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Buyers Beware: Mykaios aka FATE/Cosplay

I am writing this post with the desire to inform fellow cosplayers. I am not here to start a fight, create drama, set people against each other, or anything like that. I simply want my commission experience with Mykaios (aka Fate/COSPLAY) to be on public record so that the mistakes I made can be avoided by others. This is a truthful account of what has transpired between me and this commissioner.

I wanted to commission a detailed costume for myself, and I used Cosplay.com to find a commissioner to make this costume for me. This cosplay would be for a beloved character from a manga I love. I have used the Cosplay site before and met great, talented commissioners who provided me with great costume props, customer service, and photos of the product while under construction.

I found Mykaios on this site, and I used the search feature of this website to check on her previous commissions and customer ratings; they all looked positive. Thus, I sent an e-mail on July 29, 2012, to her to request her commissioning services and to see if she would be willing to accept my commission. As of August 8th, my commission was accepted by her.

On August 11, 2012, I sent 50% payment for the commission to Mykaios via Paypal as we agreed, for her to begin work and to reserve a spot in her schedule for my commission. The amount was sent, much to my regret, as a gift instead of as payment for goods/services. This action would later prevent me from reversing charges when the commission did not go as planned. Lesson learned.

Between Mykaios and me was a written contract, signed by both of us in September of 2012, for a completion date set for February, 2013. On this contract, it states delays were possible, but the commissioned item would be received by the date on the contract.

I kept in touch with Mykaios through e-mail to ask about progress of the commission. She also has her Facebook page where she occasionally posts updates: www.facebook.com/mykaios.cosplay. I did not see actual photo updates regarding my commission until July of this year, and these photos were partial photos of the product. She had promised via e-mail that she would send me regular updates as well as progress photos of her work. Other commissioners I have worked with did this for me out of courtesy and mutual respect, and it was never an issue.

After months of getting no photos of progress on the project, I became worried. She continued to assure me, via e-mail, that she would get the commission done in time for my February 2013 deadline. She offered no proof of even having made my commission until July 26, 2013, which was 5 months past the agreed upon due date! I got 5 partial photos through e-mail and no photos of the completed costume itself. Until then, I had no proof whatsoever that she even made the cosplay and did not just run off with my payment I paid to get the commission started and reserve my place in her schedule.

Our signed contract agreement was that she would have the costume finished in February, 2013. This did not happen. She offered excuse after excuse as to why there were no photos and no shipment including inclement weather, lack of transportation to the post office, and bad lighting in her apartment. I understand things happen and delays can occur, and I tried to be as understanding and as accommodating as possible.

After the first missed deadline and receiving no progress photos, I told Mykaios I refused to pay her further until I received my item. Under normal circumstances I would pay the rest of the commission price to get my item shipped to me, which I have done with commissioners in the past. This commission with Mykaois, however, was not proceeding as a normal commission would. Normally, I would have received progress photos, good communication, and finished product photos. This is all done to ensure trust and prove that a product was actually created with the money spent.

Next, Mykaios said she would send the commission to me in March, 2013. This did not happen.

After this second failed deadline, she said she would get it to me before my absolute deadline of July 3, 2013. I even told her she could deliver it to my home address, and I would assume the trouble of getting my cosplay to the hotel I was staying at. She sent me a USPS tracking number on July 1, but when I received no package or updates I called USPS. They verified no package was given to them to deliver. I did not receive my commissioned cosplay in time for my convention, despite her promises to do so. My cosplay plans involving this new cosplay that was promised to me were destroyed. I had built most of my Anime Expo plans around wearing this new cosplay, and I had created my own cosplay props and accessories to wear with it. I cannot express how disappointed I was.

Mykaios then gave me a FedEx Ground shipping number in late July, 2013, for a package that was never mailed out. I verified that this package was never mailed out with a FedEx representative. Mykaios admitted that she never mailed out this package as well when I asked her about it, and then said she would get it sent to me before August 30th at the latest. This did not happen as it still has not been shipped!

