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Originally Posted by Xindra View Post
Has anyone bought a wig in maroon? I'm wondering whether it's closer to the swatch or closer to the picture of an actual wig. The actual picture looks like ginger.
Yeah...they haven't updated those old color previews yet, it looks like. Kinda hard to tell. But, if you look at the top sample image for the Hansel, that is a more accurate-to-life example of the 018 Maroon. (It's totally an awesome color, probably my second fav that they have thus far.)
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This past holiday season, they had their 4k Facebook likes sale, so I leapt at the chance to buy something from these people that I heard sold fantastic wigs. So, I bought ponytail clips with the intention of using it for a Zatsune Miku cosplay.

Product: 2 Long ponytail clips in Black (064)
Purchased at: http://www.arda-wigs.com/
Timeline:My order was processed and shipped in 2 business days, and got to my house 6 business days later, so about a week.
Pictures: I have a crappy camera that wouldn't do these justice, so no pictures, sorry.
Pros: Shipping took only 8-9 days to get to where I live. Fibers are matte and realistic looking, they photograph like or better than real hair. The fibers themselves also feel like real hair. Very thick too. Heat resistance is good so I can straighten it with a flat iron when the tangles make it frizzy.
Cons:Tangles moderately, even with Motions Oil Sheen spray applied. Semi-difficult to detangle with fingers. I know all longs wigs tangle, but if the fiber used in Arda wigs are supposed to be easier and less prone to tangling (so I heard from other cosplayers), I'm scared to think about if I had a long wig from another company. >.< Sheds, sometimes as many as 4-8 hairs at a time, just by running my fingers through it gently 8 out of 10 times. But this kind of isn't a problem, as I'll mention below.

Comments: Many people have described the fibers as 'silky' but they aren't silky. They're not excessively coarse and rough either, just not soft. Another thing is, that I noticed if I ran my hands through the fibers of the ponytail a lot, it left my hands feeling weird, like with some kind of residue, oil, or something. Whether it's to prevent it from tangling or what, I don't know. I'm getting a Blue Steele wig from them soon, so I'll edit this with my findings. About the mild shedding; it's not exactly a problem because they're pretty thick, and one or two hairs at a time won't make a difference.

EDIT: The Blue Steele I got today also had that weird residue that made my hands feel weird. Maybe it's just a wig thing?

Overall grade:. 8.5/10

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Product: Blue Steele in black (064)
Purchased at: http://www.arda-wigs.com/
Timeline: Placed order on Friday night, and it was processed and shipped the following Monday. It arrived today, Thursday. So, 3-4 business days total.
Pictures: I have a crappy camera that wouldn't do this wonderful wig justice, so no pictures, sorry.
Pros: Shipping is super fast. Fibers look and feel realistic. The wig cap is so roomy, It can fit my huge head comfortably, no headaches!
Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall grade:. 10/10
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Purchased: Lulu wig in light brown (070B)
Picture of Product: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0fzddxlAZ1qih813.jpg
Cosplay that it will be used for: North Italy (Axis Powers: Hetalia)
-Right color and right style as the pictures on the website show. (No surprises)
-Wig cap isn't too big, or too small. (on my head anyway)
-The wig is thick and has enough hair. There are no parts on the wig where it would be considered too sparse.
-Shipping took a little long. I had to wait all five business days and three days for shipping. I live a couple states over from where they are based. (I should mention that they just got back from a convention and were getting a whole new stock + having the sale. So these could've been factors as to why.)
-The wig texture has a little bit of a prickly texture to it, but not much.

Grade: 9.5/10

Overall, everything was wonderful. The service was nice, and I got exactly what I expected. I took half a point off because of the long shipping time, but again, as I mentioned before, that could be due to the fact they they were busy with many things.

From my experience, I would recommend you order it at least two weeks in advance. They do also have overnight shipping I believe, though it's about five times as much for shipping. Though I honestly don't think/hope that most people would be ordering that close to the time they need it.
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Name of Product: Jett in light blue
Where Purchased: the website
Product Description: short spiky wig (no pictures yet, I'm still working on it)

Sooooo...being as all the other wigs I wanted to use as a base for Roronoa Zoro were either discontinued or just plain not right (too thin, etc), I finally got my first Arda wig. I spent a lot of time researching on both their own site info as well as their forums to confirm that their heat-resistant wigs could still be dyed, as I need to tint this wig a slight shade of minty green to get it the perfect shade of seafoam-green that Zoro's hair really is, in the anime anyway.

