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Question Right tecnique to make reaper nevermore mask

Can you advice me a tecnique for making this mask?
Reaper Nevermore
I try pepakura but at the end I realize that fiberglass resin take so much time, and I read that the mask will be too heavy to wear it all day.
So I'm stuck.
I could try to make a pattern starting from the pepakura to make it with eva foam?
Or make it completely with pink insulation foam (that I love as material)?
(maybe I could try to use clay on some part but I've never used it on cosplay).
I can't mould + cast it 'cause it's a bit too expensive for now.
thank you in advance
mask making is my nightmare in cosplay
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I think either foam option will be nice. Both will require layers of smoothing materials (gesso, plaster, paint, glue, etc.) which will add weight but not so much as to make it unwearable. the same issue exists with resin, it really depends on how much you wind up using. IF your base layers are really good, you spend plenty of time sanding, you'll need less thick layers on top of that base.

There is a general tendency I see often where people try and hide flaws in a base layer by piling thick crap on top instead of spending the time sanding that base carefully. Don't fall into that trap and your mask will be very wearable.

As this is a face mask as opposed to whole head, I'd build the strap portion to hold it on first, work with it constantly to ensure it's both placed right and strong enough.
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vid for paper plague doctor mask, whch is close

other than the modding to make it the reaper mask
you may want to use poster board (dollar store, come in 11x14in sheets if still available)
(last ive been to a dollar store was 2003)

you can get rather durable results using "card" weight paper, white/school glue
and a coat of acrylic sealer (spray paint isle)

when gluing the layers make sure the whole side of the paper is glued,
no dry spots, but no excess glue

if your not doing the pep. method since theres not really any crazy bends
(eyebrow, nostrils and "open mouth" can be added)
you can cut out the shapes you need x layers, and layer the paper right away
but youd need to find a way to hold it in shape for 12-24 hrs to dry
so it dont curl

using your pep. instructions with card is an option aswell
the strenght comes from having a few layers (2-3 is fine)
but since you cant offset the layers you may wana reinforce the folds or seperated pieces using news paper and glue water (papermache)

you can source the head straps rather cheap using face shields
protip* when using wikia, click image to bring up slideshow, click image name top left,
and select size options (if available) till you find one of appropiate size

disclaimer* im not an expert, i simply add in my "2 cents" having a second opinion is always a safe bet
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