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Unread 01-30-2013, 09:11 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by Mehdia View Post
Man, I used to think I spent a lot on costumes, but you guys own! I manage to buy almost everything I use on sale or with coupons, so I cut down costs quite a bit. My most expensive single costume was my Madam Red and it would about $300 (it would have cost WAY more if I wouldn't have bought 15 yards of fabric with 40% off coupons). Most expensive single thing I bought that I can remember was a wig that was about $60...and I have yet to actually use it and I bought it over four years ago.
This. This this this. Joann's has turned me into a coupon theme. I spent 80 on just the wool alone for Roy Mustang, and that was with a half off coupon. I also once spent 90 on silk, which was with 40% off. It's not for a specific cosplay, but I dropped a fair amount of money on gear for my propmaking, which includes my dremel.
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Ron Jr
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Ok I am about to set the high water mark. My Return of The Jedi Darth Vader is over the $6,000.00 mark and I am not done yet. The helmet alone was around $900.00. The cape $300.00 leather suit $600.00. It gets crazy when you want screen acurate.
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Getting into K-On! inspired me to finally buy a new guitar after pondering doing so for almost 10 years. Watching the series inspired me to check out Gibson Les Paul Standards and I absolutely fell in love with the tone and feel of them. Even if I wasn't into the series I would've loved the guitar as they are some of the highest quality guitars Gibson makes that any guitar player can appreciate.

So I incorporate a $1600 "guitar prop" in my Yui Hirasawa cosplay. Throw in her backpack style guitar case ($40), her navy/light blue school bag that I had to order from Japan which is very useful for lugging guitar accessories ($70), and my portable guitar rig (portable Pignose amp $70, Boss RC-30 loop station $270, octave pedal $70), my "props" alone run to nearly $2000. The costs of her winter and summer uniforms and custom HTT T-shirt I made are insignificant compared to this.

I love playing guitar and cosplaying as her allows me to play music while being in character for a series I love. I also get a ton of use of these "props" when I'm not cosplaying so it's not like they gather dust outside of cons.
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Unread 02-02-2013, 12:37 PM   #34
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My Ciel cosplays tend to take the most money, just because I'm dedicated to being the best of him I can be and like props too much >x<; Trying to get the right color for his hair caused me to go through three wigs that all added up to about $90 (One 30, one femCiel I use for 45, then the one I use now for 17. The fact I could've gotten it cheap in the first place is a slap to the face..) Rings cost me around $15, costumes from $105-$130..gloves and tights $20 altogether, shoes $10, props (a couple of canes, plushies, etc) probably add up to about $30 and will go to $60 once I order my Funtom rabbit.
Proof of love (*cough*OBSESSION*cough*), guys. Nearly $300, which isn't that much in comparison to some of these, but a lot of those prices were guesstimates since it's been so long. If you're counting both the costumes of him I'm getting, though, it's closer to $400. Still not TOO bad since that's been since I started cosplaying him a couple of years ago. My average for costumes used to be about $180, but since then it's about $150.
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Yeah, Ciel cosplays can be expensive if you do everything super accurate. Heck, even your own version of him is just as expensive if you're period accurate. His cosplay is my most costly so far, totalling somewhere around $200-250, and I already had some parts of it to begin with. Not nearly as large of an amount as some on here, but I'm not used to spending so much money(being a student and all). I think it's worth it though.
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I'm actually really lousy at keeping track of costs for cosplay. >.> I can't even say how much I spent on Rarity, all I can say is a lot more than I should have since I messed up so many times... So much fabric wasted. ;A;

Skyward Sword Zelda I came to the approximate cost of $260. Derpy was around, off the top of my head... Around $50? When Len is completed, he will be around... $150, though if I was able to do things the way I wanted, he'd probably be a lot more (like $600 range). I don't even remember how much Anju cost...

So far, the total projected cost for Kenshin is like $120 or so, not including potential costs for a sakabato (still wondering how I'm going to go about that).