Weeeeell...should have dug deeper on the wig forums here instead. The dye is NOT taking, even after repeated rinsings my fingers are still coming out green whenever I attempt to work with the wig. I had to hand-color the entire thing in the end, because ink-dyeing just didn't take at all, but it doesn't seem like anything besides possibly RIT will actually dye these wigs. I was unable to finish the wig in time to debut, so I've put it on the shelf for now and will come back to it eventually, mostly hoping that I don't have to strip off all the ink and try RIT instead.

Pros: right base style for what I needed, fast shipping
Cons: not as dyeable as rumors would let on. Also, I really am not a fan of the heat-resistant fiber. It was not soft like I'm used to, it was very coarse (not counting the frizzed under layer for spiking, I mean the actual straight fiber) and unpleasant to touch. It seems to happily restyle itself just by moving it with my fingers, which is not something I want in a finished Zoro wig. Finally, the wig cap was HUGE. I had to actually sew the elastic along the under-ear edge on both sides in order to shorten it so that it would stay on my head - and I have an above-average head! I had to move one of the wefts in order to take in the excess elastic, something I was not expecting to do.
Overall Rating: 0-10 (0 is poor, 10 is excellent) 5. Honestly, I was willing to give heat-resistant wigs a shot, but this just isn't living up to the hype. It's very average.
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Name of Commissioner : Arda Wigs
Product: Exchange a Magnum Long wig (Platinum Blonde) for a Ferrari wig in Maroon
Purchased at: http://www.arda-wigs.com/
Timeline: One week for the Magnum wig to arrive because of the sale. 5 days for the ferrari to come to the mail after I send the Magnum wig back to Arda.
Pictures: None at the moment.
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) : I originally bought the Magnum Long wig for Emil (Tales of Symphonia 2). Then Exchange it for Ferrari wig for Richter (Tales of Symphonia 2)
Describe your Experience Pros, Cons, Comments: I first bought the wig around the sale of March and while I heard many good reviews about the store, I was nervous buying my first arda wig. I couldn't pass a good sale like this, so I went forward and bought a wig. It took a while for my order to process because of the sale, but I was happy and waited for the wig. It took a week or so, and finally my wig arrived. The wig itself was beautiful with the right size and all, but the color wasn't as what I though it be. In the monitor it look more natural blonde but looking it in person it was still too yellow for my taste. I heard that Arda has an exchange wig policy as long as I didn't wear it and it comes with the conditions as it arrived through the mail.
I contacted an Arda representative and they responded really fast as well as made a note that I would be sending the wig at their location. Once they received the wig (took 3 days), they later send my Ferrari Wig to my apartment in 2 days. I was happy with this wig, because it was the right shade of red I was looking for and it was very soft. I adjusted the wig which fit perfectly on my head.

- Is the right shade of red I needed. Its neither too dark nor light.
-Wig has enough volume to make nice full bangs and it looks realistic.
-Shipping was fast
-None so far

Grade: 10/10
I was more impress with the wig exchange policy since most places I go to, won't do that. Plus because of the sale, I expected some late delay but overall it wasn't too bad. The communication between me and Arda was excellent, that they were kind enough to not charge me the difference price of Magnum and Ferrari. I just needed to pay for 5$ for shipping.
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I haven't seen any reviews of their lace front wigs, so I figure I'll chime in!

Name of Product: Matilda in Pumpkin

Where Purchased: ACen

Product Description: Absolutely stunning wig. I was looking for something for my Jessica Rabbit costume and knew I wanted a natural looking red that would be luxurious and stunning and that didn't have a hard front, but I didn't want to have to refront a wig, so I was absolutely thrilled to find a cosplay site that actually had lace front wigs! I was even more thrilled to find out that they were attending a con near me so that I could look at and purchase the wig there, saving a couple bucks on shipping.

Picture of the wig in use.

