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Unread 04-20-2009, 08:32 PM   #151
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Hmm...guess that means I'll need to take a trip down the make up aisle, next time I go to walmart -sigh-
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-Drink lots of water, it keeps you hydrated and keeps your skin healthy
-Don't touch your acne, it makes it harder to cover up when you touch it and it gets swollen and red
-Moisturize before you put your makeup on. This will give you a smooth base to work on. I also like to put some acne cream on under my makeup to keep my acne at bay, you don't want whiteheads peeking through your makeup! D:
-Use a concealer that matches your skin tone on your acne, then cover it with a pressed powder and then put on liquid foundation

Don't Do:
-Put toothpaste on your acne. It doesn't work 99.9% of the time. It will irritate your acne even more, and sometimes even cause new acne to emerge around the spot you put it in
-Put a lot of makeup on your acne. It makes it more noticeable
-Mix 1000 creams and put it on your acne. BAD IDEA. It's like mixing chemicals in Chemistry, you never know how they're all going to react. Use one cream. One Moisturizer. One face wash. Never mix a million things thinking it'll make it better

My Tips:
When I'm trying to cover up my acne, the key is to really not use a lot of makeup, it makes your face look cackey and not natural. Just use a little concealer on your spots and it'll help. I also like to wear blush around my cheeks (don't go drag queen on me) because it makes the rest of my skin look tinted pink so my acne redness kind of blends in, lol.

Tea tree oil just dries out acne, which is great if you're trying to treat it... Not so great if you want to cover it up. It'll leave your acne dried out and then when you try to put makeup over it, the makeup will crack and look awful.

I like to use Camonille tea and aspirin on my acne to reduce swelling and redness. Camonille tea is a great anti-inflamitory. Just brew some tea and dip a washcloth in the liquid once it's cooled. I like to use the tea-bag too. Just press it on your acne and the next morning the swelling should go down, the longer you leave it on the better.

The next thing is an aspirin mask. Buy the uncoated aspirin at CVS for like 99 cents. Take three or four out of the bottle and put a drop of water on each aspirin. Once they break down add a squirt of honey and put the mask on your face for 15 min. Aspirin is super anti-inflammatory for some reason, it always makes my redness go away and the aspirin helps exfoliate my face.

For on the spot treatment use Visene for red eyes on your acne. Just a couple of drops will help the redness go away for a couple of hours. I also like to put ice on my really bad lumps, it helps the swelling go down for a little bit, so that it doesn't look so 3D.

...I write too much.

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Thanks for those tips, Strife. I have a real problem with acne...which just when I think I've gotten rid of it, it comes back -_- Mostly on my forehead or around my nose >.> And it just looks horrible along with the scarring I've got. Plus all I've got is a little bit of...foundation, I think. I guess I'll have to make my mom take me out and buy some more make-up to help cover it :/
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All right as a professional makeup artist hereís my two cents.

I see a lot of kids come into my store and as soon as they see that we sell an anti-acne line, think they need to only buy from that line. I have, in my 4 years of work, only suggested products from that line maybe five to ten times. Thatís because each product is very drying and harsh on your skin. 95% of the population doesnít need anything more then some spot treatment a good cleanser and moisturizer.
I define a Ďgoodí cleanser by one that will take away the grime of the day and take off any makeup, but not dry out your skin. If you feel any tightness after using a cleanser, itís too harsh! Quit using it and find something else. Another thing is a good moisturizer. Most people with any sort of breakouts think thatís kind stupid, its oil thatís causing the problem most of the time, why would they add more? There are products on the market that are oil free moisturizers. I recommend those and to look at the labels, if its non-cosmegedic thatís good, but if its non-acnegenic its better. It means that dermatologists have tested it and found it not to cause acne. Doesnít mean that itís 100% foolproof just that itís gone though more testing then a non-cosmedegic product. Another thing to look for is a good SPF, a 15 or higher is my recommendation.
I donít recommend using a toner (Astringent) for a couple of reasons. First if you buy a good soap it will wash off, when something comes with a toner generally itís not a good soap and will leave a residue on your skin which the toner is meant to take off. Good glycerin soap will wash off and you should have no need for a toner. Second is because they tend to be to drying for how most people use them. If you use it like a spot treatment then it probably wonít hurt your skin but if you use it all over, in places you donít have a blemish, then youíre just drying out your skin unnecessary. Then you have to deal with dry skin and a blemish.