There has been a long string of false promises and missed deadlines, and I commissioned this costume over 1 year ago! I still do not have my commissioned costume, and trying to work things out with her has resulted in nothing. She continues to promise to ship the costume to me soon, and she continues not to follow through. This is unprofessional and unacceptable.

Currently, after missing her August 30th deadline, she wrote on her Facebook page that she will notify the customer when the commission is ready. Will it be sometime this year, next year, or never? I am beyond disappointed with this as it offers no real solution to the problem. How can a customer be expected to wait on when a commissioner decides to finish the commission, especially after deadline after deadline has already been broken?

After so many missed deadlines on her part, I refuse to pay her further until she gives me proof, beyond a doubt, that the costume is finished as I commissioned it and is shipped. I told her this, and I also told her I would send her shipping money immediately once I get a working shipping number and verify with the shipping entity. I wrote and told her I would immediately pay the remainder of the costume commission cost once I actually receive the costume (after it being more than 6 months past signed contract due date).

I really wish I could avoid making this post, but the action Mykaios has taken leaves me no choice. I do not want anyone else to experience what I have experienced with this commissioner, so I write this post to be informative and to serve as a warning. Mykaios is in breach of the signed contract we made. I am very sad and disappointed with this transaction, which is lacking in customer service and commitment from Mykaios. I cannot understand why she will not just work with me and send me my finished costume, especially after she has told me multiple times that it is finished. I want the commissioner to follow through with our agreement and ship my costume to me, which I would dearly love to have after waiting for it for so long. This whole experience is something no customer should have to go through, and I am so disappointed that Mykaios has done so little to make things right. A set date for when I can expect my cosplay would definitely help the situation, as this commissioner has yet to rectify this terrible commission experience.

An Internet crime report was submitted against her at www.ic3.gov. I was left no other choice when Mykaios gave no completion date nor showed any indication of wanting to complete my commission anytime soon. Her actions left me no other option than to seek help from law enforcement. When and how the report will be handled is yet to be determined at this point.

This post will be updated as developments occur.

Update for September 10: Mykaios created a completion/shipping schedule, slotting my shipment of cosplay to occur by October 15th. I'd love nothing more than to get my cosplay at last and complete the transaction. I could put into the crime report that the commissioner has rectified her mistake, at last.

I would also like to add that filing a crime report is by no means a joke and is to be taken very seriously. It is best left as a last resort when all else has failed.

Update for October 15: today was the date Mykaios gave publicly for shipping my cosplay out. According to her, the cosplay is completed. However, I have received no word from Mykaios nor any reply regarding what the status of my cosplay shipment is.

Update for November 20: I should not have to even be updating this post if Mykaios had actually delivered my cosplay before the end of October as she had previously promised. Of course, I do not have my cosplay nor have I had any communication from this commissioner.

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I found Mykaios on this site, and I used the search feature of this website to check on her previous commissions and customer ratings; they all looked positive. Thus, I sent an e-mail on July 29, 2012, to her to request her commissioning services and to see if she would be willing to accept my commission. As of August 8th, my commission was accepted by her.
Taking that long to answer back an email, she must've been busy with other stuff. As most commissioners are usually available asap. And if they are busy they would tell you straight up that they can't work on your costume right away and will probably put your cosplay on a back burner if you agree to their service anyway. Consistently updating you and emailing you on the progression of the outfit. Not just randomly one day give you a list of other cosplays their working on months later of why they are taking so long.

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I've run into the exact same problem. I commissioned an outfit from her last year and I haven't had a single update. Not a single one. I honestly don't know what to do, I've lost $150 on this commissioner.
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I'm sure you're well aware of the other thread here re: Mykaios. I wonder how many people now she has scammed? There are at least three crime reports against her already. Goodness what a horrible experience for all involved! I'm so sorry to hear your story, which matches so closely all of the others already shared. Hopefully she will be brought to justice soon.
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It's funny, I always thought Mykaios was a really good commissioner because she used to have some examples of her own cosplays in her signature or something and the pics were really good. I guess some things are too good to be true. Though when I looked at her FB page back in 2012 when she sent me a quote for a cosplay (which thankfully I never agreed to because it was way too much for me at the time) and I didn't think her work was all that great for what she was advertising.
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