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Just a couple days ago, I picked up "Make Your Own Dress Patterns", by Adele P. Margolis, at a drama bookstore in the costuming section. The title is a bit misleading, because instead of just dresses what it does is basically teach you how to make any alterations you can possibly imagine from just a basic sloper pattern, for pants and shirts and jackets as well. I've read it cover to cover in a couple days and it looks to be AMAZING and super comprehensive!
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Zeat Project
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Sew Any Fabric: A Quick Reference to Fabrics from A to Z

I have been cosplaying for about 5 years and I always see other cosplayers using the wrong fabric to make their costumes. This book will help them with choosing the right fabric. Its straightforward and thorough, it will prevent new and experienced people and will save a person hours of frustration when sewing with unfamiliar fabrics.
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I'm totally spending more time around here...
I had just posted a question about books on sewing somewhere else before I found this gold mine here.

I don't have my machine yet, but I am collecting all the info I can get.
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If you haven't bought a machine yet, I highly recommend Pfaff. They are expensive, but they have a double feed(both top and bottom) which makes them super for tricky fabrics, and they last FOREVER, partly because all of the parts inside are metal, so they can take the strain of even professional sewing. I use one instead of an industrial for my work.

Also, a book they haven't mentioned in this thread is the one I use as my pattern textbook (I'm a fashion major at University of Cincinnati). It's called Apparel Making in Fashion Design by Ingoo Kim. It uses geometry to draft patterns.

If you use this book, or do any pattern drafting, I highly recommend a curved ruler, (http://www.artistsupplysource.com/pr...oductid=32927). That is the one I use, it's designed to draw curved lines such as the hip, a arm hole, or a neckline.
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I recently acquired a book titled Dressmaking by Isabel Horner. It was published in 1970, but it's a really handy book for different kinds of stitching, tells you about patterns, sewing machines, doing lining, gathering, taking in garments, seams, fittings, sleeves, hems, fastenings, plackets and openings, pockets, shirts, etc. The copy I have is falling apart and I got it for free from the used book store because they were just going to throw it out.

It's also great if you're heavily visual as it has a lot of diagrams, and gives you a better idea of how things are to look, and how to do them.
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Don't know if it's already been mentioned, but the "Dressmaker's Bible" is my guidebook for now. It really helped me when I needed to figure out how to hem a dress with a train without bunching up the fabric (the Hong Kong finish is awesome). Everything is pretty basic, and most all the instructions only have three or four steps along with pictures, which simplifies things a whole lot.
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Pattern Magic Volumes 1 & 2 are incredible. They illustrate how to make amazing and weird shapes (the text is all in Japanese but if you're familiar with patternmaking it's pretty easy to figure out).

Pattern Magic Vol. 1

Vol. 2- Amazon says that the book is not available on their site at the moment, but I know you can get both volumes on eBay. This link has some pictures of pages in Vol.2. If you do a google image search for them you could even just make the pattern from the pictures!


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Norma Heller Studios
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It's out of print and pretty expensive, but I worked at a costume shop and my boss had a copy and a friend of mine who is a theatre costume designer has a copy that he was given as a graduation present from his grad school advisor...

Dress Design: Draping and Flat Pattern Making by Hillhouse and Mansfield.

This book has everything!

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i tend to favor the costume technicians handbook, and the art of manipulating fabric.....i also love the vogue book of sewing as well
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ive used thed complete sewing guide and it seems really good.
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I really like The Dressmaker's Technique Bible by Lorna Knight. It covers more than just dresses (actually its mostly just an encyclopedia of sewing tecniques so there are very few dress specific entries). I wouldn't say I'd ever swear by it; its certainly missing more info than I'd like but the explinations and diagrams are simple and clear with no more than 1-2 pages per technique and it contains basic info on material and paterning etc. So its not perfect but I'd say its the first place I look for help before going into a more extensive search for anything else. It really is quite helpful
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In school we use these books:


http://www.google.com/products/catal...oQ8gIwA TgA#p

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I suggest these cause they are my school text books and they are amazing! You can learn how to literally make anything from these books
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For general sewing purposes, I find myself referring to Simplicity's Simply The Best Sewing Book most often. I've got the spiral-bound edition so it's really handy being able to lay it open to refer to while I work.
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Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! I'm definatly looking at a lot of these books. Several of them jumped right out at me. A few will definatly help with my latest project. Kamijo from Versailles his Aristocrat's Symphony costume. (Yikes! I must be insane! So much embroidery and I've never tried my hand at emboridery. It's gonna be great!)
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