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Unread 01-18-2011, 07:06 PM   #166
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Wow this topic's long! I've decided to help make it longer xD

I first got acne when I was in 6th or 7th grade, and I still have it now (I'm in the process of trying new things). More recently it's gotten to the point where I don't get too many full-on zits anymore. I still have those like perma-blackheads that Idk how to get rid of, but my forehead (which was the very first thing that brokeout) is the clearest part of my face.

Drinking LOTS of water helps immensely. Water is almost the only thing I drink nowadays. It helps hydrate your body and its just plain good for you~

Drinking green tea has a plethera of health benefits as well, especially for acne. But my mom doesn't like green tea (Therefore, won't buy it D: ) and there are different types so I can't really share too much on it. Even if you don't like tea (like myself QAQ), plug your nose and chug. Two good cups a day would most likely suffice. And if you are just opposed to it, perhaps pur some honey in it or after you plug 'n' chug (Lol) drink water afterwards.

Exercise also helps. When you sweat, you're releasing toxins, just make sure you clean up after a good workout or those toxins will stay there >_<

NOT TOUCHING THE FACE! Which is something I seriously have a problem with... I'm like... addicted to it now :/ Because of it, I have dark scars on my cheeks and all over my shoulders and back. Thank goodness they aren't sunken scars ;_; Another weird thing is that my forehead and nose doesn't scar. Probably because of all the oil on my skin D: I use Oil-free AcneFree scar eraser lotion. It smells terrible, I have to admit, but it doesn't lighten up the scars!

A problem I still have is oily skin. I have a VERY oily T-zone but I'm starting myself on a moisturizer. (Jenkins glowing moisturizer something-or other) Some of you might be like "What?! A moisturizer?? How can THAT help?" Well, oily skin could be the result of having dry skin. Your skin will produce more oil than wanted to compensate the dry skin so if you use a moisturizer after a cleaning, it should help with oily skin. (Courtesy of bubzbeauty!!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtl-1Kn8Gps

Don't use oily skin care products or make up either. That's pretty much basic knowledge. I use Physician's Formula and it's great for redness! Plus it's talc-free~

Holy crap... Sorry for the long post!! Just sharing what I know from my acne experience of 5 years :/ GOOD LUCK EVERYONE~!

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Thankfully I only get a couple of pimples on my face at any given time, so they're fairly easy to deal with...but of course they always have to show up right before a con! I generally use concealer on the zit itself and blend it with a layer of powder overall (Clinique is my brand of choice, but I don't think it really matters.) If my skin gets particularly oily, I use a blue Neutrogena astringent, but I forget what it's actually called.
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Originally Posted by Serephina View Post
Tea tree oil.
It really works.
You can buy it at The Body Shop in all different forms; Moisturizer, night lotion, cleanser etc
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if you are unable to get rid if the problematic areas in time use a creamy concealer. MakeUpForever 's concealer palette is expensive but will cover up just about anything. i use it all the time for cosplay
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IDK if anyone's still reading this, but I have a really cool skin cure.
Oatmeal. Y'know, the stuff you make porridge out of.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e5_R...el_video_title = This is a video tutorial on how to apply it (literally, just soak it and rub it into your skin).
And it makes your skin feel GREAT, and if you use it day and night, it will get those pimples and blackheads chased off. So it's great use for the few weeks coming up to a con, or even on the con day, since once you're done with this, your skin is just so soft and smooth, yet still firm.
It moisturizes your skin and the actually oatmeal itself gently exfoliates and clenses your skin. If your skin still feels grotty after wiping off your con-day make-up, this will get the remainder of the make-up off, stopping build-up in your pores and preventing more spots from popping up.
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Try taking a zinc capsule/ tablet in 50mg once a day. This helps with acne.
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Pretty sure no one has mentioned this yet, but another extremely important trick to to remember to wash your pillowcase and bed sheets regularly. Especially your pillowcase! It collects the oils from your face during the night, and can really clog up your pores after a short time. I usually wash mine twice as much as the rest of my sheets, and I flip sides/turn it inside out every three to four days.
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One thing that has helped reduce the appearance of my acne marks/scars is using Borba's HD Illuminating Plasma Crystals. It's pricey, but it is amazing. A two month supply usually lasts me about 4 months because I only use it once a week even though it recommends that you use it at least twice a week.