Pros: Absolutely amazing price for a lace front wig. Seriously, I don't think I can emphasize what a great deal $65 is for a lace front, especially one with such lovely fibers. Which brings me to the next point: the lack of shine! It's wonderfully realistic and photographs well, with no unseemly shine and a wonderful, natural looking blend of colors. I haven't had the need to do any styling, so I can't say how well it holds up to heat, but it came out of the bag in exactly the style I needed, so I can't really complain. I also loved the large size of the cap, as I have a lot of hair to keep under the wig, so it's nice to not have to use as many pins to keep the wig on.

Cons: This is super finnicky and really a complaint about all machine fronted wigs, but the hairline is just so unnatural looking and solid. However, and we're back to a pro here really, the lace was easy enough to ventilate on that I was able to make the hairline a little more natural looking myself with some hair I cut out of the back of the wig. (It wasn't missed, as the wig is so thick.)

Overall Rating: 9.8/10 Honestly, the most beautiful wig I own.
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Name of Product: Blue Steele in Light Grey (107)

Where Purchased: Arda Wigs

Product Description: Very short in the back with long, chin level bangs in the front.

Pros: Though it's very short in the back it's still thick enough to keep everything underneath covered. The bangs are extreely thick as well. The color was a very nice blend of light greys. It didn't quite look silver. (I've dyed it since, since a darker grey is not available.) The cap was nice and comfortable. it was a bit large, but adjustable, so it worked well. Sturdy and nice quality for a great price. Arda's shipping was very fast as well. I had it within the week.

Cons: The colors available are limitted for this one, but I have no issues with the wig itself or Arda's service.

Overall Rating: 10/10 Great wig, great site.
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Name of Product: Long Weft - Titanium Blonde (AR017)

Where Purchased: Arda Wigs

Product Description: This Blonde is a Very Bleached Blonde Color. A color between Silver 063 & Ash Blonde 062. Blended and Heat Resistant.
Long wefts! Long wefts everywhere!
These wefts are nothing but a 5 foot long string of sewn fiber.
The length of the hair is 90cm. WOW! WHAT A DEAL!
These weigh a ton. No lie.

Pros: The perfect color for Yami Marik/Marik or anyone that has a very faint blonde tint to their hair. The wefts are nice and smooth.

Cons: The wefts tangle really easily. It was rather difficult for me to separate the wefts to work with them. =/ They are actually just in a ball now in the bag I got them in.

Overall rating; 7/10
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Name of Product: Cady, black
Where Purchased:Arda Wigs
Product Description: Short, messy lace-front wig
Pros: VERY thick, oh my goodness! The fibres were great to work with and styled well with just hairspray and teasing. It fit well on my head to the point where I barely noticed I had it on until I looked in a mirror. It all held up VERY well after a long night of dancing like an idiot, thanks also to a liberal use of bobby pins.
Cons: It was a bit expensive, but it was totally worth the price. This next point is directed more at Arda itself rather than the wig. I ordered mine on the 16th of July and told it was shipped out, but I never received any information other than that. It was well past the date when it should have arrived before I contacted them again. Their customer service is FANTASTIC, the person I talked to was very polite and reasonable, and it got shipped out soon after I talked to them. After that little roadbump, it got here quickly. So I guess a word of warning, buy from them early just in case something goes wrong!
Overall Rating: 10. This was a great purchase, and I would totally buy from them again!
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So Arda-Wigs had their 10001LIKES sale this weekend, so excitedly I decided WHY THE HELL NOT?! I had been eyeing the Jasmine Wig and the Malinda for a LONG LONG TIME (Since July) so I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on them ones the Wig sale began. I decided to give them an extra chance since mostly everyone is raving about their wigs and not their wefts.

Now onto the review that I am dreading of making since the wigs just got here today and I kept telling all of my friends to buy from them, going with the flow of "ARDA'S AMAZINGGG' bandwagon only to be severely disappointed.
Since I bought two wigs, I shall be making two separate reviews.

Name of Product: Jasmine 064 (Black)
Where Purchased: Arda Wigs
Product Description: Attached Ponytail wig.

Pros: Its an attached ponytail. .__. Thats the only pro I can see at the current moment.

