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Post Latex?

I'm thinking about making an Akatsuki cloak out of latex simply because of the fact that I always felt the cloaks looked shinier than fabric, (in the manga at least) and was thinking, "What if I made it out of latex?" Has anybody done anything out of latex before? Was it difficult to piece together? How much did it cost? I mean, if I plan on making a cloak, I'm going to need a lot of it, so where would I buy all of that?
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Well, first - wrong forum.

Second, not a good idea. Latex is bad for a number of reasons - the shininess, you mentioned for one. Under the proper conditions, latex and things of the like can be shot well... but if you're going to a con, the standard camera will take horrible shots. Second, allergies. People have latex allergies. You don't want to wear something like that surrounded by many people who may have reactions to it. Thirdly, latex does not breathe and you will have an absolutely miserable, hot, sweaty time.

There are plenty of fabrics out there with low luster, that offer the perfect amount of shiny in photographs and are much more comfortable and non-allergenic.

I'm not saying it can't be done. I'm sure there are plenty of well made latex costumes out there... but I still advise against it.
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Personally, I don't think Latex really would be the best idea. In the least for a Akatsuki cloak. If anything, you COULD go with what people do with Organization 13 outfits which is make them out of Leather or Pleather. I'm just not sure on the cost yet, but I have an idea like that for a secret cosplay I want to make this year. To me though, I always thought it was just made like any other...trench coat. Which aren't shiny. I remember a friend of mine would wear an awesome one, and that wasn't made with shiny material.

On another note I just can't see them with a coat that shines. But if you like the idea go with something like Leather.
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Latex is a bitch to work with until you're used to it. It works so differently to fabrics.
If anything, look at PVC.

(This coming from having no reference image or anything.)
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I can't answer every question you'll ever have about latex, but I can give you a start.

Making clothing out of latex is different than fabric because you'll have to glue it, not sew it. Sewing would make loooots of tiny holes along the seams, and latex is basically heavy weight balloon material. Also latex stretches quite a bit in all directions and has no grain lines. It's usually used for skintight things because of this, though cloaks, kimono, etc are made sometimes too.

It's been years since I've looked for sources, but Radical Rubber and 4D/Supatex were the main ones then. There may be other sources now, but probably not many as it's a pain to produce.

I'm not familiar with the cloak you're thinking of outside of a quick google image search. 0.6 mm is what's generally used for catsuits because it's a good combination of stretch and strength, you might want to look at 0.8 for the extra weight. (Yes, 0.2 mm makes a significant difference.) I don't know what glue we used for the seams, it was like an industrial-weight rubber cement. You'll also want to use rotary cutters instead of scissors.

Hate to break it to you, but yeah, this is gonna be really expensive. Both in materials themselves, as well as little things like rotary cutters and polish. Personally I would recommend a pvc/vinyl fabric instead, but maybe all this doesn't daunt you and instead piques your interest. I can't teach you how to make things over the internet (I'm a pretty crap teacher in general) but there are tutorials out there that can get you started.
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