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Originally Posted by mizuhaki View Post
I do NOT recommend toothpaste. It just dries out your skin, covers your pores with mintyness ( allowing the oils to accumulate), and contains an ingredient that does not allow your skin to tan, so you'll have blotchy spots of color on your face if you go out in the sun and use it often.

I DO recommend drinking lots of water, washing your face three times a day with a noncomedogenic face wash ( I use one called Cetaphil), and moisturizing your face afterward ( Aveeno is a great brand). Avoid touching your face; you'll be surprised how much this helps. ^^

For acne scars, good brands like Biore sell scrubs to remove the dead skin left behind from your scars.

For future cons and clean skin in the near future I suggest visiting your doctor and asking for Differin. They are these awesome pills that keep your face clear, and you take one a day. ^^ The only problem is that you have to take them a whole month before you start seeing a real difference, but it's worth the wait.

If you still have acne a few days before the con, I suggest holding an ice pack to the area instead of popping it; this will lower the redness/ inflammation of the pimple, and shrink it in size.
I agree with all of this, but I actually have a Differin cream that worked wonders on my blackheads and angry white heads, and also Adapalene cream. A dermatologist visit really is worth it because they have a tool that they use to scrape open the black heads (doesn't really hurt that much) and after a few days they are completely clear. It's nice for the ones that you just can't seem to get rid of.

And to reiterate, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE AT ALL. EVER. Seriously, it was my biggest problem, and once I stopped picking at my skin or absentmindedly touching my face while reading/doing homework, I could really see an improvement.

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I think this is like a small form of acne but on my arms. It's not really noticable, like I can still wear a normal t-shirt during the summer but Id still want to clear it up. My aunt gave me a cream called "Concha Nacar" (in Spanish; oyster shell), which they sell at the Flea Market (not sure if thats the only place they sell it, its just where my mom and I went to buy more). There's 3 of them; a day cream, night cream and a bleach cream. The day cream you can also use as a primer/base for makeup, and the bleach is the one that gets rid of the marks left after picking your skin and spots/blemishes. So if you're thinking of using this one, use all 3 of them. I still kinda have it but it seems to be working. My aunt's sister actually had the same thing I have and it worked for her, and hopefully me and anybody else .
Oh another thing, the package is in both Spanish and English. When you open it, it also comes with a piece of paper that says which cream does what but only in Spanish.
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Coconut Oil. It may be a bit on the expensive side, but OH MY GOD is it amazing. I used it once and my face was clear for a few days (and this was ONCE and not on a regular basis). I recommend using it after washing your face and every day if possible. It also makes your skin smooth.
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Before putting on makeup, make sure that your face had been cleansed, and moisturized. I recommend the Cetaphil or Neutrogena brand for oil-free moisturizers.
Don't use any makeup products that are not, non-comedogenic, or oil-free since these kind of products will or most likely break you out even more.

Now, use an oil-free primer, i recommend makeup forever primers or hourglass primers. If you're looking for something affordable, Revlon's primer and L'oreal haven't broke me out.
So try that. I would definitely recommend using sponge (beautyblender) for a flawless finish. Try gradually layering foundation slowly, and don't put too much in one go. You'll definitely end up with a cake face.

First put on a thin layer of foundation or bb cream.
These are my recommendations:
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay, Bourjois Healthy Mix, Maybelline Fit Me
BB Cream: TheFaceShop water bb cream, EtudeHouse Bright Fit, Garnier BB cream
Then cover up your problem spots with concealer. (Makeup Forever Full Cover concealer, HArd Candy concealer, Bobby Brown concealer)
IF you don't have any concealer, double up your foundation to a concealer.
But remember; build it up gradually.

Have FUN! ^^
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