Cons: Jesus Christ, I don't know if this was because they were having a sale or they really do not care about the packaging. At first I was like, "OH SNAPS. THEY PUT THEM IN A BOX." But then I opened the box and see the Jasmine wig wrapped around in layers of plastic. I'm like "Hn..that's a strange way to package...a wig." So I unwrap it, and the wig TANGLES. the ponytail part of the wig was just frizzy. To the lack of my better judgement, I did what Arda's website says. I took out the ponytail so I can mount it onto my head and redo the ponytail. PFFFT, nope. Its IMPOSSIBLE to fix this wig on your head in order to get the proper height that you need for whatever ponytail needs you might need. The wig slips off (Arda did warn about this, so I guess its not much of a con) and even with the three combs (that are on the undersides of the wig and for some reason the top comb is not even CENTERED and its off to the side.) I guess I could fix it, if the damn wig fibers didn't get in the way and tangled every time I touch it. I swear I feel like I need to use the Silicon Spray method on this wig to make sure that I won't have a ponytail bag of mess.
Now onto the wig fibers.
What the hell has everyone been raving about?! I have gotten silkier wigs on Ebay for $20 + free shipping that do not tangle this much. While combing the wig in order to style it and to get the tangles out (wide tooth comb mind you), the wig decided to shed. A brand new wig, shedding on the floor as I am trying to style this to a tighter and higher ponytail. I have gotten wigs from Clarrissa's Kids on Ebay, and it took 5 brutal washes, and hair pulling brushes until the wig started to shed. All bashing aside. The wig fibers are not silky. I can barely get my fingers to go through it without running into tangles. They aren't coarse but hell, it sure does not look like real hair like the rest of my wigs from Ebay do.

Also, it is not even a real ponytail.
Did I forget to mention that?
As I took the ponytail out, I noticed something strange in the back of the wig's cap. As the fibers are parted to the side or something, there is a mass of short, short wig fibers, all matted and frizzy. Now, I don't know if that is a pro or a con, since I would imagine that more wig fiber = more hassle but it looks so bad when the fibers aren't layered over each other properly.

I shall be taking photos of what I am talking about since I might be ranting about stupid things.

Overall Rating: (0 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) 4.
Yes. A 4. Even if it is my first Arda wig, my expectations were not even remotely met. I have heard only good things about them, but..this was hardly a good thing...And it was extremely expensive as well.

Name of Product: Malinda 014 (Titanium Blonde)
Where Purchased:Arda Wigs
Product Description: A wig perfect for gravity defying spikes!

Pros: Right color.

Cons: Its so THIN. WHAT GRAVITY DEFYING SPIKES ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT?! I was messing around with the fibers, trying to see how 'thick' Arda claimed it to be, and BAM moved one layer of fibers, ginormous hole of wig cap can be seen. I was appalled. I even asked them specifically on their Facebook page what wig would be good for styling Yugioh style hair and they told me to wait since they have a perfect surprise for DBZ, Yugioh and any other character with insane spiky hair. So I did. And I waited. And waited. Then AMG THE MALINDA CAME OUT. I was so psyched with this wig, that I was imagining how epic it will be to not have to deal with adding wefts to add thickness and fullness to this wig that was supposed to make my life easier.
They forgot to add that you need to buy a pack of wefts when purchasing this wig. Thankfully I bought some in July that should of been a clear warning to what Arda clearly seems to be so now I have to figure out, how to get the wefts out of the knots (silicon spray anyone), and get it onto the a wig that was specifically made to be spiked and needless of adding wefts. :/

Overall Rating: (0 being the lowest, 10 being the highest)
A 2. Seriously, the fact that I wasted money on this wig, just because it was the right color, is pissing me off the more I think about it. I expected so much more out of Arda but its been such a damn let down. :/

I am going to stick to Ebay for my wig purchases for now on if I ever have to buy another wig. I am sorry Arda, but you lost a customer that had so much faith in you. :'[

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Hm...my turn?
Name of Product: Magnum Long, Black
Where it was purchased: Arda Wigs
Product Description: Longer version of their Magnum style with a quarter size skin-top
Pros: This wig...it is so soft..and thick..and downright easy to work with. Plus...it looks so realistic without any weird shine like some black wigs
Cons: None really except for a mistake on my part, I wasn't expecting actual Shoulder legnth, I assumed it'd just bursh the shoulders, so I did trim quite a bit off
Overall Rating: Soild 10. This is one of the best wigs I've ever purchased
The wig in action: http://www.cosplay.com/photo/3292323/
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Awright, got two wigs in from Arda's sale today.

