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Unread 11-14-2012, 09:02 PM   #1
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Makeup or No makeup?

I was just curious to see who all puts on makeup when its not required in their cosplay.
I have been cosplaying for a while but just recently decided to start wearing foundation and stuff to make my face appear smother and when needed rosey. I myself never wear makeup but enjoy putting it on for cosplay purposes. I think that when I'm cosplaying a normal person a little bit of foundation smooths the skin and seems to add that extra touch to pull it off.
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I took usually use foundation to make my skin look smoother. I also use it to make it so that when pictures are taken I don't have to worry as much if my face is red from the heat and what not. ( I am very heat sensitive so it helps a bit to not look like I might burn up, also helps with my slightly paler skin otherwise.)

Sometimes eyeliner and lipstick but usually not lipstick if I think it will be too much.
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I always use makeup, guy, girl, alien, demon, monkey...

I use it
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I always wear makeup! No question! Even if I'm cosplaying a male character I wear it.
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Makeup is ALWAYS needed for a cosplay if your face is showing. Maybe not lipstick and eyeliner and eyeshadow and blush and false eyelashes every single time, but everyone benefits from at least some concealer and foundation/powder to get a non-shiny, more evenly-toned complexion. I always have foundation and concealer, an eyeshadow that's either the colour the character wears or a subtle neutral/nude colour, mascara and some eyeliner (I have small eyes and pretty well no eyelashes. I NEED it, myself, for definition so my eyes don't disappear on the camera), and if appropriate, lipstick.
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I dont wear makeup outside cosplay, I dont feel the need. But for cosplay I will, if like my character has a scar then ill do the makeup thing to make it. The only makeup up I will usually wear is when I need to color in my eyebrows to match the color im wearing.
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Before I started cosplaying, the extent of the makeup I owned was one mascara tube and I lost that. Now I've been cosplaying for a year and I already have a drawer overflowing with makeup. It really is necessary. In the unflattering hall photos people will take of you, makeup helps to lessen the awfulness. I go all out for cosplay because of this. The one thing I do not wear much is eye shadow and that's just because my eyelids/upper eye area is already very defined and I do not need the additional contouring. Plus I'm so low maintenance that that last part isn't necessary to me. ^.^
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Always! Guy or girl, doesn't matter. The level of which I use varies, though. I usually use some liquid concealer/foundation and mascara (I have BLONDE eyelashes. Ugh. ) for everything. Then depending on who I am I may add lip colors and eye shadows.
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Ever since I had a guy at a scifi con with a really expensive high-end hi-def camera take photos of me that showed EVERY SINGLE PORE on my craggy face, I have worn makeup with every costume no matter what. Even for the rough, rugged, manly men. It's mostly just foundation with a little contouring, and a little eyeliner/mascara to make my blond eyelashes and eyebrows pop, but with cameras these days? You pretty much have to.
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I only cosplay while wearing makeup. Granted I've been wearing it for 16 years now, and it's the only category related to cosplaying that I felt reasonably comfortable with when I started in this hobby. Probably related to my experience with the performing arts.

Plus, everyone looks better with well applied makeup.
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I always wear makeup for cosplay as well. Granted, I usually wear a little bit on a daily basis anyways, but particularly for cosplay I like to do so because I think it really improves photos.
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I sometimes wear make up for cosplay. I typically don't for conventions (with the exception of Sakura Con.) There isn't really a point for me to wear it because I only get my picture taken by like two people the entire convention anyways, with or without makeup. I also have a problem with it wearing off since Kawaii Kon and Hexxp are always very hot and since I usually staff I don't get the time to just fix it a lot. So I just don't bother? Maybe I'm just lazy...

I do definitely do for all photoshoots now days though. It helps me a lot and my face is super round so I've been working on conturing it. I also use foundation, eyeliner, and cover up... Sometimes I'll even use lipstick (lip balm? not sure the difference...) because my normal lips are a bit pale and will look weird otherwise. I do this for most of my photoshoots lol and I usually cosplay guys.... Though admittedly, I still don't know how to use eyeshadow.
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Makeup, always makeup. In cosplay or normally for everyday, I wear makeup. I absolutely love it, I rarely won't be caught dead with out it.
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Makeup in cosplay always. If the character isn't supposed to have the "makeup look" I do something relatively simple just to accent my eyes and cover blemishes and such. Outside of cosplay, nope, way too lazy to wear makeup everyday.
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Make-up is always a must for me when cosplaying. If the character doesn't have a "made-up" look, I just use foundation/concealer to even my skin tone, light brown eyeliner on the top lids of my eyes to define them a bit, and a "highlight" foundation a couple shades lighter than my skin tone on the bridge of my nose and cheekbones to make sure my face doesn't come out looking flat in photographs. Depending on the character, I might do some more contouring with highlights and shadow as well. This is considered basic make-up (for men as well) in both theater and film.
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