As for me, when I was in my mid teens and up to almost twenty, I dealt with acne. And contrary to most peopleís experience, my dermatologist did nothing to help. The products he prescribed for me were to harsh, drying, and caused rosacea like redness. He told me not to use a washcloth because that would be to rough for my skin (and after all the topical and oral things he put me on that may have been true). Because my skin was so dry it hurt, and it was bad enough I refused to have senior pictures taken because I couldnít get my skin to behave. Now that Iím older Iíve finally found a system that at least keeps my skin in check.
Every morning I use Neutrogenaís Acne Stress Control foaming cleanser (with a washcloth, itís a good way to gently exfoliate your skin), followed by the Acne Stress Control acne treatment. Itís a green gel that helps take away some of the redness in my skin but since itís a gel and has no moisture so in the mornings I follow it with Neutrogenaís Rapid Clear face lotion and a non-acnegenic face cream with an SPF15. And only after that dries do I use just enough concealer to get my skin even toned then cover it in a light layer of powder. While I have to touch it up every few hours due to shine, I found regular liquid foundation would clog my pores and bring about more breakouts. For costumes though, I do make the exception and use a liquid foundation but Iím very diligent about cleaning my face afterward. At night I use Cetaphil face soap and another round of the green Neutrogena gel and cover any problem spots in Clean & Clear Persa Gel, then an oil free night cream.
On a weekly basis a use a chemical exfoliate. I found that regular exfoliates would cause my skin undo redness so this does all the work for me in a little over five minutes with no extra rubbing. My favorite is the Citra-Peel from Kohlís, it makes your skin feel kinda tight but thatís the signal that you need to use the second step and stop the peel. It helps keep oil in check so my skin breaks out less and also helps keep it smoother so makeup goes on and looks better. Iíve tried mud masks, and while they work you just have to be sure to use them about a week before when you need your skin clear because it will pull all the impurities to the surface.
A couple little things Iíve noted in my time dealing with my skin. First if you use your cell phone a lot, clean it a lot. Grab some rubbing alcohol and put it on a paper towel or something and give the screen, keys, and any other place your face may touch a quick rub down. The alcohol will dry fast and not hurt any circuitry and it will pull all the oil and makeup off your phone so it wonít be there next time you use it. I saw someone else mentioned changing your pillowcase, this is a must. When I was in high school I wore my hair very long and had bangs a la Zechs Marquise. This is a no-no. The oil from your hair can get on your skin and cause more problems not to mention your skin needs to breathe so keeping your hair out of your face when you can is a good idea. Also hairspray and other things of that nature (perfume) can cause breakouts, be careful where you spray them. Also, drink lots of water, watch your diet, make sure you get some exercise, get plunty of sleep, and do something to help relieve stress. Go run, read a book, play a video game, whatever but it will help.

As for covering blemishes I have little to recommend other then whatís already been posted but one little trick I learned in school. Use an extra dab of your moisturizer over the blemish and pat it in. It will be absorbed by your skin first so that your foundation will stay longer and not settle as quickly.

I saw someone posted about acne scars quite a few posts back, where I work we sell a product that isnít for scars but you may want to consider trying. Itís meant for old women to help fill wrinkles, but I could see it being adapted to help completely cover an acne scar or at least lessen its effect. Donít know how well it would work but it may be an idea.

Wow I rambled for longer then expected, sorry.
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Ooh. trying the aspirin thing.
How does the uncoated differ from regular aspirin?

I've used Visine before -- helped a little.

The people at the Bobbi Brown counters in the make-up places at the mall cover acne crazy well. Go see one of them if you can afford.
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Unread 05-14-2009, 09:03 PM   #156
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according to Michelle Phan's video, coated asprin dissolves a lot slower than regular.
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Unread 07-18-2010, 12:28 PM   #157
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Okay so. I read a few pages of this thread and they all seem to mention a product.
I have all of $4 from now until the con which is in 12 days. Is there anything I could use that would already be in my house?