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Eau de Decus
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I've sunk at least $1,500.00 over three re-makes of this prop/sword for Decus alone. With the outfit, wig, shoes..etc it's my most expensive outfit to date, being the only outfit to tip over the $2,000.00 mark. I'd say it's as perfect as I could get, but I have the coffin in my living room as I type this going under more upgrades. Other than that, I'm currently working on my current crossplay, Selvaria Bles, which is estimated at about $1,200.00. I'd say I haven't made an outfit for under $500.00 yet other than maybe...two? That would explain why I'm trying to tone down my new outfits to a logical pace...

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Princess Serenity costs about 100$
Wig: 80$ (styled myself)
Casa Crepe: 9$ for 2.5 yards
Pleather: 5$ for a yard
chiffon: 2$ for 6 yards
beading: 5$

Most of my materials I collected over time so it's been really cheap.

I think the most I've spent on a costume was 200?
And that was even including mess up's. And that was on Small Lady Serenity.

Hmmm, Lara Croft is pricey.

Video Game (lol, research) + Strategy guide: over 100$
necklace attire with clay: about 10$ I'm guessing
Recurve Bow with arrow: 27$ (a steal)
Tank top: 6$
Cargo pants: 6$
hair dye: 10$
Clip on pony tail: 6$
Cardboard: Free
Belts: ???4
pleather: 5-10

So about 200$ when all is said and done for Lara Croft. If I don't get the game right away then that lowers the cost of course.

Most of my costumes cost 200 or less.
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Unread 02-03-2013, 06:20 AM   #39
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This has made it clear to me that I am a cheapskate closet cosplayer.
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My Midna cosplay cost me about $450. Yeaaah....
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Unread 02-03-2013, 10:49 AM   #41
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Originally Posted by Ron Jr View Post
Ok I am about to set the high water mark. My Return of The Jedi Darth Vader is over the $6,000.00 mark and I am not done yet. The helmet alone was around $900.00. The cape $300.00 leather suit $600.00. It gets crazy when you want screen acurate.
Good lord, I'm making a Luminara Unduli cosplay (from The Phantom Menace), which is already getting expensive, but you definitely take the cake! Some things can't be screen accurate on mine though just 'cause I'm working on a tight budget and a tight time frame.

I did shell out about $150 for Luminara's lightsaber and by now well over $100 on fabric, not counting screen printing materials, trims, headdress, and petticoat.

Originally Posted by Neelh View Post
This has made it clear to me that I am a cheapskate closet cosplayer.
Mm-hmm, and mine always seem so expensive when I go through my bank records and receipts at the end of the month D:

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Jeez, everyone has me blown out of the water with cost. Currently my most expensive cosplay is Oswin Oswald.

Wig: $42
Dress: $20
Socks (ended up having to buy another pair after buying the wrong color): $24
Shoes: $70
Hair Clips: $4

So, in total, about $160. It probably would have cost more, if I had tried to recreate her belt and watch more faithfully, instead of just borrowing my dad's web belt and watch (and my mom's sauce whisk!).

Not quite sure if I will beat this price anytime soon, but we'll see! (I'm starting to try and hunt down more SA Doctor Who pieces, but it's hard and expensive -_-)
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For....about everything I have for Ciel (currently and planned, not including closet cosplays)....I'd say the breakdown goes something like this:

First cosplay (red, fanart)- $100.00
Second (cultist/choir)- $55.00
Third (episode 2? coat)- $55.00
Fourth (cloak)- $105.00
Fifth (season 2)- $35.00
Sixth-(upcoming commission)- $200.00
Top hat- $45.00
Wigs (three, replaced my first, third came with a cosplay)- $34.00
Rings (had to replace one at a convention)- $30.00
Socks and sock garters- $28.00
Shoes and boots- $131.00
Eye patches- $10.00
Gloves- $12.00
Sebastian rabbit (custom made by Jadedsilk)- $90.00

Total? About $930.00


And yet...I continue to plan more. What's wrong with me?
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Unread 02-03-2013, 09:58 PM   #44
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lol and here i am stressing over $105 xD
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I think I'm about to cry over here lmao.

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