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Unread 02-17-2007, 02:18 AM   #1
Kyouya Ootori Cosplayer
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Missing: Haruhi Fujioka: For Skit

<Tamaki Suou.>
-Tacks elegantly decorated but childishly worded "Missing: Fujioka Haruhi - Your family (especially father! T__T) is looking for you! Turn yourself in for your reward~!" signs every where.-

Ahh! Haruhi! Where have you gone, dear daughter?! Don't keep 'Father' waiting! 'Mother' is getting angry at 'Father' for losing sight of you for the short but loong moment! and the neighbors are having dinner without us! Please return to us! They're having ootoro, too! Dx

-Too busy stressing out to explain what this is all about.-
Will Tamaki and crew be able to reunited with their lost daughter and important member of the Host Club? Would Haruhi miss her chance to join the beautiful and couragous men in her spot in the limelight? Did Benibara kidnap Haruhi again?! To be continued..
(Aka: See what Kyouya has to say.)

<Kyouya Ootori.>
...If the general public would kindly ignore that bit of foolishness...
We seem to have misplaced one of our Hosts.
Well, no.
Not so much 'we', as 'Tamaki'.

As for you, Haruhi, I don't seem to recall you asking for leave from club activities, so it'd be only logical to expect an additional 10,000 Yen to your debt for all the trouble this is causing us.

We still have to get everything organized for the host lecture we have during the Sakura-Con Masquerades, and I've already told you we require your presence in the skit, especially since the twins will be gone on vacation. This skit will be a good chance to, as Tamaki insists, show the general public what being a host is about, what responsibilities and duties it entails and what privileges it grants.
I've already rescheduled my plans to lead the lecture skit with Tamaki, and Mori-senpai and Hani-senpai will be helping us. Ah, and though Tamaki's too lost in his chaotic grief to have comprehended what I told him earlier, I've invited Benio Amakusa from the St. Lobelia Zuka club to offer us some alternative views.

With that said, I'm sure you won't be late in contacting me, explaining your whereabouts and reason for leave, though seeing Tamaki's state lately, I may simply have to send out some... people, to find you directly.

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Unread 02-17-2007, 02:33 AM   #2
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<Benio "Benibara" Amakusa>

Aww, Haruhi has gone missing? Maybe she has finally come to realize that she is not meant to be with the Ouran Host Club. The Zuka Club is her true calling! Oh Haruhi! You will finally come join by my side as my princess! I shall assist in your escape from these wretched hosts! There is no way those hosts will take her back this time. She'll be mine. Now I must make she sure she comes to me and not...THEM.

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Unread 02-21-2007, 01:29 PM   #3
Sakuma Ryuichi
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I'm abit confused~ But i'd love to be clued in. :3
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Unread 02-21-2007, 02:17 PM   #4
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It sounds like a cleverly-disguised ad for a Haruhi cosplayer to come and join their panel, but I could be wrong. ^ ^
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Unread 02-21-2007, 02:37 PM   #5
Granter of wishes
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hmmm......I thought it might be an ad for the Host Club panel and/or an introduction/background story for a skit. I would have thought the same as you RikoBurandetsu except that I coulda sworn that I read in the SC forum that they already had all the host club members for the panel. But, I too, could be wrong.
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Unread 02-21-2007, 08:17 PM   #6
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To clarify some of your confusion...we (as in Tamaki, Kyouya, and Benibara) are looking for a Haruhi cosplayer attending SC07 to be in a skit we are preparing for the Masquerades.
Hope fully that cleared up some questions.
Fujioka Haruhi of "KyouTaBeMoKa! HaHa!" (Masquerade Skit, "A Lecture from the Ouran Host Club")
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Unread 02-23-2007, 12:45 AM   #7
Kyouya Ootori Cosplayer
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As Benibara explained, we are indeed looking for a Haruhi cosplayer.
We currently have a cast of: Kyouya (skit leader, myself), Tamaki, Benibara, Mori, Kaoru, and Hanii out of the Ouran host club. We are at this point also considering the recruitment of Hikarus.
Any and all Haruhis and Hikarus, please email me at lunar_silverwolf(at)yahoo(dot)com if you are interested.
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Unread 02-23-2007, 04:19 PM   #8
Copying. Please wait.
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Indeed as BakaSamu, silverwolfchaos and RikoBurandetsu has pointed out.

And to further clear things up, our skit/group is not the same group as the one hosting the actual Ouran panel. They are their own group. We are ours. Yeah? ^^

Oh and apologizes for the late introduction. I, Suou Tamaki, am at your service. -bows-

Our group mainly consists of dedicated Ouran fans who have only known each other from forum interactions. Most of us haven't even met in real life. But trust Tamaki's instincts as I say our group is made up of very nice people. Albeit some are stranger than your usual. Right now, we still need a Haruhi and Hikaru as Kyouya has already mentioned. So don't be shy if you or anyone you know of fit the required characters and are interested in joining. In fact, the sooner, the better! ^_~ (And I do personally know the Kaoru we do have so if you're up for the Hikaru, I shall do my best to set you two up. =p)

P.S. If you, like me, think Kyouya is too scary to contact, feel free to contact me. ^^ (-Self appointed 'Official Recruiter' of group. Wh00t.)-
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Unread 02-26-2007, 03:12 PM   #9
Kyouya Ootori Cosplayer
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We, the team KyoTaBeMo!HaHa!, have acquired all necessary cast members and are no longer seeking any additional cosplayers for our Ouran skit. Thanks for your interest.
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Unread 03-14-2007, 05:28 PM   #10
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awe.. oh well

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