(PS- I tried some Noxzema stuff and it doesn't seem to be working.)
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Unread 07-19-2010, 02:50 AM   #158
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Originally Posted by bitchninja View Post
Okay so. I read a few pages of this thread and they all seem to mention a product.
I have all of $4 from now until the con which is in 12 days. Is there anything I could use that would already be in my house?

(PS- I tried some Noxzema stuff and it doesn't seem to be working.)
Noxzema doesn't really work for anyone. >.> All the reviews I have read for it were really, really bad. Not to mention most of the stuff contains menthol which has been proven to not benefit acne at all, and can even make it worse. When I used it, it just made my face oilier, made me break out like crazy, and it made my pimples more red and inflammed. Stay away from that stuff!
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there are a lot of "home remedies" for your skin... let me see what I can type up really quick. My skin, I have accepted that I was genetically given VERY bad skin. I stick with Aveeno products but sometimes they lose their effectiveness after a while. I saw this thing at Walmart for a "clean up acne in 7 days" or something, meant to get it before Otakon.

Anyway. Egg White Masks are very beneficial for the skin.

quoted "You skin is noticeably softer, less red, and any puss rises from the surface. The trick is to:
-Separate yolk from whites, KEEP SHELL
-Apply whites (wait 10-15 mins)
-Wash off whites, PAT dry
-Apply yolk (acts as a natural moisturizer, again, wait 10-15 mins)
-Once dried, peel the inner skin from the shell and apply to zits, pimples, blackheads, ect. (Basic problem areas)
-Wash off yolk, PAT dry

I have tried, and it does work wonders. I wish I had stuck to it though!
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I have some minor acne but I have a lot of spots from when I was a stupid teenager and used to pick at my skin. I'm in the market for a green concealer stick, but I'm also in the market for a foundation that matches my dang skin tone!

I'm a Caucasian girl, but my skin has very strong YELLOW undertones. :/ All the foundations which are light enough for my Irish skin are also PINK, which makes finding a color that doesn't make me look like a clown quite difficult. I'm open to suggestions for a tinted moisturizer that would be close in color, too.

Every time I buy the lightest "beige" or "neutral" color, it looks fine on the back of my hand, but the minute it touches my face, it's ZOMG ORANGEYBROWNLOL! It's irritating. I end up buying several colors and just mixing them, but they're often from different brands, which makes it more expensive for me and also tends to make me break out (I'm sure I'm combining chemicals that will kill me eventually).

Anyone got a good suggestion? Also, one thing that does work (and is a TAD light, but I can generally work with how close it is) but is too costly is the Clinique Acne Solutions stick/pencil/thingity, but that's like $15 and only lasts me a month at absolute most.

So I turn to you, folks. (And thanks for all of the great tips for conditioning and clearing your skin--I hadn't heard about the aspirin thing!)
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@TranceGemini: boy, we have the same problem!

Unfortunately I had to resort to other measures with make-up, it's expensive as hell, but I rarely every wear make-up.

You might want to try to find a place that sells Jane Iredale - do a search off the Jane Iredale site and see if there's someplace local to try it out. So far, that has been the CLOSEST match I can find for my skin tones, and I have to go with Ivory, because if I use the shade up, my skin looks orange.

Oh the fun of being of Irish x German descent, get all sorts of screwy colors for skin tone :P
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Back Acne.. I have it and hate it. My sholders and middle of back are bad. I have oily skin and my face is only bad around my chin, cheeks and forehead. What should I do? Most acne stuff drys out my skin and I get more Acne that way... >.> i hate my skin sometimes.
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I'm my experience as far as coverage goes amazing cosmetics concealer is the best!
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I don't have any real advice for acne as I still break out on a regular basis, although I now use Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap with Tea Tree and it's very gentle on my sensitive skin. Anyhow, I thought I post a link to this tutorial for you guys who need some makeup help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jwngbzv0gbY
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I have a small word of advice. If you have a hot shower like most of us do, before you get out turn the water to cold. It'll close up your pores and leave it less likely to collect dirt and crap in it. ^_^
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