Thanks all!
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I would suggest The Green Goblin from Spiderman, Jokester the Joker's Earth-3/Hero counterpart, Deadpool who hates clown, or Piedmon from Digimon
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Originally Posted by Fudoo View Post
Hilariously, I'd started thinking Penguin today at work. We have a running joke that Penguin isn't really a villain, he's just a politician. I mean, what the world? What did Penguin ever actually set out to do? Batman, why you hate politicians so much?! XP

I think he even bought a black suit that would work for it for last year's con (for a friend to wear as PokePimp Honchkrow). I'll check when I get home, but that may work.

Generally, he's not going to go for anything with a mask or extensive face paint - he's a bit of a burly guy, and he has an aversion to certain things overheating him (he's served on deployment out in the desert and had an episode out there, I try not to ask too much about it).
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