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Failed To Receive Costume No Refund Yet

I'm having a situation. I dont know what to do, and I've never been in this predicament before.

I posted on the commissioner marketplace for someone to take on a project. I received a couple responses and went with one particular individual because she seemed very eager to make my costume. This was in May. I paid her and everything. Initially the responses were quick, just a day or two of waiting in between mails. I was given a deadline by her, she said it would have been completed by June 30th, which was great because I needed it by August 1st, as I was going to Otakon.

June 30th comes around, I havent receieved anything. I didnt get any notice prior to the date either stating it might take longer than expected. On July 5th, I mail her on cosplay.com (which her account has been active daily up to this point) asking when I would get my costume, and its no rush. I then receive a response on July 11th, stating that I wont get it until July 30th, due to her mother being hospitalized.

I took it as a legit reason at the time because things happen and I'm a pretty understanding human being, and felt compassion towards her and her mother.

On July 22nd, I reply again just to make sure I will receive my costume in time and to wish the best for her situation. I get a reply July 25th from her husband (I dont know if it was really her husband or just her pretending to be him) apologizing and stating that I wont get my costume done in time and they offered a refund or partial refund and have the costume completed at a later date. They said they would respond quickly and move this situation forward.

I said I wanted a full refund only because I probably wouldnt use the costume in the future.

I didnt get a response. I replied a week later asking when I would be expecting any kind of refund. Her account has been active EVERYDAY mind you.

No response. 3 days later I send her a personal email, because her cosplay.com mailbox is full, saying that shes been active everyday but hasnt responded to me yet.

It has been 2 weeks since they offered me refund and shes been active on this website everyday. I dont know what to do, but I feel like I was taken advantage of and my money was stolen. I feel like if she knew she couldnt finish it by June 30th, she should have contacted me prior to me reaching out to her first. This has been a nightmare, and I'm scared to do business through this website because of it.

I dont even know if the whole "my mother is hospitalized and dying" story is real because shes been online here and took other commissions around the time she took on mine.

Is there anything I can do? My biggest mistake was gifting the $300 for my costume on Paypal, and I dont know if I can get a claim on it. I am torn and very broke and costumeless.
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Try your bank..They may be able to help you but it depends on their own time limit for this stuff..It's been quite some time so they might not..

I would post a review in the review thread. Let everyone know what's going on. As well as post their coscom account (and any other commission taking account) on this thread as well so everyone is warned.

I personally would not belive anything this person says based on your information on them. If their mom was dying and it was such a tragic and horrible event that it stopped your commission from being finished, there is no excuse for them to be taking on MORE commissions. Sadly, as horrible as it sounds, some people are just so messed up in the head that lying about a death is no big deal to them, as long as it defuses the problem..honestly, that;s what this sounds like..She isn't acting like her mom is dying and in so much need of her to be with her..This is obvious by the fact that she is doing the exact opposite of what she told you..Also, she is clearly ignoring you on here..This person needs to be exposed for what they are doing..
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I'm so sorry for this experience I think the number one thing people should do is never ever send money on paypal as gift, because that is SO sketchy, so always do the pay for goods and services option (I feel like there should be kind of a commision-ee guide that will prevent scammings thread on here, that would probably save people from losing money), and never pay the full amount up front! always do half first for materials, the rest later once you see a completed commission.

Also, I'm sorry if this sounds super insensitive and mean, but I'd never buy the whole "something bad happened in life, but I can still have it done just later" spiel, in all the threads of people that have been scammed, that is the number one excuse on how to kind of "escape" the 45 day paypal rule, so you can't do anything to get your money back. I know that real life does happen, but at the same time, it's always, always found in scammer stories.

And please do say the name of the commissioner! I commission on here, and I really want to avoid being scammed, and I'm sure many other people do too. If you do get your stuff back/refunded, you can always edit out the name in the post!
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