First one:

Eowyn in Pumpkin

Took a couple days to ship, about a day and a half to get on my doorstep. I have to say, I'm extremely pleased with this wig. It's beautiful and so soft. I knew it would be gorgeous because I'm a frequent Arda customer, but I didn't expect it to be as soft as it is! Usually Arda's fibers are a little course, but this wig is so silky smooth.


Rating: 10

Next one:

Inigo in Sandy Brown

I was surprised at how soft this wig was as well. I'm very happy with it. The only problem is that the top is fuzzy where the part is. It's not noticeable (in fact, it looks natural) and I smoothed it out a bit, but I think I would've liked it to be smoother up top.


Rating: 9

Very happy!
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Name of Product: Jett, Light Blonde; Short Wefts, Light Blnde
Where Purchased: Arda Wigs
Product Description:
-This rocking short spiky style has no skin top, just lots of fluffy hair on top.
-Short, crimped wefts stay exactly where you put them.
-Comb flat or shake right out of the bag for a wild look.
-Overall length of this wig is approx 2'' to 2.5''.
-All colors are heat resistant hiperlon fiber.
Pros: Love the color blend owo Nice golden color, though my parents called it Orange at first >.> The wig is really comfy and is a really nice boyish style to the point where I could probably pass as a boy if I didn't have D-cups .w. Wig fibers are nice and short to the point where they are impossible to tangle. Fast shipping, too.
Cons: The fibers are a tad bit coarse and the fibers don't seem to like spiking up like they advertised on the website. My biggest complaint, however, is the fact that they put too few wefts in the back and you can see through the wig a little bit. I had bought the wefts to make a ponytail, but it looks like I'm doing some wig repair as well ._.
Overall Rating: 9/10, my only major complaint was the quality of the back
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Name of Product: Claudia in Dark Brown
Where Purchased: Arda Wigs
Product Description:
The curls on this wig are amazing. Arda always does a wonderful job with curls. They are so nice and boingy. They do have a little fizzyness to them, but nothing you would notice from far away. The part at the top is off the the side, which is a bit odd, but it doesn't detract from the value of this wig. Though the top part of this wig is flat and not curly, be careful brushing. I brushed just the top part of this wig and it still messed up the curls (though it looks fine the way I styled it.) The wig cap is quite large I have to have the hooks very far in, but it still fits well. Very easy to style, nice soft and natural.
Unstyled, Styled.
Rating: 9.5/10

Name of Product: Indigo in Black
Where Purchased: Arda Wigs
Product Description:
This wig has a weird texture compared to other Arda wigs. It's very coarse. The top even has a little fuzzy teased part, which I wish would have been better described or pictured on their website as it looked rather odd on. Either way it functioned the way it should have so all is good.
Unstyled, In Use.
Rating: 7.5/10

Name of Product: Blue Steele & 2 curly Clips in Hot Pink
Where Purchased: Arda Wigs
Product Description: The blue Steele is a wonderful wig! It is so great to use as a base wig for ponytails. It sits flat on my head and is very easy to wear. The fibers are super short so if you just wanted really short hair this would work as well. I cut the bangs on this wig and that was very easy to do. The extra long bangs that they send their wigs with work very very well.
The curly clips have amazingly awesome curls! When wearing them I love to bounce up and down because the curls bounce with me. I had some troubles with the clips showing but it wasn't a big deal. It was easily fixed by moving the fibers around.
Unstyled, Styled.
Rating: 10/10 & 10/10

Name of Product: Braid buns in bubblegum
Where Purchased: Arda Wigs
Product Description:
I got these while they were discounted for factory errors. So some of my issues would not stand true to the current batch of them. Mine have some very visable glue spotches from where they glued the wefts to the netting. One also has a ink stain on it. But over all these worked well and served their perpouse. You couldn't see the defects unless you looked very hard.
In Use.
Rating: 8/10
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